Success Tips - How To Overcome Your Prospects Fear Of Buying Life insurance!

How To Overcome Your Prospect’s Fear Of Buying Life insurance – To Close More Sales!

12/3/2020… Over the years, many studies have shown that most prospects approach buying life insurance with some level of fear. The truth is, most of them are afraid they will be sold something that they do not want, need, or can afford. So, they will look for any excuse not to take action.

What does that mean for you? Your job, if you want to sell lots of life insurance, is to help your prospects to overcome their fears. Your job is to commit to satisfying your life insurance prospects’ needs and wants with YOUR products and service.

So how do you overcome the prospect’s fear of buying life insurance?

3 Keys To Overcome Your Prospect’s Fear Of Buying Life Insurance:

Ask your prospects the right questions and then listen to them… Most agents talk instead of listening to the prospect! And they will lose the life insurance sale because they are thinking about what they want to sell! Instead, they should be listening and finding out what their life insurance prospect needs and then wants to buy. “If you were not here tomorrow, what would happen to your family?” 

Listen to your prospect and then ask the right follow-up questions… You must listen carefully to your life insurance prospect. So your follow-up questions keep the focus where it needs to be – on the prospect – and what they need and want for their family.  “Is that what you want to happen?” 

Help your prospects to ‘Find The Money’ they need to buy life insurance… Which is about you asking more questions to help them to see what is most important in their life. “Is _____ more important than buying the life insurance you need to protect your family?”

You can’t talk prospects into buying life insurance. But you can listen to them into it. Listening and asking the right questions, at the right time, are your greatest selling tools. The better you become at listening and asking the right questions, then the easier it will be for you to overcome your prospects’ fear of buying life insurance.

When You Learn To Ask Your Prospects The Right Questions – You Will Set More Sales Appointments and Close More Life Insurance Sales!

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Help Your Prospect To Want To Buy Life Insurance

Let’s face it, times are tough out there. People do not want to spend any more money than they have to. So you will need a proven life insurance sales system that addresses an immediate need, a big problem that a lot of people will want to solve right now. You need a sales system that has all of the Right Questions you need to ask people to make it easy for them to buy the life insurance they need and want to protect their family. Then you need to help them to find the money! So that they will take action right now!

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