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Dear friends, As of Dec. 13, 2023, in a 4-1 vote, the Federal Communications Commission finalized new rules to close the so-called sales lead generator loopholes, making a significant shift in insurance sales lead generation strategies used by IMOs and Lead Companies. This will affect many if not all, the strategies companies can use to find and attract insurance sales leads to sell to agents. Accordingly, with the FCC’s new rules, companies who are selling or offering leads will have a much harder time finding enough insurance sales leads! Let alone finding the exclusive insurance sales leads that you want… to set the best appointments!

We have never been a believer in agents buying insurance sales leads, because of the many pitfalls. But, mostly because those lead strategies do NOT provide exclusive insurance sales leads for agents. The insurance sales lead strategies companies use, depend on finding people looking for insurance. Most people looking for insurance will visit many different websites. This means different companies will collect and sell the same insurance sales leads. This means you will have many agents calling on those same insurance sales leads for appointments.

Accordingly, if you want to survive and prosper selling insurance, you must learn how to market your services to attract and find exclusive insurance sales leads. So you can set your best insurance sales appointments

How To Attract And Find Exclusive Insurance Sales Leads!

As a member of our private site, Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center™, (only $39.95 a month) you will have 7 of the most effective and complete marketing strategies the top insurance agents and financial advisors use to find and attract exclusive sales leads in their local community. As A member you will also have the tools, scripts, letters, and more to make these 7 exclusive insurance sales lead strategies work for you. So you can set much better insurance sales appointments

Best of all every week we have free, live, interactive, coaching webinars for all our members! Live Group Coaching – Case Design Classes – with Insurance Agent and Advisor Marketing, Exclusive Leads, and Sales Strategies, Tools, And Training!

Also includes immediate access to all of our Past Insurance Marketing, Prospecting, and Sales – Coaching Webinars and Training Programs for agents and advisors!

David H. Kinder, ChFC® - CA  (11 years in the business)“I just wanted to drop you a quick note about your webinars. Your webinar content has been FANTASTIC! You help to “cut through” to the heart of what’s most important, in order to do an accurate and great job for the client. Sure, you often run past the 1-hour mark, but it’s always been valuable content. IPS always delivers! Everyone who is a student of the life and annuity insurance business needs to hire you to be their teacher for insurance and financial planning. So, you keep doing what you’re doing. You’re filling a vital need in the insurance training industry. We’re all lucky to have you and your family serving the industry the way you do.” David H. Kinder, ChFC® – CA (11 years in the business)

Finally, you will get the training you need to learn the best insurance marketing to attract your best exclusive insurance sales leads and set your best sales appointments. And then how you can really help people. So that you will close more and larger insurance sales right now!

Using these 7 exclusive insurance sales leads strategies will help people in your community to know, like, and trust you… will save you a lot of time! Buying and calling hundreds of leads who have never heard of you… to set a few insurance sales appointments is very time-consuming. Traveling all over your county and state for those few insurance sales appointments, when you can work with people who live within 10 miles of your home or office… is a huge waste of your precious time! How many of those appointments with people who never heard of you are turning into an insurance sale? If the leads knew, liked, and trusted you would you set more and better insurance sales appointments?

Using these 7 exclusive insurance sales leads strategies to find leads in your local community will also save you a lot of money! What is it costing you each month for your leads? What is it costing you each month to drive all over your county and state for insurance sales appointments? If the leads knew, liked, and trusted you would you close a lot more insurance sales appointments?

Our 7 Exclusive Insurance Sales Lead Strategies! 

First Exclusive Insurance Sales Lead Strategy… You will learn how to help your family, friends, neighbors, and everyone you know to want to do business with you – your best exclusive insurance sales leads. You will send everyone our Heartfelt Letter that will explain what you are doing to help families save and secure their future. Then you will learn the best way to follow up on the Heartfelt Letter to set an insurance sales appointment.

Second Exclusive Insurance Sales Lead Strategy... You will learn how to properly use a monthly Client Newsletter to help people get to know you. While you build trust and credibility with everyone you know and meet. Why would anyone want to set an insurance sales appointment and do business with someone they have never heard of?

Third Exclusive Insurance Sales Lead Strategy… You will learn how to properly use Booklets and Free Reports to build more credibility and trust with people who contact you. Includes 15 powerful ways to use life insurance and annuity information booklets to promote you and your services… So insurance prospects will call you to find out more! It’s a great way to increase your insurance prospects, appointments, and sales!

Fourth, Exclusive Insurance Sales Lead Strategy… You will learn how to properly set up Joint Ventures with organizations in your local community: Churches, Businesses, and Community organizations. Joint Venture Marketing is an extremely cost-effective and proven strategy for qualified, exclusive life insurance sales leads. This involves working with a business that already has a close relationship with the people you want as your clients. The people who are your best-qualified, exclusive life insurance sales leads! The idea is to have the business endorse you and your financial services to their clients.

Fifth, Exclusive Insurance Sales Lead Strategy… You will learn how to get people to refer you to everyone they know… Dynamite Referred Lead System™! Inside our referred lead system, you will find a step-by-step insurance client referral program to follow. So you will consistently attract endless client referrals for insurance. Start with how to set yourself apart from everyone else, so your clients want to refer you to everyone they know! Then how to talk about insurance referrals with your clients, without you sounding pushy or needy?

Accordingly, within a year, you could be getting 50% or more of your appointments and insurance sales from client referrals! So you will spend a lot less time prospecting and setting insurance sales appointments. This means you will have more time to spend making insurance sales. So you can double or triple your income, in the next 12 months!

Sixth, Exclusive Insurance Sales Lead Strategy… You will learn how to properly use Educational Workshops and Seminars! Imagine, that in the next 30 days, (spending less than $100 per event) you could get ten couples to attend your Free Educational Workshop! Now at the end of the workshop, five of those couples set insurance sales appointments with you. Then within two weeks of meeting with them… You close just two of those couples for $3,000 to $12,000 of life insurance sales commissions each (For Life, Disability, Annuities, etc.)! Would that double and triple your life insurance and annuity sales?

Now imagine that you repeat that process each month! Each month (For less than $100 per month) you have ten or more couples attend your free educational workshop. And, as you become better with the workshop presentation and sales process, you set more and more insurance sales appointments. And then you will close more life insurance and annuity sales with the couples you meet with. So you quickly double and triple your life insurance and annuity sales? That is exactly what is happening with the agents and advisors who use a free educational workshop. They add $6,000 or more to their insurance sales and income… every month!

Seventh, Exclusive Insurance Sales Lead Strategy… When will you learn how and why to conduct regular Annual Reviews with your clients? Do you conduct an annual review each year with your insurance clients? If you do not meet with your clients every year, then you are losing a lot of easy insurance sales… new sales, repeat sales, and sales from referrals! Plus, when you don’t meet with your insurance clients annually to review their policies, you will lose them to your competition!

When will you decide to learn the best strategies to find and attract exclusive insurance sales leads… to set much better sales appointments?

Only $29.95 per month for the life of your membership - immediate access! Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center™
Only $39.95 per month for the life of your membership – immediate access! 

Are you a seasoned advisor, a new agent, or a P&C agent? Then you need to get the agent and advisor training to learn these critical and fundamental insurance marketing, exclusive leads,  and sales strategies and tools right now. They are not an option if you want to be successful in selling insurance. Insurance marketing with online agent and advisor sales training is how you will learn to get your message out about how you Help People have a secure future! These insurance agent and advisor marketing and online sales training courses will make it much easier for you to… Find and then attract your best exclusive insurance sales leads! So, you will set your best insurance appointments! And, you will close more and larger insurance sales!

This is just the start of the insurance marketing, exclusive leads, tools, and online sales training, strategies, and courses you will get when you become a member of our IPS private website.

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What Agents Say About Our Insurance Training!

“After just reading the first page of Insurance Pro Shop Marketing 101. I learned that I needed a new business card, a new tagline, and a new phone line. That’s just from page 1. Then I asked Jeremy about Final Expense and he said stay away from it. He gave me the reasons why. He also told me never to buy a lead. I learned more from him in 3 short 2-minute questions that I learned in the last six years. He has a very calming personality and helps you in any way he can.

I am blessed to have come upon Insurance Pro Shop. Jeremy is a delight, never gets irritated in the slightest, and always calls you back. I am very fortunate to have met him at this junction in my life and career. Thank you for giving me the direction and patience I need now.” Neal Merems – CA (34 years in the business)

Alex Gayton - FL (13 years in business)“I’m an experienced producer with over 13 years in this business and I’ve yet to find anything that even comes remotely close to the dollar for dollar value I get from the Insurance Pro Shop! As a direct result of being a member for 4-5 months now I am more focused then I’ve ever been. I’m truly developing a Bread n’ Butter Market, (i.e. consistent sales) and lastly I have REAL SECURITY AND CONFIDENCE IN MY ABILITY TO PROMOTE AND SELL MYSELF AND MY SERVICES.” Alex Gayton – FL (13 years in business)

Middle American Family's Guide To Living Debt-Free And Truly Wealthy!

When Will You Read Our Full-Length Book? When Will You Learn How To Help Families? So You Will Find Exclusive Insurance Sales Leads!

Middle American Family’s Guide To – Living Debt-Free And Truly Wealthy!
By Lew Nason, LUTCF, CTA, RFC Retired, And Jeremy Nason RFC, CTA

We urge you to take the time to read our 20-chapter book… ‘Middle American Family’s Guide To Living Debt-Free And Truly Wealthy“! Because we give you complete strategies, on how you can help middle-income families find the money to spend, save, invest, insure, and plan wisely for a secure future! So that you can help middle-income families to “Live Debt-Free and Truly Wealthy”! As a result, you will understand our philosophies, concepts, and techniques by the end of the book. And finally, you will know how you can make a real difference… By helping your family, friends, clients, and neighbors get rid of their debt. So they can save for retirement. So that they will have a secure financial future! Book Outline – Get A Digital Copy of Our 20 Chapter Book! Only $18.97, Immediate Download, ORDER Now!

Important Question… Are you in this insurance business just to make sales? Or are you really interested in helping families? Who do you think insurance prospects want to see? Do they want to set an insurance sales appointment with a salesperson – or a Trusted Advisor who is doing their best to help them? When will you decide to make a real difference in people’s lives? The more personal insurance agent training, coaching, and sales support you get to learn how to help families… the more exclusive insurance sales leads you will attract. Then the more you will learn how to help yourself and your family! Nothing will change until you decide to take action to make it change!

When Will You Get The Best Life Insurance Marketing And Exclusive Sales Leads Strategies… With The Agent Training, Coaching, And Support You Need? 

How To Help Clients Find The Money – To Make $250K Per Year Selling Life Insurance!

How To Make $250K Selling Life Insurance The Right Way!

Free Consult - Best Training For Helping 9 Out Of 10 Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors To Double And Triple Their Sales And Income In 60 Day Or Less!

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