Persistence and Agent Training - The Keys To Successfully Selling Life Insurance!

Dear friends, Here are two great stories about persistence from Sandy Schussel... who is a member of our Expert Advisory Board, a frequent speaker at our Trusted Adviser Success Training, our coach, and our dear friend. Do you want to be a success selling life insurance like the agent Legends, then please read on about persistence and training to help families!

Persistence Means Trying MORE Than Once…

Sandy SchusselPeter is a top financial advisor with annual earnings approaching seven figures. He is a consummate professional devoted to his target market: the “average” American who wants the advice usually reserved for so-called “high net worth” clients.

There is nothing about Peter that suggests “salesman”. His look is “regular guy”. Peter dresses as his target market might hope for him to dress: in an off-the-rack blazer and slacks, sometimes spiffed up with a very conservative tie. He drives his Altima to sales appointments and keeps his Mercedes in his garage for weekend outings with his wife. He talks with authority, but plainly, and with only gentle urging for them to do the right thing.  And he helps clients make important life decisions over coffee and cake.

I once asked Peter to visit a workshop I was running for young financial professionals so that he could share his words of wisdom.

“How have you become an agent success selling life insurance?” one starry-eyed advisor asked him.

Peter’s instant, one-word response was: “Persistence.”

“I know it sounds too simple,” he elaborated, “But that’s it.”

“I’m not smarter than anyone else, I just persist. I had the same problems you were having in the beginning. If you’re doing the right activities, you just can’t give up when things aren’t going right. Each person you talk with has connections to other people who could use your help, and if you treat them right, then they’ll want those people to work with you, too. You can’t give up just because you have setbacks.”

Similarly, Calvin Coolidge is attributed with having said:

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘press on’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

Persistence Means Trying Something More Than Once!

Last year, I worked briefly with Ken, an attorney, helping him to grow his practice.

His target market was small businesses, and among the potential marketing strategies I suggested he could use to get more clients… would be for him to host seminars.

“I tried seminars awhile ago,” he told me, “And they just don’t seem to work for me.”

“Well… How many times did you try them?” I asked him.

“Just once,” he responded, “And it was terrible.”

“And you never tried again?” I asked.

“No…Why would I?” he responded.

Like Ken, most of us give up on a solid plan or strategy way too soon. Choose a path you believe will work and then try it several times–hundreds of times if necessary. If you choose to do seminars, then choose to do at least a few–learning as you go what works and what won’t. And, if your target requires you to “cold call” other businesses as part of your marketing mix, then plan on a certain number of calls every day for several weeks. While again gauging what works and what won’t. If what you’re doing isn’t working, then try to figure out why, tweak it, and try again. Once you find something that works well, then make it part of your regular activities–a system. If you can’t make a certain activity work, then move on to something else.

I love to help people get what they want by holding them accountable to stick to the strategies they’re willing to try… that means, more than once. Agent success training in selling life insurance is more than one great effort. I encourage you to keep REACHING…

By Sandy Schussel

More About Persistence and Agent Training To Be A Success Selling Life Insurance!

There are two keys to being a success! So you will be an agent success when selling life insurance… persistence and agent training.

You should never make an initial contact… if you don’t have a plan to follow up. Here is an example:

An agent made several unsuccessful attempts to reach the owner of a large car dealership through his secretary. So, he mailed him a tax-free dollar to get his attention. And then he called on the owner a few days later. The owner came out and gave him back his dollar, saying “Thanks Jack, but no thanks.  I’m all set.  But, I admire your persistence.”

The agent went back to his office and wrote him another note that said:  “This morning, when you gave me back my business expense, tax-deductible dollar-which cost me only 70 cents – I made a 30 percent profit!  Enclosed you’ll find another one.  I’ll be by tomorrow to pick it up! – unless you’ll give me 15 minutes!!”  It worked, and as a result, he got the appointment!

“Every person who has ever been successful through the ages formed the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do. Successful people don’t necessarily like doing those things either, but their dislike takes a back seat to the strength of their purpose.”  Albert Gray

Persistence And Training 2 Keys To Agent Success Selling Life Insurance!

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