Ben Feldman’s 13 Secrets To Success Selling Life Insurance! Learn From Ben Feldman The Greatest Insurance Salesperson Of All Time.

Ben Feldman's 13 Secrets To Success Selling Life Insurance!

Have you ever wondered how Ben Feldman was able to sell more life insurance, than many insurance companies? What were Ben Feldman’s secrets to success in selling life insurance? He was a success in selling life insurance because he mastered two things… his attitude and the sales basics. Ben worked hard and he made 30 to 40 in-person cold calls every week. He worked 12 hours per day, seven days a week for more than 50 years.

Ben Feldman was a short, stout, and painfully shy man. He spoke with a lisp. He was one of the most prolific insurance agents in the world. And he did it all while living in the small town of East Liverpool, Ohio – population of 13,000. From 1942 to his death in 1993 he sold $1.8 Billion of Life Insurance. In addition, he held the world record for the most products sold by a salesman in a career… in a year ($100,000,000)… and in a single day ($20,000,000). Near the end of his career, his annual commission totals were over $1,000,000 per year.

Harry Hohn, chairman of New York Life at the time of Ben Feldman’s passing, said, “Ben really felt everyone in the world was under-insured.”

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What Were Ben Feldman’s Secrets To Success Selling Life Insurance?

1. Develop Your Positive Mental Attitude…
The biggest asset you have is your earning capacity, and that depends entirely on your attitude. Your attitude is the first and most important factor in your success in selling life insurance! You know that you must sell! However, you also know that you can not wait for people to buy! A positive mental attitude –more than anything else — determines your earnings. If you decide you are going to lead and feel wonderful, strong, and excited… then you have the power to move mountains!

One of Ben Feldman‘s Secrets to success in selling life insurance is he did not let rejection get to him! He simply heard “no” as “not now”… rather than “not ever.”

2. Be More Creative… 
Use your intelligence and your imagination to continually develop and execute your attitude, image, enthusiasm, potential, discipline, plan, thinking, ideas, call, problem defining, and solutions! Along with a belief in the products you sell. Plus, you will want to advance your product knowledge, relationships, confidence, and persistence!

For Example… After weeks of trying to get in to see a prominent Youngstown real estate developer, Ben Feldman finally asked his secretary to give him five $100 bills to buy five minutes of his time. “If I don’t have a good idea for him, then he can keep the money.” He got in and ultimately sold a $14-million policy.

3. Stay Enthusiastic
The most important person to get excited and enthused in the sales interview is the financial professional. Enthusiasm is nothing more than the excitement conveyed by your voice and convictions.

5 More Of Ben Feldman’s Secrets To Success Selling Life Insurance!

4. Prepare With Care
Organize your ideas into a simple sales presentation. Spend more time in preparation than in presentation. He asked well-prepared, thought-provoking questions. Never call on a person unless you are prepared. The sale of financial products is a procedure, not a problem. This becomes a problem when it stops being a procedure.

5. Make Your Calls
One of the key secrets to success in selling life insurance is simply to make the calls. So, do not try to make the sales before you visit, just make the calls! And then your sales will follow.

6. Stick With It
Who says there is no sale pending? All is not lost. So, Follow-up! Follow-up! And Follow-up! Because the sale may be next month or next season or next year, or in 17 months! So stay with it.

7. Be Dissatisfied
People who are perfectly satisfied with the way they are living, and the way they are doing their job, are in a rut. If they have no driving urge to be a better person or to accomplish a better job, then they are standing still. And, as any successful financial advisor will tell you, this means the same thing as going backward. One of the greatest human traits is the total inability to be completely satisfied with our own work. While the feeling of having completed a job well is rewarding. The feeling of having done it perfectly is fatal!

8. Pay Attention To Your Image
Your image does not take care of itself! “If you don’t promote your image, then your competition will take care of it… and your sales for you.”

4 More Of Ben Feldman’s Secrets To Success Selling Life Insurance!

9. Find The Client’s Problem
Simply look for the problem! When you find the problem, make sure that you have identified it! That you recognize it and you understand it so well you know the price of doing something about it and the price of doing nothing about it.

Ben Feldman said, “Problems have price tags, and often the price tag of doing nothing is higher than the price tag of doing something.”

10. Fit The Right Solution To The Client’s Problem
Your work is to make the financial product fit. You know, when you buy a pair of pants or a pair of shoes, you don’t just buy any pair. You make sure the fit is precise. So, like a tailor with a bolt of cloth, you must make the product fit.

11. Keep Your Sales Solution Simple
Sell a package! A very simple package designed to do a special job. Sell a policy designed to make sure a spouse will never be dependent on the children; a policy designed to convert bricks and steel back into dollars! So a family ends up with cash instead of frozen assets. I repeat, sell very simple packages! Merchandise simple clean-cut packages, regardless of size!

12. Sell Softly
Don’t push – Lead! Don’t back your prospects into a corner and force them to make decisions. Instead say, “Let me put this together and you can take a look.”

One of Ben Feldman‘s secrets to success selling life insurance and closing sales was a binder that had real $1,000 and $10,000 bills. He would take them out and say in a soft voice, “This is what I sell, How many would you like?

13. Ethics And Honesty
Always remember that your ethics and honesty are proven to pay the best! So, the best interests of the client always come first.

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