4 Secrets To Successfully Selling Whole Life Insurance – Closing Sales!

Help Families To Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy... Help People To Increase Their Savings!Dear Friends, Every day we get hundreds of agents and advisors who visit our Web site and then will call us. Many of them are searching for the secrets to successfully selling whole life insurance. They want to know how they can close whole life insurance sales when most people are either broke or reluctant to spend their hard-earned money!

However, when we lay out how to close whole life insurance sales, they don’t want to hear it. They want to believe there has to be a quicker and easier solution to selling whole life insurance. A solution that does not require them to take the time to read, study, and practice. So, they keep looking for simple whole life insurance marketing or prospecting ideas, tips, and sales closing strategies that will magically attract and sell hundreds of their best prospects. The people who already want, can afford, and can medically qualify for life insurance.

And, what amazes me is that these are the same people that will spend thousands of dollars each year on Internet leads. Or spend a lot of money on a whole life insurance selling system that makes outrageous claims. Like promising overnight success, while you close whole life insurance sales from your home… in your underwear! I hope that you are not one of those people.

I guess, what I’m asking you is… Are you ready to learn the ‘four’ critical insider secrets to you selling whole life insurance? Are you ready to close more whole life insurance sales? Yes! Then let’s begin!

The First Secret To You Selling Whole Life Insurance – Closing Sales…

“Why Most Agents Struggle Selling Whole Life Insurance – Closing Sales”

Do you want to learn how to sell whole life insurance and close more sales? Then you need to understand what most agents do, and why it doesn’t work!

The vast majority of agents out there buy Internet leads, mortgage leads, send out sales letters, term flyers, cold calling, etc., to try to identify those few people who want to buy life insurance right now. Once these agents find and meet with a prospect that wants life insurance protection for their family, business, etc., they will jump right in and try to convince the prospect why they should buy whole life insurance, instead of term insurance.

First, they will tell the prospect about how much money they will save if they purchase whole life insurance now while they are young, and the premiums are low. Then, they will talk about what they should own, instead of renting their life insurance.

Next, they will explain to the prospect how they will get all of their premiums back, with interest. So they will be able to use that money to fund a college education for their children or have more money in retirement. And, how their money will grow tax-deferred. Plus they can access the money tax-free, without any IRS penalties.

Finally, they will try to convince the prospect that they will need life insurance in their retirement years. And that term insurance won’t be there when they need it most!

I agree, that all of the things they tell their prospects are very true and logical reasons to own whole life insurance.

But, in the majority of the cases, the agent is lucky if they can walk out with a term insurance sale, let alone close a whole life insurance sale. Why?

4 Simple Secrets To You Selling Whole Life Insurance - Closing Sales! “If You Want To Succeed In Insurance Sales, Then Stop Selling Products! Instead Help People To Find A Solution To Their Problems!” Lew Nason

Then there are the few agents that will spend $5,000 or more on an advanced whole life insurance selling system, like the Missed Fortune, Infinite Banking, College Funding, LEAP, or Pension Max. Their objective is to find and attract people who want to hear more about these exciting new concepts, and to set an appointment. So, they spend hundreds of dollars to send out their books and free reports. And/or they will spend thousands of dollars on a dinner seminar to try to sell more whole life insurance.

Then, once they set the life insurance appointment with someone who wants to know more, they will explain how great the concept is and how much better off they will be. The concepts they present are terrific and they work. Yet most agents are lucky if they close whole life insurance sales with 10% – 20% of the people they meet with. Why?

The reason both these groups of agents struggle with selling whole life insurance… is they are telling the prospect how great whole life insurance is and how great their idea is. And logically why they should buy whole life insurance?

“Telling Is Not Selling!”

The problem is that if you immediately tell the prospect about your exciting life insurance product or new sales idea they may or may not believe you. Whether you like it or not, when you immediately jump in and talk about and try to sell whole life insurance… You just convinced them that you are just another whole life insurance salesperson who wants to close a sale. If you want to be successfully selling whole life insurance to most of the people you meet, then you have to get your prospects to tell themselves why it’s important. Why does this work? And why they should take action, now. And, that’s about you asking questions, so you have a real conversation with them.

Ask Questions like…

How much life insurance do you want? “How did you come up with that amount? If you purchase term insurance now, how old will you be when it ends? How long do you want to have life insurance? How much will you have spent on life insurance during those years? Etc.

Above all, you want to help your clients to conclude that whole life insurance or your sales idea makes sense for them. But, even then you will not close a whole life insurance sale. Why!

The Second Secret To You Successfully Selling Whole Life Insurance – Closing Sales…

“People Buy Based On Emotion, Then They Justify Their Decision Based On Logic!”

If you want more people to buy whole life insurance from you, then you must get them emotionally involved! People buy for many reasons, but they all boil down to avoiding pain or gaining pleasure, which is an emotion. To get people emotionally involved, you must ask questions so they will see and understand the problems they have. The more emotionally involved they are in solving their problems, eliminating their pain, or gaining pleasure, the more likely they are to take action! So, you must ask questions like…

If you or your wife weren’t here tomorrow, what would happen? How much income would your family lose? Could your family keep your home? How do you feel about that? Etc.

Are you planning to pay for your children’s college education? What college would you like them to attend? How much do you think it will cost each year? What have you saved so far? How do you feel about that? Etc.

How much income would you like to have in retirement? What would you like to do? Where would you like to go? How many years do you think you’ll be retired? Etc.

However, even if you do a great job of getting them emotionally involved, some people still won’t buy your whole life insurance. Why!

The Third Secret To Successfully Selling Whole Life Insurance – Closing Sales…

To Successfully Sell Whole Life Insurance – Close Sales… Help People To Find The Money!

First of all, would you agree, that none of us has any extra money? We all are spending everything we earn. So, no matter how good your product or idea is; if your prospect has to sacrifice something in their life, then they are probably not going to do it! However, there are very few people who are not wasting money in some areas of their lives. Accordingly, your job, if you want to sell and close a whole life insurance sale, is to help them establish their financial priorities. So they want to Find the Money to fund those priorities.

Is what you are spending that money on more important than… protecting your family? …saving for your child’s education? … saving for your retirement?

But, even when you help people find the money, you still won’t close the whole life insurance sale! Some people still won’t buy your whole life insurance. Why?

Lew Nason
The Fourth Secret To Successfully Selling Whole Life Insurance – Closing Sales...

“You Must Keep The Whole Life Insurance Closing Sales Presentation Simple and Logical!”

Remember, people buy based on emotion, and then they justify their decision based on logic! If you confuse the prospect at all; give them too much technical information; ask them to make too many decisions, or try to solve all of their problems at once; you’ll have trouble closing whole life insurance sales. Additionally, if you use a  50-page report, you’ll generally lose more whole life insurance sales than you’ll close. Because it makes their decision too complicated and too confusing.

People want to know what the bottom line is. So, if you want to close more whole life insurance sales, then use a simple two-page summary. Just, hi-lite the results of the program you are recommending, compared to what they’ve been doing.


Every Top Producer knows that closing sales, especially for whole life insurance, isn’t about you, your credentials, your products, or even the amount of money they’ll ultimately have. First, you need to help your prospects to see and truly understand their financial problems.

Then you need to ask questions to get them emotionally involved in the entire sales process and answer their biggest question… “What’s In It For Me and My Family?” 

Next, you need to help them to find the money to take action. And then the final secret to successfully selling whole life insurance is you must keep the whole life sales presentation simple and logical!

Yes, these 4 secrets are why the Top Producers are consistently attracting the right people, setting more appointments, getting more referrals, and then closing ‘9 out of 10’ whole life insurance sales.

And, these four secrets are why they consistently earn $250,000, $500,000, and more per year selling whole life insurance, despite this struggling economy. While they work 40 hours or less per week!

When will you get the tools, training, coaching, and support you need to help middle-income families find the money to spend, save, invest, insure, and plan wisely for the future? So they can Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy?”

Agents Are Immediately Closing More And Larger Whole Life Insurance Sales To Double and Triple Their Incomes In 30-60 Days! And So You Will!

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