Lew Nason hits the nail right on the head. Lew’s analysis about selling Insurance (and for that matter any product – financial or otherwise) holds so true – we are ALL our own worst enemy at times. Each of us is our own worst enemy — Lew makes that case beyond any doubt. Lew’s salient points are a gentle reminder to us all, to always ensure that we attain, maintain, and provide, the highest standards of personal conduct to our clientele, our peers, our staff, our communities, but most importantly to ourselves. We are ultimately answerable for our actions. Great points are always made by Lew Nason and his lessons are always timely for every one of us.

George Flack, CFP, FPNA, AFAIM, RFC (USA) ""Money Management" Magazine's 1996 & 2004 " Australian Financial Planner of the Year"