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Do You Offer The Best Solution To Help Your Insurance Client’s Situation? To Close More Insurance And Annuity Sales! 

11/05/2019… Dear Friends… Are you doing what is right for your insurance clients and really helping them? Are you offering the best solution to help your insurance clients get what they need and want? Or are you just selling a product? Do you want to know how to close more insurance and annuity sales?

Most of the advisors we talk to are just selling an insurance product and are not offering the best solution for their client’s situation. Why? Because their company is only teaching them about the features and benefits of their products – and NOT how to properly use their products! So, they can help their insurance clients to get the best solution.

Here is an example of what most advisors will do for their retired clients. Their client has $500,000 in CDs, earning 2% per year. So, the advisor recommends moving all of the money into a fixed indexed annuity earning 4-6%. Which should give them a better return. And keep the interest from being taxed each year, until they take money out of the annuity. This plan is OK as far as it goes. But, is it the best solution to help your insurance client?

One of the problems your insurance clients face…

What if 5 years later your insurance client wants to take $25,000 out of that annuity to buy a car, fix a roof, or whatever? If the annuity has grown to $530,000, then the $25,000 they withdraw from the annuity is all subject to income taxes. And, because that $25,000 is added to their taxable income, it could also cause them to pay more taxes on their social security income and/or move them into a higher tax bracket.

Accordingly, would it be better for the client to put $100,000 into 5 different annuity contracts? Then 5 years later each of those contracts would have grown to $106,000. So, now if they take $25,000 out of one of those contracts, then only $6,000 will be taxable, instead of the entire $25,000! How much money would that save them? How much have you just helped your insurance client?

Also, consider, is it ever wise to put all of their money with just one company? How much of their money will be covered by the state guarantee fund?

What is the best solution to help your insurance clients?

There are just too many variables to say that this is the best solution to help your insurance clients.

Will your clients need to use part of that money to generate an income each year? Then annuity split funding (laddering) using immediate annuities may be a part of the solution! Do they need long-term care insurance and/or life insurance? What is the best way for them to find the money to pay for those policies?

If you want to find the best solution for your clients, then stop relying on your insurance company for their product solutions. Call us and let us show you the right way to help your clients! So you will close more and much larger life insurance and annuity sales! Plus, when you are really helping your clients the right way, they will refer you to everyone they know!

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“I have been working with Jeremy Nason at the Insurance Pro Shop on Annuity & Life cases for the past couple years with great success. In a nutshell, I have found that my IMO’s have tunnel vision when it comes to case design. And to be blunt, most are not good at it. They tend to focus primarily on pushing products. Jeremy, on the other hand, is the polar opposite of an IMO.  And he uses both his creativity and case design experience to maximize the benefits for the client in a simple, easy to understand, sales presentation.  Then he does a great job of comparing the clients’ current plan to the “new proposed plan” that we developed in a collaborative manner. Andrew Maisch – NJ (10 years)

“In working with Jeremy over the years, one thing truly stands out when reviewing a case with him. I shoot him the completed fact finder that sometimes I even have a hard time remembering what was most important according to the client! Not to mention additional sales to be made from problems I didn’t even consider. Jeremy calls me up to review the details! And then in the next day or two, I have this seamless two page presentation that is a no brainer when it comes to the client saying… “Yes, lets do this!” Kevin Murray – FL (10+ years)

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