Middle American Family’s Guide To‘Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy™!’

Middle American Family's Guide To 'Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy™!' Best Money Management Advice, Get Out Of Debt and Save Money For Your Future! Lew and Jeremy Nason

Are you struggling each month just to make ends meet? Then what would it mean to you and your family… if, within a year, you could get out of debt? So, you could save more money for your future? Then what if you could do it all… without you changing your lifestyle? That is what will happen when you understand why we are all struggling today. And then you decide to follow the simple ‘step by step‘ money management strategies and advice that are all laid out in our book… ‘Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy™!’

Our book explains the root causes of the financial problems that most middle-income families face today! So, you will understand why you are struggling! And then why the typical money management advice we all receive from the people we trust… does not work well today!

What is in ‘Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy?”

Chapter One – Page 10 – Understanding The Financial Problems Middle America Faces Today… There are many reasons for the financial problems that we face today. A few of the most damaging reasons for our problems are summarized below. However, most of the financial problems that we face today are within our control! And they can be corrected once we take the time to understand where they come from! And then we put them into their proper perspective.

Chapter Two – Page 16 – Changes In Middle America… Most of us grew up hearing – go to college; get a good job; buy a house; pay it off as soon as possible; save a little money each month, and we will be set for life. It was good money management advice for past generations. However, the world has changed dramatically over the past 50 years. And what worked then, does not work as well today!

Chapter Three – Page 20 – Eliminating Consumer Debt… What is the first thing you should do… If you want to put your family and yourself on the road to financial security? I hope you said to get out of debt! Because it is one of the biggest problems, we all face today!

Chapter Four – Page 24 – Is It a Need? Or, Is It a Want? What is the main reason why people struggle with their finances? Is it because they spend their money on the things that they want… instead of the things they need?

Chapter five – Page 26 – Reduce Your Insurance Costs… As we have discussed… most agents, advisors, and planners will try to sell you the most expensive and most profitable products (for them). So, if you want to get out of debt… And get on the road to financial security… Then you will want to cut your costs for insurance. But, you must do it wisely!

Chapter Six – Page 29 – A Smart Income Tax Reduction Strategy… If we want to have a secure financial future! Then it is now totally up to us! And, is NOT going to happen… If we follow the traditional money management advice our Grand Parents and Great Grand Parents have given us! Because we need to put ‘ALL’ of our money to work for us! Instead of us just working for our money!

Chapter Seven – Page 33 – Wisely Using Your Home Equity… A few years ago, Douglas Andrews wrote a book he called ‘Missed Fortune’! In his book, he explains, in detail, a smart money management concept! And it is the same concept that wealthy people used, for 100 or more years, to help them to accumulate their great fortunes! And it can be a great concept for middle-income families to use.

Chapter Eight – Page 37 – The Problem With Traditional Qualified Retirement Plans… Whether you are a business owner, executive, or employee. In most cases, you are using a qualified retirement plan (such as an IRA, SEP, or 401k plan) to save money for your retirement. On the surface, these qualified retirement plans seem like a good idea.  Because you receive an income tax break on your IRA or 401K contributions. Plus, those accounts grow tax-deferred. So, you do not pay taxes, on the money, in those accounts… Until you withdraw the money during your retirement. Or, unless you withdraw the money before retirement… And then you will pay penalties and taxes.

Chapter Nine – Page 40 – Unrealistic Investment Expectations… Sadly, the media has duped us into believing that we can get rich overnight. And it is just not true. But, what is even worse… Is that by following their money management advice people are putting their family’s future at great risk! There are a lot of independent studies that show that most mutual fund investors have returns that are far below what they were told they would get. This lack of investment returns is something that Wall Street and your Investment Brokers do not want you to know about.

Chapter Ten – Page 50 – The Best Retirement Investment Options… Do you now agree that it is all up to us to save money… if you want to have a secure future for your family… and secure retirement? It all starts with you ‘Paying Yourself First’! The reality is that it doesn’t matter where you save your money. What matters most is that you start saving your money today. Time and compounding interest are what make your money grow. However, once you start to save, then you can help yourself… by getting investments that offer you more than just the promise of higher returns.

Chapter Eleven – Page 56 – Creating Your Own Private ‘Family Bank’… Imagine, instead of you borrowing money from a bank… that you have your private bank (of your money)! So that you can get a loan, for whatever you need. Then when you take a loan, you pay yourself the principal and interest the bank would have received. So, instead of the bank making money on your money… You are making all of the money!

Chapter Twelve – Page 62 – Investment Grade Life Insurance… Investment-grade life insurance is just a life policy where you put a lot more cash into the policy… than what is needed to support the death benefit. In simple terms, you buy the least amount of death benefit for the money that you invest (save). Which allows your cash value to grow much faster. Because the cost of the death benefit is much lower.

Chapter Thirteen – Page 65 – Do I Need A Financial Advisor? Some people have achieved financial security without a financial advisor. Some of them did it, despite the mistakes that they made. And, a few of them have just been lucky in the stock market… or business. However, the most successful people… do have a financial advisor!

Chapter Fourteen – Page 66 – Selecting The Best Advisor… Our friends, family, brokers, and other professionals all have good intentions. And they want to help. But, they do not have the training to help families. The advice that they will give is what is working, or what has worked for them… For their unique personal situation. They are not going to review your entire situation. So they can tailor their money management advice to meet your unique goals, objectives, needs, and wants.

Chapter Fifteen – Page 73 – ‘Found Money Management™’… Is about helping you find the money… So that you can get out of debt; improve your cash flow, and then save more money for your future. It is about how you can make all of your money work for you. So, that you can be Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy™. And how you can do it all without you sacrificing your lifestyle… Or taking unnecessary risks.

Chapter Sixteen – Page 77 – Putting It All Together With ‘Found Money Management™’… How much easier would it be to ‘Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy™’ if you could just re-position some of your money or your income… instead of you taking additional money out of your pocket? Consider, just freeing up just $10.00 per month here, and then $10.00 per month there… to put into savings can make a big difference in your financial future.

Chapter Seventeen – Page 82 – Choosing The Best Life Insurance Companies And Investment Grade Life Insurance Products… As you read articles from many of the so-called ‘experts’ they will recommend that you only do business with the insurance companies that have the top financial ratings from the top rating agencies such as Standard & Poor’s, A.M. Best, and Moody’s, and Duff and Phelps. On the surface, this would appear to make a lot of sense and be good advice. However, the problem is that for any company to receive those top ratings it must have an ultra-conservative portfolio. Which, in most cases, means that the overall performance of their cash value products is not very competitive?

Chapter Eighteen – Page 86 – About … ‘Found Money Management™’ and the ‘Certified Trusted Advisor™’. As we have talked about many times in this book… There is a lack of real training… for helping Middle American families to… ‘Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy™!’

Chapter NineteenPage 87 – The Biggest Obstacle To Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy™!There is never a good time for you to start saving money! You can always find a reason to put it off! Procrastination is the primary cause of financial failure! And it will do more harm to you than you’re receiving the worst investment advice! Or you pick the worst investment vehicle. If you want to be financially independent, then you need to start right now to… Pay Yourself First!

Chapter Twenty – Page 88 – Recommended Reading… One of the main reasons why so many people are struggling today is that when we were young… We were not taught how to manage our money. I believe that each of the books below should be mandatory reading in high school and college… As part of a financial education class on How To Manage Your Money.

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