How To Find The Best Prospects For Life Insurance

How To Find The Best Prospects For Life Insurance

“How to Find The Best Prospects/leads for Life Insurance.” is one of the most searched terms by insurance agents. I bet that at one time or another you have searched for life insurance prospects/leads on Google, or one of the other search engines yourself. What did you find?

  • Ads for insurance leads, lead companies, and leads services?
  • Ads from IMOs and FMOs offering insurance leads, but wanting a big chunk of your commissions?

But, is that what you really want?

Do you want to use life insurance leads that are given to multiple agents? Or do you want information and help on how to find the best prospects/leads for life insurance for yourself? Do you want to know the simple how-to’s to find the best prospects/leads in your immediate area?

Then, you have finally found the right place! Because there are 3 steps to you finding the Best Prospects/Leads For Life Insurance yourself in your immediate area!

  1. First, identify who are the best life insurance prospects/leads for you!
  2. Then you configure the RIGHT message that will attract those prospects/leads for life insurance to you.
  3. Finally, implement the marketing that will consistently find your best prospects/leads for life insurance.

So, who are and how do you find the best prospects/leads for life insurance? 

Most agents are looking for anyone and everyone who fogs a mirror. They want to believe that the more products and services that they offer, then the more people they will attract. They have never considered with whom they have the best chance of setting an appointment or closing a sale.

The agents that are succeeding today are marketing to a specific, targeted group of life insurance prospects. Their insurance marketing message is focused on solving a unique problem for that target market. So, they find and attract their perfect life insurance prospects/leads… The people they have their best chance of setting an appointment with and then closing an insurance sale!

Think about it… What is life insurance really for? Who are the primary buyers of Life Insurance?

Accordingly, what is the message that will you find and draw the best life insurance prospects/leads to you?  

Shocking Truth… no one wants to buy life insurance!

To succeed in life insurance sales, you must have a specialized message to find and attract the best prospects/leads in your target market. You can’t just say, ”We are a local insurance agency, offering a full line of insurance products.” So what?

If you tell me that you offer the same life insurance products for the same low price they can find elsewhere, that is not a good answer. If you make vague promises about great customer service, that won’t cut it either.

As an example, one of the quickest and best ways to find and attract the perfect life insurance prospects/leads to you is to offer mortgage insurance and use it as a door opener. Your specialized message might be:

“I show people how to protect their family and pay off their mortgage five to 15 years early without their having to spend any additional money or change their current lifestyle”

Top producers focus on solving a unique problem for that target market. So they find and attract their perfect prospects/leads for life insurance – the people they have the best chance of setting an appointment with and closing a sale.

Think about it… What problems can you help your life insurance prospects/leads solve?

What is the best marketing strategy to find and attract the best prospects/leads for life insurance? 

There are many strategies out there. The two strategies we use to find your best life insurance prospects/leads are…

Free educational workshops – The Goal is to get 5 or 10 couples to an educational event on paying off your mortgage 5 to 15 Years early. This will tie into your insurance marketing message of helping people. And you are now solving a unique problem for a specific group of the best life insurance prospects/leads. And you can do it for under $100.

Form joint ventures with local businesses that cater to your ideal life insurance prospects/leads, such as mortgage brokers, P&C agencies, real estate attorneys, and real estate agents. Then get them to introduce you to their best customers. So you can invite their best customers to your free educational workshop, or offer them a free consultation.

To Summarize…  Find the Right People, With the Right Message, Use the Right Strategy and you too will find a steady stream of the best Life Insurance Prospects/Leads!

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