The Two Worst Insurance Agent Sales Mistakes! Solving The Prospect’s Problems Too Soon! Not Really Listening To The Prospect!

The Two Worst Insurance Agent Sales Mistakes! Solving The Prospect's Problems Too Soon! Not Really Listening To The Prospect!

Here are two of the worst insurance sales mistakes that we see agents routinely make! These two mistakes are the main reasons why insurance agents lose a lot of their insurance sales… And why they only make a small commission on each insurance sale. Yes, you want to help your prospects and solve their problems. The question is what problem and when do you solve the problem?

Insurance Agent Sales Mistake – Solving The Prospect’s Problems Too Soon! 

One of the worst insurance sales mistakes most agents make today… is to solve the prospect’s problems too soon. The advisor hears the prospect express a need or problems that can be easily solved with their company’s products and services. Then he/she immediately offers to solve the prospect’s needs or problems. They pounce, like a lion hunting its prey!

However, when you offer to solve the prospect’s problem before you listen to a prospect’s complete situation… it will harm your sales presentation. And you will actually lose the insurance sale because the prospect sees you as just a salesperson.

You must listen to… All of the needs and problems the prospect may have. Try to extract the problems the prospect really wants to solve. In other words, shut up and ask questions to clarify the need. So you can turn that need into a want! And then they want into an insurance sale!!!

Solve the problems later when you know exactly what the prospect wants!

Insurance Agent Sales Mistake – Not Really Listening To The Prospect!

Another insurance sales mistake agents make is not listening to the prospect. Most people think of salespeople as being good talkers. You hear people saying things like…“He is a born Salesman. He has the gift of gab!” However, the truth is that the key to a sale is to ask questions and then really listen to what the prospect tells you. So you know what problem your prospects want you to solve for them!

Kerry Johnson, in ‘Mastering the Game’, says many people believe that speech is power and that listening is subservient. However, he believes that a good listener has much more power in a Conversation. The listener can get more information, than the talker. When two people talk… The person who dominates the conversation is the person who asks questions and listens.

The job of the salesperson is to ask questions and then listen to their prospects to help them solve the problem they want to solve.

When you are face to face with the prospect you should practice the following:

  1. Maintain good eye contact.
  2. Paraphrase.
  3. Clarify by asking questions.
  4. Concentrate.
  5. Keep away from distractions.
  6. Be Committed.

Ask questions and then listen to the prospect… It is an essential skill for making and keeping relationships. Once you are a good listener people will confide in you and trust you.  Listen with openness! It is a critical key to solving the prospect’s problem and you closing the insurance sale.

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