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Important Message from Coach Sandy Schussel about insurance marketing for agents and advisors! Every day I talk with agents and advisors who won’t do anything that makes them uncomfortable. They buy leads and complain about them. They won’t reach out to people they know! And they won’t have referral discussions with even their best clients. They have one bad experience with seminars or webinars and decide never to do them again. They avoid networking because it makes them uncomfortable. And then, they complain that their business isn’t growing. Anything uncomfortable shuts them down.

They are ignoring a universal truth about advisor insurance marketing: Everything you want is outside your comfort zone.

A Study Of Top Performing Advisor Firms

In a study of top-performing IARs in 2022, Schwab Advisor Services identified the things that those firms did that contributed to their exceptional growth:

1. Grow organically. Top advisors relied on marketing to their existing insurance clients and referrals more than most.

2. Have both strategic and succession plans in place. Knowing what needed to be done daily and what the end game was was more prevalent among top firms.

3. Held onto their assets during the inflation and volatility. Communicating with clients to keep them calm allowed top advisors to hold onto more assets.

4. Have documented ideal client profiles and client value propositions. In my recent Masterclass, I talked about the importance of selecting an ideal client and of being able to say why you are the only one for them.

5. Had integrated advisor insurance marketing plans. Top advisor firms studied integrated client and professional referrals with insurance marketing aimed at ideal clients.

6. Personalize their services and make use of behavioral finance. Top firms focused not on some formula for everyone, but on what individual clients wanted most, considering their behaviors.

7. Used their CRM as the central hub of client services. Here again, having a segmenting database and focusing on top clients, two of the things I spoke about in my recent Masterclass, made a difference in production.

8. Used digital processes. Top advisors used document signing services almost exclusively.

Advisor Growth Is By Marketing And Insurance Client Referrals

The study concluded that top firms experienced two times the growth in assets from new clients over other advisors. Their advisor growth is through marketing and insurance client referrals. Growth from client referrals was the largest driver of new business. Next came advisor growth from insurance marketing to ideal clients and finally, business partner referrals.

My 90-Day Insurance Marketing Tune-Up Program for agents and advisors focuses on all these financial services components. I have two more openings in this program.

You can continue to chase shiny objects, or you can set yourself up to increase your income by $50,000 or more over what you might otherwise earn this year. It’s your choice.

If you choose to learn more about this 90-Day Insurance Marketing Tune-Up Program for agents and advisors, call me and we’ll see if it’s right for you.

In the meantime, keep REACHING…

Sandy Schussel

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