You And Your Insurance Products Are Irrelevant! Prospects Want To Know How You Will Help Them To Solve Their Problems!

You & Your Insurance Products Are Irrelevant - Prospects Want To Know How You Will Help Them To Solve Their Problems!

One of the greatest myths about insurance marketing and sales is that your prospects want to hear about you and your products! However, you and your insurance products are actually irrelevant! I’m sorry to be the one to deliver that bad news to you. But the real truth is your prospects do not care what you have to say about yourself, your company, or your insurance products. Your story is not that interesting to them. But your insurance prospects do care about their own story! How you help your prospects solve their problems! Instead, learn to ask prospects questions!

Consider, your prospects do not spend their day thinking about your insurance products. But they do spend each minute of the day thinking about themselves. You Prospects only care about you and your insurance products to the extent that you can help them to solve their problems.

Because your prospects care so much more about their own story. It is really difficult for you to hold their attention when you talk about yourself and your insurance products. And, your prospect will likely be distracted by thoughts of other things. Like thinking about getting to their son’s little league game tonight on time.

Your insurance prospects have many important things to do today. So if you focus too much time on yourself and your products, those more immediate concerns will draw their attention away from you.

“The fool tells me his reasons, the wise man persuades me with my own.” Aristotle

Ask Prospects Questions To Help Them To Tell You What Problems They Want To Solve!

People do not want to listen to your sales pitch. They want to be invited into two-way conversations where they can be heard and understood.

Your insurance prospects do want to talk. Specifically, your prospects want to talk about themselves and their problems.

Most people love to talk. And, they are much more engaged when they are talking than when they are listening!

It is not enough for you to ask your prospects a few sales questions. You need to have a real conversation with them, not an interview or interrogation!

So you never lead with statements! You want to lead with questions! Ask your prospects well-crafted, provocative, and incisive questions! Don’t be so eager to talk about you and your insurance products, that you neglect to hear your prospect’s full story.

The more time you spend listening to your prospect’s concerns and wants, then the more they will respect your advice. And, the more your prospect will help you to find an insurance product to solve their problems. And, the more they will think it was their idea.

So you will want to pay attention to their body language, words they choke on, core emotional issues, and outright fears. People are motivated by fear and greed. But fear will move them to act faster and with greater resolve than greed. So key in on what keeps them up at night and haunts their dreams.

Ask Questions To Help Prospects Identify and Want To Solve Their Problems – Before You Offer Them Your Insurance Products!

If you don’t ask your prospects questions and then listen to them first! Then what are the chances that your insurance product will be exactly what your prospects need and want to help solve their problems?

Every prospect has slightly different needs, concerns, and wants. So telling your prospect your story and about your insurance products, before you know what they need and want is not likely to be of interest to them.

Most successful advisors will tell you… selling is about having a good sales conversation with the prospect. So that you can diagnose your prospect’s problems. concerns, needs, and wants.

You want to help your prospects to attach the features and benefits of your insurance products to their needs and wants.

Your insurance product may be exactly what your prospects need. But your prospects need to see the connection between what you offer and what they need. And that isn’t easy.

If you are telling your prospects how wonderful you are, and how your insurance product benefits people like them… then you are requiring them to make the specific connection between their needs and what you offer. That’s a lot of work for your prospect, and they are not inclined to do it. Your approach to sales should be to ask questions so your prospects see the connection and how it will help solve their problem.

So, stop telling your story – and about your insurance products. Because they are irrelevant! You need to ask questions to create sales conversations with your prospects to help them solve their problems. If you want to succeed in selling insurance!

Ask Questions To Help Your Prospects To Tell You What Problems They Want To Solve!

Do you want to set better insurance sales appointments? Do you want the best insurance sales training to help prospects solve their problems? So you close insurance sales of $3,000 or more – instead of only $600? Then you must learn to ask your prospects more and better questions!

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Recommended By The Members Of The IARFC -You And Your Insurance Products Are Irrelevant - Prospects Want To Know How You Will Help Them To Solve Their Problems!

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