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Now, for many of you, this may sound very basic. And, as you read this you will probably say; “I’ve heard it all before!” However, the problem is… “Not one in a hundred agents do it!” So, why don’t more agents do it? It is because they believe it is too complicated… And it takes too much work. Or is it because they do not know where to start? So, what am I talking about? I am talking about creating simple, very effective, and successful insurance sales business and marketing plans

Let’s make it very easy and we will help you to get started…

To start with, all of the talks about you making insurance sales business and marketing plans is not a lot of hooplas!

If you want to grow your insurance sales, then you must have a plan.  

So, business and marketing plans for you are just as important as it is in all other industries!

Have you ever used or heard the following?

“People Don’t Plan To Fail, They Just Fail to Plan”

It is something we talk about with all our prospects because we want to help them see the value of establishing a financial plan. And, it also applies to your business!

If you want to formulate a simple insurance sales business and marketing plan, then you first need to look at the key activity areas within your business that actually make you money.

Here’s a good place to start your Insurance Sales Business And Marketing Plans…

Take a few minutes to answer these questions. If you do not have all the answers, then do a little research. Estimate if you have to. It is not that hard. But it will pay big dividends in your results for 2018!

  • How many prospects did you put into your pipeline last year?

  • Where did these prospects come from? (purchased leads, referrals, lead list, mailing campaign, neighbors, friends, current clients, etc.)

  • How many of these prospects did you contact every week?

  • Then how many appointments did you get from those contacts?

  • How many appointments turned into fact-finding interviews?

  • Then how many fact-finding interviews turned into closing interviews?

  • How many closing interviews resulted in a sale?

  • From which prospecting group did most of your most profitable sales come?

Now, the big question for you is: “Are you spending most of your time on those activities?”

If you answered “No” then that is the first place you should start your insurance sales business plan. What will you do to ensure that you focus and then work on the activities that will actually make you money? Because you can not make a $100 per hour doing clerical work!

Let’s look at your key activity areas…

What is working and what is not working?

Which of these areas needs the most improvement?

Now, write down what you will do to improve your results in those key areas.

That is it. You have just created your simple and very effective insurance sales business plan for 2018!

Now there is just one more step…

You must follow it! This means you must keep it in your face and look at it every day! So, hang it on your bathroom mirror! Then put it everywhere where you will be sure to see it every day!

Two key money-making areas…

Here are two key money-making areas that most agents are completely overlooking – your current clients and referrals! So, you might want to add them to your insurance sales business and marketing plan.

1. Establish a client-nurturing program. If you would like to make some easy sales, then here is what you need to do:

  • Set up a system to stay in contact with your clients every month… Send them a monthly newsletter!

  • Provide value-added services and information which are not directly linked to a sale. Send them articles from the newspaper or Internet about things that concern them and their families. Things that are not directly related to your business. (Wills, trusts, taxes. social security, etc)
  • All clients are NOT the same. So, ensure that you have segmented your clients into 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star. The 5-star clients get the “5-star” treatment.

  • Gather information on an ongoing basis in terms of who your clients are. What are their current needs? And then how can you improve your level of service to them?

2. Establish a referral program to maximize your word-of-mouth sales. It doesn’t need to be fancy. There are several ways you can increase your referrals, including:

  • Start by simply asking clients via a follow-up phone call soon after the sale.

  • When running a workshop, send your clients some extra complimentary tickets for their friends.

  • Then put a referral form and a return envelope in the envelope with your newsletter and other correspondence you send to your clients.

  • And finally, develop a referral incentive and write to your customers promoting a special incentive or reward every time they refer a friend.

Develop a simple business plan today. So you will guarantee that 2018 will be… Your Most Profitable Year Ever!

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