How To Find The Best Life Insurance Sales Leads! Instead Of Buying Life Insurance Leads! 

How To Find The Best Life Insurance Sales Leads – Instead Of Buying Life Insurance Leads! 

4/10/2019… What if you could learn how to find all the life insurance sales leads that you need – for all the hot sales strategies like Tax-Free Retirement – instead of buying life insurance leads? Do want to find your best life insurance prospects?

Are you buying life insurance Internet or telemarketing leads? Were you happy with your results? How many sales appointments do you set out of every 10 life insurance leads you buy? Then how many of those sales appointments turned into a sale? And how many of those sales resulted in an issued policy?

Even the most successful agents who buy life insurance leads are only converting around 3% to 10% of their leads into a sale. Even at only $10 per lead, it means that each sale is costing you somewhere between $100 and $333. If you buy 100 life insurance leads at $10 each, then it is costing you $1,000. If you only make three sales, then you just spent $333 per sale.

Buying life insurance leads is the most expensive way for you to grow your life insurance sales! And buying life insurance leads should only be used during slow times to supplement your other leads. Buying leads should not be used as a primary source of life insurance leads.

Let’s take a step back and look at what you are doing when you are buying life insurance sales leads. You are going to a third party that is contacting people who have no idea of who you are. And then that third party is now telling you that the person is interested in the services you have to offer. And then, in many cases, that third party will sell that same “exclusive” life insurance lead to someone else. The good news is that there are much better life insurance sales leads and they are free.

First, Who Are Your Best Life insurance Sales Leads?

Before we get into finding your life insurance sales leads… You must determine who is the best, qualified prospect for your life insurance products and services. The main concern is to make sure you spend your time with the people who are your best prospects for the life insurance you are offering. There is nothing more frustrating than you making 100 or more phone calls and then not setting a single sales appointment. This can and does happen when you think you can call just anyone. Because you think everyone should be concerned with what you offer!

However, just because someone should be concerned about something, does not mean they are. It does not mean they will see you or buy what you offer.

So the questions now are:

  1. Who are your best prospects that you should contact in regards to buying life insurance?
  2. Then who do you have the best chance to set a sales appointment with?
  3. And last but not least… Who has the need, the ability to pay, and can be seen on a favorable basis?

As you read the following, remember I am not saying that some of the other people out there are not good prospects! But, you do want to contact the people you have the best chance to set a sales appointment with! And then making a sale.

Let’s use Tax-Free Retirement as an example.

Is your best life insurance prospect for Tax-Free Retirement someone who owns a home? Probably? They have been able to save money in the past, and will probably have the money to put away for retirement. But only if you help them to see why they need to do it now. Plus, because they own a home, it tells you they are willing to look at the long-term. So your best life insurance prospects are people who own a home.

Is someone who owns a $300,000 or larger home your best life insurance prospect? Probably not. Many of those people have family incomes of over $125,000 and are inundated with calls from planners, advisors, bankers, etc.! So, they are going to be harder to see. Your best life insurance prospects are people who have homes worth $300,000 or less, with incomes of less than $125,000 per year.

Is there a minimum income you will want to work with? Your best life insurance prospects are those people with a minimum family income of around $50,000 per year.

What else makes someone your best prospect for Tax-Free Retirement involving life insurance? If you are going to market using life insurance for Tax-Free Retirement, then don’t these people need to have someone they need to protect? A family that is dependent on their income? Your best life insurance prospects are people who are married and have children living at home. (Or in college)

Cash-value life insurance builds best when you have 20 years or longer to contribute, so, your best prospects are people who are under age 50. If they are under 50, then they probably still have children at home or in college.

Finding Your Best Life Insurance Sales Leads

Now that you have identified who your best prospects are for retirement planning using life insurance. Where do you find them? Can you find free life insurance sales leads?

Would you agree that most people, with young children, tend to live in the same neighborhoods? You can find these neighborhoods by just calling your real estate broker or just by driving around.

Once you find the streets you need, then just go to your local library or the Internet… And look for “criss-cross” or reverse directories. They will have every street listed, with the names of everyone on that street, with their telephone numbers. Plus, they will provide you with lots of other good information.

Make a copy of those names, addresses, and telephone numbers… And now you have a free list of your best prospects for Tax-Free Retirement using life insurance!

Note: How many of the people, that you already know… Will meet most or all of the above criteria?

Now, What Can You Do To Set A Sales Appointment With These People?

The old standby of cold-calling people is not an option. Because most people are fed up with getting phone calls from salespeople… who will not take no for an answer! So how many of your best prospects have put their phone numbers on the “do not call” list? And then just about everyone today screens their calls.

Since you can not cold call people anymore… then one way to get your free life insurance sales leads to call you is by sending them a sequence of sales letters! But the sales letter must be really good… with a powerful “grabber” and a great headline.

Use a powerful grabber on your sales letters. Maybe use a $1 bill, a $2 bill, a 1 million dollar bill, or even foreign currency. Or maybe use something like wooden nickels, band-aids, watches, magnifying glasses, shredded money, phony diamonds, etc.

I know this sounds too gimmicky! But test results from millions of mailing pieces prove that… without a doubt… Grabbers and well-written headlines significantly increase your response.

In your sales letter, you will want to offer them a free financial audit, or your free report. The idea is to get your best prospects to call you. So you can follow up with a phone call and set an appointment. Or, you can invite them to your free educational workshop.

By sending out a series of sales letters to the right people in your local area… you are now building your image, your brand, and your credibility!

The more you keep your name and services in front of your best prospects. Then the easier it is going to be to get them to respond to your offers. None of this will happen when you buy life insurance leads or use a telemarketing service.

Summary To Find The Best Life Insurance Sales Leads

This is just one of the first steps to you becoming the trusted advisor in your local community. So you will be the trusted advisor people will want to see.

In our Trusted Advisor Success Program, you will find all of the sales letters, free reports, free educational workshops, and much more. Everything you need to help you to find and attract your best free life insurance sale leads/prospects!

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