Advanced Insurance Fact-Finding & Sales Presentations Training Program!

Our live insurance agent and financial advisor advanced fact-finding and sales presentations training program. This is where you will get everything you need to become the Trusted Advisor that people will want to see! You will be the one person that they will want to do business with right now! Because this Trusted Advisor Success Training is about you learning how to help your clients! So, you will make a real difference in their lives! Instead of you just making a sale… or selling investments!

This live advanced fact-finding and sales presentations training program will teach you how to do great sales fact-find… So that you can create the best sales presentations for your clients! As a result, you will close more and larger sales… in 30 days or less!

Trusted Advisor Success Training™
Live 2 Day Insurance Marketing And Sales Training… Earn Two Industry Designations!
Value $4,000… Only $250 for 5 months… Or A Single Investment Of $1,250!

TAST Time To Make Some Changes - Live Advanced Insurance Fact-Finding And Sales Presentations Training Program

What Agents and Advisors Say About Our Advanced Insurance Fact-Finding & Sales Presentations Training Program!

Jeff Cody... Advanced Fact-Finding & Sales Presentations!Then A Few Weeks Later… “Dear Lew and Jeremy: I just wanted to know how much I appreciate you and how much I’ve gotten out of your systems (Found Money Management™) and boot camp (Trusted Advisor Success Training) last month. Before finding you, I was nearly out of business. I’ve been in business for seven years, and I’ve had no mentoring, coaching, or guidance. I’ve just been out there trying to figure things out on my own. The week before coming to your workshop, I was on my last two prospects with no idea of what I was going to do next if I didn’t sell something soon. I was sure that I had lost them the week before coming to your workshop. I had nearly analyzed myself out of the business trying to figure out how to prospect and market myself.

After attending the boot camp and applying just a few things that I learned, I took your advice and went back to those two prospects I thought I had lost. I started over with them using your fact-finding techniques and at the second meeting, I closed the biggest case of my career – $42,000 plus in commissions. The clients are extremely happy, and you can imagine how my confidence is. The message I would like to send is this: Hire Lew and Jeremy as your coach!Jeff Cody – TN, (7 Years in business)

Learn why over 20,000 agents and advisors follow us and recommend our advance insurance fact-find training!  Success Stories    Video Testimonials

Insurance Pro Shop's Video Testimonial By: Tony Brazeal... Advanced Fact-Finding & Sales Presentations!

Then A Few Years Later… “Many ‘experts’ claim to have the answers on how to grow your insurance business. It is nice to actually meet someone who really has the tools and strategies needed to succeed. Lew Nason is the person who truly delivers. I attended his boot camps (Trusted Advisor Success Training) and purchased his training kits (Found Money Management™) and it was the best investment I could have made in my practice!”
Kevin Davis, NY (18 years w/Northwestern Mutual)

Course Overview…

Advanced Insurance Fact-Finding and Sales Presentations Training Program!

Learn How To Use Insurance Sales Questions… So You Get Your Prospects Emotionally Involved In The Fact-Finding Process!
Learn to ask the right insurance sales questions… to help people to sell themselves? Yes, this happens with our advanced insurance fact-finding training!

  • Start with the right opening phrases that immediately create trust… So, they will want to answer your insurance sales questions!
  • Now learn the difference between you gathering the hard facts and the soft facts!
  • Then use the insurance sales questions to help people to see their problems… So that you raise their buying desire!
  • Next, use your insurance sales questions… So you help people to want to take immediate action!
  • Now ask even more insurance sales questions to help people… So they close your sale for you!!!

Next You Will Learn How You Can Use Our ‘5 Minute Insurance Sales Presentations’… So You Quickly Sell Your Sales Concepts!
You will also learn the simple insurance sales presentations for Missed Fortune, LEAP, Circle Of Wealth, Infinite Banking, and much more!

When will you learn about our ‘5 Minute Insurance Sales Presentations‘? So you will help people to answer their objections… before they happen!!!

  • How Much Do You Need For Retirement?
  • Qualified Plans, The Seed, or the Harvest?
  • Borrowing To Invest Your Home Equity?
  • The Interest Rate Does Not Matter!
  • Recouping Your Losses With Mutual Funds!
  • Income Losses With Mutual Funds!
  • The Value Of Equity Indexed Accounts!
  • Rule Of 72 and 115!
  • The Value of Split Funding for your clients!
  • Using Life Insurance to Replace Lost Income in Retirement!

Finally, Learn How You Can Close ‘9 Out Of 10’ Insurance Sales Presentations with our advanced insurance fact-find training!

You will learn how to keep your sale simple when you use our ‘two-page insurance sales presentations’. And then you will learn how that can be the difference between you making the sale or your hearing… “Let Me Think About It!”

  • Sell the feeling, not your product…
  • Find the easiest way for you to make them a client first…
  • Multiply your sales by working smarter, not harder…
  • Make your work more enjoyable, satisfying, fulfilling, and profitable…
  • Earn $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or more of commissions Every Month!!!

When will you get the advanced insurance fact-finding & sales presentations training!

Trusted Advisor Success Training™
Live 2 Day Insurance Marketing And Sales Training… Earn Two Industry Designations!
Value $4,000… Only $250 for 5 months… Or A Single Investment Of $1,250!

TAST Time To Make Some Changes - Live Advanced Insurance Fact-Finding And Sales Presentations Training Program

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Nothing Will Change Until You Make it Change. So It Is Up To You To Get Our Advanced Insurance Fact-finding & Sales Presentations Training Program!

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