Learning how to find quality prospects and convert them into quality clients is the lifeblood of any sales professional. But marketing and selling Life Insurance and Annuities is an art in and of itself. I’ve been training and coaching sales professionals for years in marketing and selling insurance, but I’ve learned to stay away from trying to help improve the results of life and annuity professionals. The skills and techniques needed to succeed in selling life insurance and annuities are unique to those industry specialties. Lew and Jeremy Nason… and their programs are right on the money. Learning from people who are experts in the Life and Annuity fields is extremely valuable. My advice is that if you are a Life Insurance professional or an Annuity professional, don’t bother spending your time or money with anyone else. Lew and Jeremy (and their programs at the Insurance Pro Shop) are the answer to your sales and marketing needs.

Michael Beck, Agency Marketing and Sales Coach