Most of the IMOs, agencies and agents across the country are struggling with their life insurance marketing, prospecting and sales programs in this troubled economy, especially here in hard hit California. Many of the agents and managers we work with have purchased sales systems, attended training courses with other groups and have been very dissatisfied with the overall sales results. Our primary objective is to enhance our agents’ business opportunities and professional development by providing them with the intensive marketing, prospecting and sales training they need, and then giving them the very best in broker support. That is why we’ve associated ourselves with Lew and Jeremy Nason, of the Insurance Pro Shop. They have put together a comprehensive life insurance marketing and sales system and training program that if studied and followed has already proven to produce consistent positive results. It gets back to the real basics and keeps it simple, so that no matter what the agents experience level, they will succeed.

Arsy Grindulo Jr. - CA, CEO of WFLife