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Here are a few FREE Insurance Marketing and Sales Training Webinars to give you an idea of how we can and will help you!

Also, note Insurance Pro Shop offers 2 live insurance marketing and sales webinars each month for our members. All of which are recorded and made free to the members of our exclusive Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center.

FREE Insurance Marketing and Sales Training Webinar…

“Find the Pain… Set the Appointment”

Listen and learn as Jeremy Nason shares the proven questioning techniques that he has used for 20+ years to… set appointments with almost EVERYONE he meets!

This insurance marketing and sales tips and strategies web class will share…

  • What You Must Know… So You Set An Appointment With ‘9 Out Of 10’ People you talk to!
  • Then The Problems You Can Solve For Your Prospects!
  • Using Questions… So You Help People To See and Understand The Problems They Face!
  • Asking Questions… So You Help Prospects To Answer Their Own Objections!
  • How You Can Use Questions… So You Help Prospects To Close Themselves For The Appointment!

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If you are serious about making this your best year ever, then don’t miss the class.

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FREE Insurance Marketing and Sales Training Webinar… “Develop The Mindset of a Champion” with Dr. Jack Singer

During this hour-long web class, Dr. Singer will provide you with a toolbox of actionable skills designed from his 33 years as a Professional Sports Psychologist.

Then he will get you on the fast track to sales success, by teaching you how to unleash your true talent. So, you can finally reach your full sales potential.

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FREE Insurance Marketing and Sales Training Webinar… 11 Ways to Improve Your Business by Improving Your FOCUS

Every producer knows how difficult it is to stay focused. Especially, when your world is filled with endless demands on our time and daily distractions.

In fact, aside from getting more leads, staying focused on what needs to be done – time management – is the number one challenge producers complain to us about.

If focus and time management are challenges for you, then this free Webinar will be a game-changer for you.

Jeremy’s guest expert for this program will be advisor coach Sandy Schussel.

Sandy has been a coach and sales trainer for producers for over 20 years. He has coached some of the top producers in our industry on growing and managing an insurance business. He is an MDRT-approved coach and we are proud to have him on the IPS faculty.

Sandy’s work with insurance and financial professionals has won him international recognition. And his simple directions for taking control of your time and focus will be extremely helpful.

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FREE Insurance Marketing and Sales Training Webinar…  Introduction to Financial Consulting for Families!

Join Our Marketing and Sales Coaches Jeremy Nason, RFC & Alex Villa, RFC as they discuss…

  • What is Financial Consulting for families…
  • What problems do families face today… And then how you can help them solve those problems!
  • Why Financial consulting is important… Then what it will do for you and your bottom line!
  • What to expect out of the rest of the Financial Consulting for Families Series

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When Will You Read Our Full-Length Book? So You Learn How To Really Help Families?

Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy

Middle American Family’s Guide To Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy!

We urge you to take the time to read our 20 Chapter book… ‘Middle American Family’s Guide To Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy!” Because we give you the complete strategies, on how you can help middle-income families to find the money to spend, save, invest, insure, and plan wisely for a secure future! So that you can help them to “Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy!” As a result, you will understand our philosophies, concepts, and techniques by the end of the book. And finally, you will know how you can make a real difference by helping your family, friends, clients, and neighbors get rid of their debt. So they can save for retirement. So that they will have a secure financial future! Book Outline – Get A Digital Copy of Our 20 Chapter Book! Only $18.97, Immediate Download, ORDER Now!

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