Jeremy makes my life as an agent easier

How Jeremy makes my life as an agent easier. In working with Jeremy over the years, one thing truly stands out when reviewing a case with him. I shoot him the completed fact finder that sometimes I even have a hard time remembering what was most important according to the client, and not to mention additional sales to be made from problems I didn’t even consider. Jeremy calls me up to review the details and the next day or two, I have this seamless two page presentation that is a no brainer when it comes to the client saying “yes, let’s do this”. I have tried to duplicate the process, however I find myself asking why? Working with Jeremy on case designs, allows me to do more of my work which is going on appointments. My suggestion is the next case you have, give him a call and see for yourself how much easier he can make your life in this business.

Kevin Murray10+ years in the businessFlorida