Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales 2023

The deals are going to start to flood your inbox. Don’t just look for shiny objects.

Make a plan right now on what your focus will be for your future. Then, invest in items that will help you get there.

Invest in the training and tools that will get you results.

Free Report
For Your Clients

Like most advisor we work with we don’t have time to write a book, booklet or client brochure to use to gain clients.

Choose from 8 different topics!  Save 33%…

Dynamite Referred
Lead System

Start with how to set yourself apart from everyone else, so your clients want to refer you to everyone they know! Then how to talk about insurance referrals with your clients, without you sounding pushy or needy?

Save 50%…

Complete E-book Library

First Time Ever! I have put all 12 of Mine and Lew’s eBooks into one easy to use online library.

This includes:
-Are You Asking Enough Questions. 
-Living Debt Free and Truly Wealthy 
-and a bunch more.

Get Immediate Lifetime Access $100.00

Watch The Intro Class – FREE

Financial Consulting For Families
10-Video Series

50% savings on a 10+ hours of sales, concept, product training from Jeremy Nason and Team. This training is designed for advisor who want to work with middle income families! 

More To Come Soon!

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