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The Ultimate Life Insurance & Annuity Sales Systems. Training, Tools, & Support!

Insurance Pro Shop Reviews, Testimonials & Success Stories

Agents Ask… Why Is The Cost Of Your Life Insurance Sales Systems & Training 1/3 The Cost Of Everyone Else?  

First, our goal from the start was to make our exclusive and proven life insurance marketing and sales systems… with our one-on-one agent training, coaching, and support program affordable for everyone! Our aim is to help agents and advisors get everything they need to be highly successful in insurance sales. Our unique training is about you helping middle-income families Find The Money they need to Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy! So you will become the most Trusted Advisor in your community.

Second, when you know how to help agents and advisors double and triple their sales in as little as 60 days… and keep their sales growing. Then we can rely on word-of-mouth, testimonials, and referrals from many of our clients who now see us more as mentors and friends… And Are Raving Fans! Accordingly, we don’t need to spend $10k or more a month to market our systems, training, and services. These marketing savings are being passed on to you!

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"It might be too long, so let me know if I need to pare it down. But you know how I feel about IPS and the Resource Ctr. It's top-notch. I appreciate you guys and am proud to be a part of the Nason and IPS family. Thanks for being there over the years and Lord willing, I look forward to many more working with you. Best Regards to all the Nason family, and give Alex a shout out when you see or talk to him too. (No friggin' pink shirts allowed!) Gratefully, Brad Stewart"

"I have known Jeremy, Lew, and Alex for a few years now. Their knowledge and expertise is unprecedented, when it comes to getting in front of enough of the right people. If you follow their systems within the private site, as well as the Found Money Management, you will never wonder where your prospects are hiding again."  Derek Nelson

"I am a loyal customer with the Insurance Pro Shop and it's one of the best decisions I ever made since getting in  the insurance business. I highly recommend working with them you wont regret it!"  Corey Greene


"The Insurance Pro Shop is a great coaching resource. They have training, tools, and tips to assist insurance agents and brokers in all kinds of business operations, along with valuable information on why you should hire a coach in the first place. When you enlist the help of this group, they will fine-tune all of your marketing, sales, appointment setting and lead generation, and more. Plus, they offer ongoing sales support and teach you how to help clients find more money, which will increase your closed deals in no time. There are plenty of resources online and one-on-one coaching and consulting are available, as well."  Samir Sampat

"Best life Insurance training - bar none!" Ed Bilodeau

"The training I received from the Insurance Pro Shop has increased my agency's production. Jeremy and his team are very professional and accessible whenever I needed their guidance."  Greg Fidanzia 


"They are the best at training insurance agents!"  Vince Onorio 

"A great group , teaching agents how become better in Their Field of Insurance Service’s!"  John R Murray 

"For those needing insurance marketing assistance Lew & Jeremy Nason @ IPS are the real deal, no games, no gimmicks, just solid marketing advice @ a fair price, no contracts to move. no hair cuts on commission, check them out!" Kevin Dottenwhy

"Personable, experienced, honest, and exceptional. Jeremy and his team are truly awesome at what they do." Zach Adams

“I want to thank Jeremy Nason and Lew Nason for their coaching on life insurance strategies.  They helped me to further my understanding of how to communicate the importance of life insurance policies to my customers more effectively.  My life insurance policy count has increased (into high double digits) by over 200% through August 2020."

"The coaching that I have received from Lew and Jeremy at Insurance Pro Shop has been such a help and very effective.  This has resulted in me helping many more families to be insured with life insurance.  If you are new to the business or you are a seasoned veteran, Lew and Jeremy can help in these challenging times.  After all, the need for life insurance is at an all time high.  Agents simply need to remember that success is found by using a process and system that finds solutions for families and individuals using life insurance.” Christopher Antonopoulos, NV, Managing VP, Appreciation Insurance & Financial Services (12 yrs in financial sales)

"Your training has affected the way I sell health insurance. After listening to your training, I went from doing a one-call close on health insurance to doing a fact finder first. I now start off every new call by saying, "I know we're here to talk about health insurance - but is there anything in particular you wanted to talk about?" I then ask them questions like, "What's got you in the market for health insurance right now? What do you want your health insurance to do for you? Why is that important?" Etc. I'm finding that closing is 5 times easier than it was before I was doing a fact finder - not because I'm selling anything different than before. It's because the clients feel like they've been heard and somebody cared." Joe Mardesich, UT (30+ Years In Financial Services)

"Hey Jeremy, Hope you are having a great weekend. Just wanted to give you an update on what’s going on. I closed 3 whole life plans yesterday for a total of $3,045 Annual Premium. And still have a 78k rollover that I’m going to help her with. This is the second month that I bonus. Also I was number 13 on the company zapp leader board last month." Corey Greene, FIC, FICF, LUTCF, SC (17 year in financial services)

"Hi Jeremy, I just want to thank you for your help in completing a financial planning summary.  I recently finished the Trusted Advisor program and immediately put the training to use.  It worked just as you, Lew, and Alex said it would.  I just have to remember to get the client emotionally involved. Let them identify their problems. And then give them exactly what they want!  It really was easy.  I want to thank you and look forward to many other interactions with you." Rudolph Corrales, Jr., CTA, CA

"I having been working with Jeremy and the Insurance Pro Shop for a few weeks now and it has totally changed my mindset and helped me get the proper mindset with the Found Money Management system and the resource center. It’s really about truly helping people with their wants and needs. It is about asking questions so that I position myself as a trusted advisor.  As Lew says... You want to talk with people like they are your best friend. The resources and videos really drive home the concepts. Working with IPS is allowing me to get the proper foundation underneath me. I look forward to getting better, to help more people." Corey Greene, FIC, FICF, LUTCF, SC (17 year in financial services)

“If you’re serious about becoming a valued and trusted advisor, don’t leave your training to chance.  Take advantage of what Lew, Jeremy and Alex have to offer by attending a two-day session training workshop.  These workshops give you the opportunity to ask questions and learn first-hand from these experts of advisor training.  The classes are small, in an extremely relaxed atmosphere where you can learn and enjoy learning.  It’s well worth the small investment because, believe me, it will change your life.” John Dandridge, IL  (11 years in the business)

I just attended a 2 day workshop with Insurance Pro Shop.  I am so happy to say that this time spend was very well invested in my insurance career.  Lew and his staff were amazing teachers.  I learned more about marketing, sales concepts and closing techniques, all by asking the right questions.  I highly recommend INSURANCE PRO SHOP for the new or seasoned agents.  It is time very well invested.”
Carol Walker, TX
(27 years in the business)

“My time with Lew (and Alex) was very valuable.  I have been involved with IPS for 8 years and they have helped me increase my production 30 to 60% annually.” Randy Greenfield, UT (12 years in the business)


"Prior to attending IPS's Bootcamp I was a mess. Chasing one sales system after another and not getting anywhere on a consistent basis. Without having a plan in place I was on the verge of quitting. After spending two days with Lew & Alex, I am excited to get back out there and help families. I have received more value in the last 48 hours than I have in the last four years with other training systems. I cannot thank IPS enough for the training. All I can say is if you are considering attending a Bootcamp, just do it. You will not be disappointed. Thank you, Lew & Alex!!!" Faith Johnson, FL (4 years in the business)

"I think anyone who has experienced Insurance Pro Shop in any capacity knows the first class training that Lew and Jeremy Nason offer agents, both new and experienced, but the one thing that makes the Nasons special is how much they care about not only us, as THEIR clients, but OUR clients as well. The Nasons will not only help you increase your income, but if you apply what they teach you, you will truly become a trusted advisor of your community. You will learn to sell the RIGHT way. The Nasons are wonderful people and I am very fortunate to have met them!" Oliver Chamberlain, PA (12 years in the business)

"Wow! What a powerful article. Straight from your heart. I help and advise professionals and business owners every day as they try to grow their businesses and deal with compliance issues, but for some reason have been unable (or unwilling) to apply my insurance knowledge and license into how I help others (and produce revenue). You and your father’s consistent message of professionalism, genuine caring, and the desire to empower others to “do it right” speaks to the core of who I am. Thank you!" Joe McClure, FL (37 years in the business)

Tony Filippone, RFC - IL,“I did it the hard way for 10 years (selling mortgage insurance) and most of your numbers were dead on for me. My average case size was just a little over $600. And I was struggling to earn between $40,000 to $50,000 just like you said. You guys had me up to $80,000 in about six months. And then $160,000 to $180,000 in about year 3 of working with you. I tell new agents about you every chance I get. I had to kiss a lot of frogs to find my prince. And you guys were it. 15 years later I’m still in the business and just had my best year ever. Let’s just say a strong six-figure year. To think I was ready to quit when I found you. I know I’ve thanked you before, but you guys really put me on a great path to success. And I can’t express my gratitude enough.” Antonio Filippone RFC, FMM - IL (24 years in the business)

"Thanks for the GOAT... and many more pieces of how to help people solve their financial problems." Wycliffe Limo

"I urge anyone in the financial services business to get involved with the Insurance Pro Shop. Whether it’s from Lew, Jeremy, or Alex the training you will get you on the way to reaching your goals as a professional in the industry. They don’t “sugarcoat” what they teach. They are straightforward with their approach to training. What I’ve learned is that there are some “basics” to learn in this business and if you don’t learn them you’ll probably experience what most professionals in the industry experience; mediocrity. Lew, Jeremy, and Alex at the Insurance Pro Shop will teach you the basics at attracting the right prospects and how to ask the right questions to help people with financial problems." John Dandridge, IL (11 years in the business)

"In response to our ‘Develop Your Success Plan for 2019!’ Webinar… Excellent presentation! Made me do a lot of thinking about how I need to sharpen my focus with laser-like precision and avoid more of the distractions which chew up time I can’t afford to lose. Awesome Success Plan. I realize I have a lot more to learn." Hank P.

"I have represented many fine insurance companies over the years, but all of them share a glaring flaw. That flaw is a lack of a committed marketing program. The insurance companies I represented talked endlessly about how great their product was, or how many years the company was in existence, which seemed to matter very little to my clients. Then I came across your excellent materials and programs and I realized that your programs were the best material for new agents, as well as veteran producers like me. One of the great results of your complete program, in my case the annuity program, was the newfound confidence I felt while going through your material. Since I began the annuity training course, in the past three months, I have closed two cases for total premium of $220,000 which has generated almost 14,000 in commission. Before I was lucky to do that in the course of a year!" Raymond Naclerio - FL (41 years in the business)

"You have truly blessed my life, Jeremy! Tell your Dad (Lew Nason) you punched another ticket for an agent to go 'Top of the Table.' They must number in the hundreds or more by now. I will be in Dallas, Georgia in the future to show my appreciation! See you at the top buddy! Thank you, you guys are first class all the way, Jeremy!!" John M.

"Hello! I am sorry that I am sending my letter in Polish and with Google translation. I live in Poland. I do not speak English and that’s why I can communicate through a Google translator. Unfortunately, I can not take full advantage of your help, but I follow your newsletters very carefully. You help me a lot. This newsletter, to which I answer, even opened my eyes to how badly I put questions to my clients. Only the examples contained in the newsletter changed the quality of conversations with my clients. I am grateful to you and I wish you successes." Tomasz Ślebioda, Z poważaniem

"I wanted to let you guys know that, still working on learning the scripts, but using this program (Mortgage Insurance Toolkit) allowed me to write an e-app for $1500/month into an IUL. Someone who I had spoken to over there years about getting ‘life insurance’, but speaking about what life insurance does without mentioning the ugly words of life insurance made a world of a difference." Dana George, NY (4 years in the business)

"I hired Lew Nason as my coach, (in my first year) who was instrumental in teaching me how to think about not just life insurance, but also financial planning in general. And for that, I owe him a personal debt of gratitude that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to repay." David Lewis, RFC - NC (15 years in the business)

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note about your webinars. Your webinar content has been FANTASTIC! You help to “cut through” to the heart of what’s most important, in order to do an accurate and great job for the client. Sure, you often run past the 1 hour mark, but it’s always been valuable content. IPS always delivers! Everyone who is a student of the life and annuity insurance business needs to hire you to be their teachers for insurance and financial planning. You keep doing what you’re doing. You’re filling a vital need in the insurance training industry. We’re all lucky to have you and your family serving the industry the way you do." David H. Kinder, ChFC® - CA  (11 years in the business)

Melanie Roger"Just wanted to say how grateful I am to have purchased your Found Money Management™ system and for your amazing coaching and support. My husband and I have been searching for the past three years for the right system and training in order to really help families and improve our approach. Your system is what we have been looking for.  Now we are helping families we never would have been able to have the time of day with prior to your training. In the short time we have been studying and implementing your system, we have had some good success and it has been helping us get our business back on track. Your heartfelt letter is awesome by the way!!  We are looking forward to the coming year as we begin to implement your workshops. So excited for where our business is headed and definitely will be bringing our team to your workshops in the following years to come. Your coaching and training are instrumental in the success of our team and business. Can’t thank you enough."  Melanie Roger - Ontario Canada (3 Years in the business)

"Lew, Jeremy, Alex!, I went out and spoke with a few businesses this past weekend, like you suggested in the "Boot-camp." I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you taught me!!! This one particular P&C guy was so happy to speak with me, not only did he hold me hostage in his office for longer than I originally planned, he sort of hinted towards me maybe using part of his office space :-0... In fact he said he had wanted to go out and form a sort of BTI group of his own (as he put it), just like I was doing. I felt really "charged" after leaving the meeting with him and went right to another business that was more than happy to give me some of her cards and accept some of mine. I also sat down with the manager of our local health club and brainstormed for 12 minutes or so about how we may be able to help each other! With my normally shy nature, and being so new in the business (1st year or so), I am also very impressed by the script you gave me for the phone. I literally had to stop calling halfway thru my 50 a day call quota because I had booked more than 5 appointments for the week I was in (today is Weds) as I already had some booked for this week from last week, in which I made over 150 cold calls and I only booked 4 appointments! In other words I booked more appointments in one third of the calls!!!!! This is a game changer!! As they used to say... Man O Manachevtiz!!! Thanks A Lot Guys!!!" Ernest C. Vision MBA, Vision Financial Group - GA (1year in the business)

Rocco Taraborrelli"Jeremy, I had an appointment last night where I used the fact find before Christmas, completed the proposed template with 2 IUL product (husband and wife) and walked out last night with 6k in premium, got a lead for my accountant and mortgage broker as well. This stuff works.  Thanks..." Rocco Taraborrelli -  NJ (25 years in the business)

Melanie Roger"Your system has made a huge difference already. I have learned more about properly helping families in these three months than I've learned the last three years in my business. When we really see a difference in our income, which will be very soon, as we get a couple workshops under our belt, we will write an excellent review. It is our plan to have our team members also get some training and systems with you. We will inevitably do some trips out your way with them. Excited again about what we do for families, especially now that we are doing the right things and have tools that work. Thanks again for everything." Melanie Roger - Ontario Canada (3 Years in the business)

Raymond J. Kozicki "My business is exploding! I wished I followed the IPS stuff sooner. What's amazing to me is that I was making this way too hard. I've taught 3 library classes so far this week and have a 4th class on Saturday. I've been getting about 10-15 (5-6 couples and a few singles) attendees per class and everyone is booking appointments with me. To rephrase that....after the class they are asking me for the appointment." Raymond J. Kozicki - IL (12 years in the business)

Holly Peterson"I really enjoyed coming to the boot camp. (Trusted Advisor Success Training) There was so much information shared. I'm excited to get back in the and apply what I have learned. The crew at the Insurance Pro Shop have a real desire to help agents to be able to truly help their clients." Holly Peterson - ID (3 years in sales)

Melanie Roger"I'm excited and have been gaining a lot of value already in our business through your membership site my husband has joined. We have been searching for over 3 years now for the right stuff to help us grow, it is clear you offer what we have been looking for. Thank you so much and looking forward to the coaching also!" Melanie Roger - Ontario Canada (3 years in the business)


"I've been in the business about 8 years and generally have focused on Medicare and final expense. After attending an IPS Bootcamp and buying the Found Money Management™ Toolkit I'll admit I never really implemented Lew's and Jeremy's concepts into my practice. After about 2 years of reading and not acting, I finally made the click and utilized what they've been preaching all along. Sitting with a client that had about $70,000 in debt I was able to help them get out of debt in about 2 1/2 years instead of 12. At the same time I was able to help them set aside for retirement and wrote a $10,500 annual premium dividend paying life case. It's amazing how much easier it is to write a case when you're HELPING someone instead of selling! 

Secondly, after the initial click, I decided to send some review letters and beneficiary updates. A client I had thought I couldn't do anything more with, received another inheritance and had about $120,000 in the bank. Out of sight out of mind. We're now writing another $10,000 life case and her sister who received the same inheritance now wants to work with our group. 

Moral of the story don't delay... don't procrastinate... trust IPS, Lew and Jeremy. Their process works! I was stubborn to see it. They've changed my practice and opened up huge new opportunities that can build my practice for generations to come!" Ryan Biniak - IA, (8 Years in the business)

"Jeremy, I took 2 apps for their family last night!!! Thank you, thank you! The illustrations I tried to run before the presentation did NOT give me the numbers you did. I am so grateful for your expertise & your help. Again, thank you for helping me help so many families! You guys gave me hope for this business again! (And hope has a MUCH bigger payout than a paycheck!) Many thanks," Christine Lopez - CA, (12 years in the business)

"Jeremy, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your coaching. Following your sales system (Found Money Management™) and working one on one with you has helped me increase my sales. I know it took some time to get me started but this year I have already doubled my production and written higher quality policies. I look forward to updating you as the year goes on." Robert Lilly, Farmers Insurance, MO (15 years in the business)

"I just got off the phone with my CPA – I increased my bottom line 2 and half times over last year! He wanted to know what I was doing differently. He’s impressed – and wants to do a joint venture with me. You guys are right on the money. Your system absolutely works! My clients are happier and better off and so am I. I’ve said the same before but this is real proof. The bottom line doesn’t lie!" Audrey Sendrowski - MA (10 years in the business)

"Lew I cannot believe the way you teach. I listened to about 3 hours of the Mortgage Insurance Toolkit and I've been able to pitch and actually feel the people resonate with me on the phone. They are so surprised when I tell them, "No I am not coming over to just bring you numbers and look over them. I am going to sit there and talk with you and find out what you need." These people are like... What? One guy said, "I already started with a guy, but if you are going to do that, I'd like to go with you." I am able to actually get the goose bumps I got when I used to protect people from bullies. It is the same thing. I really appreciate you guys. Thanks!" Earnest Vision, GA - (1 year in the business)

"Dear Lew, Jeremy and Alex, I have been in the financial industry since 1988. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on training, motivation and coaching. The total over the last three decades may be into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have been a client of IPS for over 3 years. I have never seen the breath and depth of material that IPS has. They have the right recipe for success. All you have to do is follow it. If you are going to invest in your career, I know of no better investment in yourself, than establishing a relationship with IPS. Do yourself a favor, develop the courage to change and grow. IPS has incredible information available, but more importantly they care. They will emotionally invest in you and your career. Most importantly they are good people! All The Best, R. Spencer Childs"

Note... Here is an email we got from Spencer this morning at 4:38AM.

"Dear Jeremy, I just wanted you to know, yesterday I set 9 new appointments for the rest of this week and next. I picked up a $40,000 check yesterday, 2 apps for life insurance and an appointment to move 67,000 from a 401K to an EIA. Thank again for your help and generosity. Spencer" Spencer Childs - NV  (31 years in the business)

"Insurance Pro Shop is the best insurance/financial advisor coaching I've ever had in the 10 years I've been in the life insurance and financials business. They are honest, always putting client needs (the agent's clients) first. They are very experienced, their advice is accurate and dependable. Their educational products actually deliver on the promises made to help agents increase their business and sales skills. The best part is the hands-on, one-on-one coaching available by the IPS team; they supplement the audio and reading materials that comprise the various educational products and that makes all the difference in the world. You can get a great CD or webinar but without the coaching to back it up and fill out the process, it's not as easy or effective. I am sure that's why most "sales systems" don't work - they leave you on your own after purchase and good luck. The IPS team sticks with you, gives you solid training and advice, helps with client cases, and they really are there for one main thing: the agent's success. I encourage everyone I know in this business to get their services to be successful." Audrey Sendrowski - MA (10 years in the business)

"I am currently a member of the Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center. I have found that since joining, I have learned a lot. I have also purchased the Advanced Fact Finder. I started calling you with questions. I am beyond satisfied. Being a new agent with New York Life Ins., in the beginning of my second year of training, I have been so far behind, that without your training, I would not be in this business anymore. In fact, there is a good chance that I may be booted out of NYL at the end of this month, because of the "Too little, too late" thing.  I now have an optimistic hope for me in this business, where at the turn of this year, I saw none. I am currently using your techniques of questioning, and fact-finding with my new prospects. Bottom line, I am beyond happy and satisfied with what I have involved myself with Insurance Pro Shop. Thank you," Joe Omura, New York Life, - HI (1year in business)

"In my 41 years in the insurance and investment business, I have never come across programs to help agents produce and grow their business like the programs constructed and engineered by Lew Nason and his family. I feel like a hired the best marketing department I could possibly get. Thanks for your great and ongoing achievements that benefit the producer, the man or women in the arena. Your material is first rate and reveals a mastery of our business that is rarely seen."  Raymond Naclerio - FL (41 years in the business)

"I wish every agency and professional association would use your systems. While they are far from basic they do remind me how vital the basics are to my business and our industry. They reinforce the fact that questions, not products, help people to see you as an expert. The first time I used your two page presentation template I closed a 12K commission term conversion. After reviewing it the client literally said, let's go with the second option that you proposed. That's it! There was no closing, no cajoling and no begging. All the work was done during the first meeting. Thanks for all your help and coaching and please know that I appreciate your commitment to our industry." Brandon Green, ChFC, CLU, CAS, CLTC, FSS, LUTCF - TX (15 years in the business)

"The Insurance Pro Shop are very caring, kind, and professional people. They know there is no magic elixir to success, but that there are systems and disciplines, that if followed, practiced, and worked on will significantly help you help other people and by the way you get paid!" Spencer Childs - NV  (28 years in the business)

"Dear Jeremy, I am very excited to find all the training and motivation within the Insurance Pro Shop. It is a great Success System! I am in transition from the employee payroll market to personal life insurance. I really need your help. I am very impressed with the quality of materials you provide agents new and experienced. Your Found Money Management and The Question Techniques, along with all the marketing ideas are giving me a track to run on. I will be in contact with you for the coaching sessions and questions that I have. I am just getting started and I know you have more tools that I will discover as I get more involved. I truly want to thank you for your generous offerings. They will be more valuable to me than any training I have ever been offered in my 25 years in the insurance business. Thank you so much,"
Carol Walker - TX (25 years in the business)

"Lew and Jeremy, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication over the years. It has been a great pleasure working with you and your team over the past 8 years. You have provided me world class training and support. You have helped me immensely with my newsletters, booklets, PowerPoint presentations, and so much more. The masterminding in the live classes is priceless. Recently I did a seminar with the PowerPoint you helped me customize. I created over $80,000 in commissions from that one seminar and business keeps rolling in.  The Found Money Management™ program that you teach goes hand in hand with what I do. We help clients to dramatically improve their financial situation. Thanks again for all you do. God bless you and the Insurance Pro Shop! Your Friend," Bill Constain, CFO, RFP - Freedom Wealth Services - FL (34 years in the business)

"Lew is a “Father” in the business. He has probably forgotten more about marketing and selling insurance and related accounts than most of us think we know. As a 30+ year veteran the Insurance Pro Shop is a great place to learn or re-learn the techniques needed to help our clients keep more of their hard earned money. The Insurance Pro Shop is more than worth the money." Ed Kimmel, WTCF - FL (20+ years in the business)

"I just want to thank you (Lew, Jeremy & Alex) for all the outstanding training I've received over the past 6 years. You are a class act and really do care doing the right thing for our clients. This latest 'Trusted Advisor Success Training' came at a very good time for me. My goal is to be a "9 Out Of 10 Guy." Daniel Barber, LUTCF, CLTC - NY (14 years in the business)

The training Jeremy has provided to our agency has increased our sales and customer retention. Jeremy and the whole staff at the Insurance Pro Shop are invaluable to the success of our agency.
Greg Fidanzia, Farmers Insurance Agency Owner, IL (15 years in the business)

"Lew, Jeremy and Alex work as a great team. Their heart is genuinely there helping and training, so as an agent I can really serve my clients. Joshua Dockins, Family Financial Planning - IL (3 years in the business)

"Jeremy, thank you for increasing my income and helping me to protect the families in my local market. I had been working with company X, because of a friend. The commission was at 50%, leads were expensive, and 9 other reps had already been to their house. Imagine that! Fortunately, I found the IPS Website when looking for a Lead source. Lew Nason, friendly and wise, solved my case in 5 minutes. I purchased the Mortgage Tool Kit and followed Jeremy's coaching. Picked up 3 potential leads and made presentations, one had the means and cared about the family. Here's the money... It happened to be a difficult case with several accounts all over the map, so I sent the Confidential Needs Analyst to Jeremy. He worked hard on it and put together 2 scenarios, using an easy to read and follow 2 page presentation.  It is so helpful to do business like that, very simple. There was $68,000 to be placed in 3 annuities, and 6k to start an annual IUL... $11,200 in total commissions. Jeremy took the time and walked me through the program. Thank you for all your coaching, advice and support." Scott Nelson - C
A (1 year in the business)

"I have been working with Jeremy Nason at the Insurance Pro Shop on Annuity & Life cases for the past couple years with great success. In a nutshell, I have found that my IMO's have tunnel vision when it comes to case design. And to be blunt, most are not good at it. They tend to focus primarily on pushing product. Jeremy, on the other hand, is the polar opposite of an IMO and he uses both his creativity and case design experience to maximize the benefits for the client in a simple, easy to understand, illustration. He does a great job of comparing the clients current plan to the "new proposed plan" that we developed in a collaborative manner. As a result, his process helps the client see clearly the major differences between what they're currently doing and what they should be doing, if they want to live a safe, secure, comfortable retirement and meet their overall goals and objectives. I have found that when I use Jeremy's system and his easy to understand two page illustrations, the majority of the time I end up making the sale." Andrew Maisch - NJ (10 years in the business)

"How Jeremy makes my life as an agent easier. In working with Jeremy over the years, one thing truly stands out when reviewing a case with him. I shoot him the completed fact finder that sometimes I even have a hard time remembering what was most important according to the client, and not to mention additional sales to be made from problems I didn’t even consider. Jeremy calls me up to review the details and the next day or two, I have this seamless two page presentation that is a no brainer when it comes to the client saying “yes, lets do this”. I have tried to duplicate the process, however I find myself asking why? Working with Jeremy on case designs, allows me to do more of my work which is going on appointments. My suggestion is the next case you have, give him a call and see for yourself how much easier he can make your life in this business." Kevin Murray - FL (10+ years in the business)

"Jeremy, what a difference your program (Found Money Management™) and your coaching has made in my career! I struggled for about 2 years with moving from one-shot term business to IUL, annuity, and wealth management. I had plenty of factual information and instruction on wealth management. But there always seemed to be some important part of the equation missing that prevented me from actually understanding how to do it. Your coaching was the missing piece that equaled success! After taking the plunge with IPS, I couldn't be more pleased. You helped me change my business from salesperson to Trusted Advisor - and my income from "ok" to "WOW" in a matter of weeks. My future looks brighter than ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Audrey Sendrowski - MA (10 years in the business)

"Thanks Lew. When people ask, I always refer back to you. Without you, I would not have been set on this path. And, there is a LOT I would have missed. You taught me not just tactics or strategy, which can (and often does) change. You taught me how to think about financial planning. And, that has been invaluable." David Lewis, RFC - NC (10 years in the business)


"Hi Lew & Jeremy, I'm really glad you guys are in business for just the kind of support and information I need. My husband and I are working our way through the first 3 dvd's of "9 out of 10" and all I can say is " Wow" I've had good success with annuity sales over the years and now we're adding life insurance. The fact-finder is going to ramp up my results with annuities and get me on the path for success in life sales. This is just information that's not available anywhere else. I'm not sure how I've been living without it and I'm positive we will see great results. Thanks so much!" Lori Bennett, TX (21 Years in the business)

If you are looking for true insurance marketing assistance I highly recommend Lew and his family. The Insurance Pro Shop is the real deal! No games! No gimmicks! Kevin Dottenwhy, President/CEO of Dottenwhy Financial Group, LLC, WI (20 years in the business)


"Hope you are doing well. I recently joined the insurance resource centre and I must say that I've read quite some material, though, not yet done. I feel like I know more than I have known for the more than ten years that I have sold life insurance." Peter Wanderi, Kenya, East Africa (10 years in the business)

"Dear Lew & Jeremy, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help. I took your systems in life insurance and annuities and achieved top producer status. My agency was appointed as a premier financial services office for Allstate and we led the region in IPS and Production Credit and qualified for Century Club. Thank you for all you do and for being so sharing and kind. It’s rare in these times to find people of your caliber, who put ethics ahead of profits. You have my deepest gratitude."
Shaun C. Borden
, All Stars Agent, Allstate Agency Owner, FL (12 years in the business)

"Lew, I've been watching your training on prospecting. Your coaching and training are priceless!"
Derek Nelson, NY

"Thank you very much Sir, I am really getting my selling power and knowledge from you, from your blogs, from Sir Lew or from I.P.S. Although I'm a beginner in this business, I got the basics from you. Thanks that I've found you! Very grateful"
Aureo Gonzales (2 years in the business)


"Hi Lew... You have already been of great help to me. I am a member of the Insurance Pro Shop and the materials has already helped my business go to the next level. Thank You!"
Corin Parris, Certified Financial Advisor, Trinidad and Tobago (6 years in the business)

"Jeremy and his team do great work! Their strategies are client focused and field tested... give them serious consideration next time you invest in your practice."

Brandon Green
, Allstate, TX (12 years in the business)

Jeremy Nason and his team at Insurance Pro Shop have helped thousands of agents double or even triple their income, and they’ve been known throughout the industry for decades. What I like best is Jeremy’s focus on long-term, sustainable success. Not gimmicks or manipulative tactics. Just the same time–tested insurance sales and prospecting fundamentals used by top producers to this day. We’ve used IPS to train our own agents, and I refer other agents to Jeremy every day. I highly encourage you to give Jeremy a call or visit the IPS website, and check out all the programs they offer. The value they offer is over the top. They really do know their stuff, and they’re skilled at teaching it to others. 10,000 agents can’t be wrong!"
Paul Mallett - SVP/CMO at Postema Marketing Group, LLC - OH (3 years in the business)

Tony Filippone, RFC - IL,
"I fought you every step of the way, but you cared enough to fight back and now I make what most struggling advisors wish they could make. Thank you Lew and Jeremy."
Antonio Filippone, RFC, FMM - IL (21 years in the business)

"Jeremy, has truly made my 1st year in the insurance world more exciting and helped me to start my career great out the gate. I was super lucky to find a group that helps me not only understand the business, but to cultivate it in a way that is both enjoyable and fun. I feel the knowledge he has passed on to me is great for newbies and veterans. I haven't found any aspect of their mentorship that isn't spot on. Great guidance, always calls me back, always listens and makes recommendations that helps my clients, which helps me to be a better agent. Thank you so much Jeremy."
Fred Ruggles, Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation, LA
(1 year in the business)

"We were struggling to turn leads into sales. We had many potential customers and interests in our insurance plans but when it came to closing a sale it would always slip through the cracks. So we called up the Insurance Pro Shop and got the “How to Close the 9 out of 10” and let’s just say it worked miracles. Business is looking up!"
Callum Cotter -

"Thank you very much for the all the knowledge and learning that I have gotten from you. I am living in the Philippines and new in the insurance industry. I am a bookkeeper and don't have enough knowledge on selling insurance products. I found it a big challenge because the approach of selling insurance is quite different from the other tangible products. Aside from the teachings of the insurance company, that I am connected with, you have given me more than enough knowledge to reach my goals. I have applied many of your teachings in my sales process. In fact, I have sent my first newsletter to my friends and colleagues on the 13th of May. I have subscribed only for the monthly fee of USD 25. (Insurance Marketing & Sales Resource Center) Since we are in different countries with different culture and point of view, I have found some difficulty to apply some of your prospecting ways and dialogues to use with setting an appointment. But of course that is my responsibility as an agent.  You are giving me facts and information, on how to apply them is my responsibility. Overall, your IPS is great and very helpful. Thank you so much and God Bless you and your family." Anne Arce - Philippines

"I thank God for Lew's vision, and how he has groomed his son's for a family legacy. The Insurance Pro Shop (IPS) is a game changer for anyone who wants to do this business correctly, and help families achieve their financial goals and dreams. IPS empowered me with the tools and resources, and my younger cousin's life, family, and finances have been changed forever! God's blessing is on the guidance you teach and the wisdom you give. Thank You, Lew and Jeremy!"

Andrew L. Brown
, MBA - IL
(12 years in the business)

"Jeremy, I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference Insurance Pro Shop has made  in my career.  I used to be a final expense agent working 10 to 12 hours a day. I didn't think there was anything else out there. When I heard about what your program was about, and what you were teaching I decided to take a chance. I was skeptical at first, but after a few weeks of mulling it over I decided to take the plunge. It was one of the wisest decision I have ever made.  Now with the support of Insurance Pro Shop I am only working a few days a week and earning the same income.  The extra time that you have afforded me has given me the time to really study my craft and truly make a difference in my community, thank you so much."
Sam Chand
- NJ

"Your kits really work and also your coaching series is the best in town. I recall a year ago I was struggling when I called and you worked me through the process and told me this is not a quick fix. I made it to MDRT this year and this is just my third year in the business. Once again thank you."
Franklin Allakpo
- NY - New York Life (3 Years in the business)

"I purchased the "Bootcamp" DVDs (Trusted Advisor Success Training DVDs) a couple of years ago. It is the best training yet on a DVD! Thank you. I will be in touch.

Patrick T. Davis - GA (10 Years in the business)


"This may be long… but it’s sincere. Lew and Jeremy, and the entire IPS team, truly are the world-class mentoring team you are looking for! It seems like everyone else out there who is promising success in this industry, well, they’re trying to create a relationship of dependency with you… as though you won’t be successful if you are not dependent on them for the rest of your career. This is a freedom principle that is sorely lacking in the financial services "software and training industry"… until you form a relationship with the Insurance Pro Shop.

If you are looking for true training to help you to BECOME the top producer you can be, rather than just an “expensive selling system user and buyer”… you have found it with the Insurance Pro Shop. The IPS systems (actually, I’d rather call them a “method selling training program”) are based on timeless communication principles and skills… the skills that are missing from most new agent training and certification programs. And once you own one or more of their “method selling training programs”… you OWN it. It’s yours… to use with any company or agency that you choose. You are not dependent upon others for your success any longer.

For me, I 100% absolutely trust their judgment and advice. When I get “stuck” on something, I call them. And based on my trust in them, what they say… goes. End of story.

My experience with them, while unique in the industry, is not unique to me. I have recommended other struggling agents to also check out the Insurance Pro Shop… and they have also felt the sincerity and authenticity of the entire team at IPS. Everyone in this business needs mentors and coaches they can turn to, to help them get out of their own way. For me, my mentoring and coaching is from the Insurance Pro Shop. They’ll be there for you, just like they are for me." David H. Kinder, ChFC® - CA  (10 years)

"Hi there! I just want to thank Lew SO much for calling me on Tuesday and being such an encouragement! My faith in my decision to sell insurance has been restored! I also want to thank Lew for giving me the name of Brad Stewart in CA! I spoke to him today and what a wonderful conversation we had!! Brad was so encouraging and motivating!!
I may have started this venture with the wrong company but since I spoke to Lew and found Insurance Pro Shop, I think I am finally moving in the right direction!! Thank you so much!"
Sally Jo McKean
- WA

"Jeremy, I just wanted to drop a line to say that this package (Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit) far exceeds what I expected. It is so full of information and practical techniques that I am still working my way through disk one. I am a new financial advisor and insurance salesman. I find myself studying this material more than I study my new firm's marketing material, because it makes more sense to build my practice the way you guys suggest, than it does to use the firm's suggestions... AND it's a lot less expensive for a beginner like me. So, thanks for all of the info you provide in this package. I can't and won't wait to start implementing what I am learning, and will keep you guys posted on the results. Thanks a billion," Evan Blackmon - PA (1Year in the business)

"For the record the program that was purchased was very informative indeed. (Found Money Management™ Tool Kit) I went from a struggling adviser to one producing £120k in my second year of business. If you could pass the message on to Lew and the team and say that I'm just saying 'thanks for everything'."
Luke Taffetsauffer - United Kingdom (2 years
in the business

"Lew and Jeremy,  Thank you so much for all the work you have done to roll the Insurance Pro Shop out to National Annuity and Life Sales agents. Your programs and coaching made an immediate impact on our agents and we are absolutely reaping the benefits. If anybody wants to be a player in this business and really make money, they need to stop hopping from program to program and get involved with the Insurance Pro Shop to learn to be a true, trusted professional in this industry.​ It's more than just "programs". It's the teaching and coaching that shows an agent how to use them properly to get consistent results. That's what sets the Insurance Pro Shop apart from the rest. All the assets anyone needs are right here -- Call Jeremy or Lew and let them change your practice and your life. You, your family, and your clients will all profit!"
William Booser (23 years) and Tim Counts (10 year in the businesss), National Annuity and Life Sales

"Lew & Jeremy, I wanted to say thanks for all your efforts in making my business stronger and more effective. I have to tell you that, while using the tools and knowledge I’ve acquired from your training and programs, I just completed the four most successful months of my career. Working with you and Jeremy has given my business a whole new perspective. It’s exciting to see folks respond to the techniques you teach and how they can protect their families and/or plan their retirement. Thank you for making me better at helping people. It’s a pleasure learning to be successful working with you and Jeremy at the Insurance Pro Shop! P.S. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the September TAST Boot Camp."
Brad Stewart, RFC, CFLA - CA (15 years in business)

"After just reading the first page of Insurance Pro Shop Marketing 101. I learned that I need a new business card, a new tag line and new phone line. That's just from page 1. Then I asked Jeremy about Final Expense and he said stay away from it. He gave me the reasons why. He also told me never buy a lead. I learned more from him in 3 short 2 minute questions that I learned in the last six years. He has a very calming personality and helps you in any way he can. I am blessed to have come upon Insurance Pro Shop. Jeremy is a delight and never gets irritated in the slightest and always calls you back. I am very fortunate to have met him at this junction in my life and career. Thank you for giving me the direction and patience I need now."
Neal Merems
- CA
(34 years in the business)

"I made $25,953.39 in commission on an annuity sale last month and $11,285.09 on two sales this month for a total of $37,238.48. I am still working a large case for this month. I couldn't have done it without you either. It works, if you work it!" "Thanks!" 
John Young - TX  (7 years in the business)


"Lew is a great great man of our time. His knowledge base is compact beyond any conceivable doubt." John Nditu - Unit Manager at UAP INSURANCE KENYA LTD.


"I am new to the financial services industry and after a very intense search decided to go independent only to find myself confused, disappointed, and with seemingly nowhere to turn. Then I discovered the Insurance Pro Shop and things have been different ever since. Lew teaches the “slow but sure” approach to victory in this business by applying the golden principles of wisdom that have accompanied great achievers over the years. These principles can be summed up in two words: Love and Humility. Lew teaches these principles both in word and deed. Lew has a vast knowledge of insurance and financial services, has the know how to apply that knowledge with the art of a master, and brings a very positive attitude to the table. If you are in need of training and whether or not you are a novice or a seasoned veteran I highly recommend Lew Nason and the Insurance Pro Shop training. Why settle for anything less than the best training available today? Lew, and family, via the Insurance Pro Shop are making a real impact on the financial services industry. Thank you Lew!" Mark Duncan, CFLA - TN (1year in the business)


"Lew is one of those rare people that come into your professional life and makes an immediate impact. Rarely does a day go by that I don't leverage something I have learned from Lew. He's a good man and a great mentor." Paul Mallett - SVP/CMO at Postema Marketing Group, LLC - OH

"Thanks Jeremy! I spent a good three hours reading the material under the membership mini-university
(Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center) last night and I must say that I learned more last night then I have since entering the business nearly 3 years ago! I think your program will tremendously help my father and I in our business! Thanks," Bryan Grissum - MO - July 2013 (5 years in the business)

"Will, thank you so much for adding the Trusted Advisor videos to the Private Member site. (Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center) I have watched the videos several times so far. Please continue to add great videos like those to the Private Member site. Best, Ric"
Ric Komarek
, RFC®
- CA (7 years in the business)

"For some time,
follow your website (Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center) and get your newsletters. I live and work in life insurance in Poland. Some trouble to understand all of your materials. I use Google's translation, and it may not always give meaning to what conveys. Is it possible that your materials have been translated into my language? By the way - thank you for what you have received. Thanks to you, last year was my best year in terms of commission and one of the best in the sale. Yours. Thomas Ślebioda, Sorry for style, but I am writing this as I use the Google translator"
- Poland

"Lew & Jeremy - First off, I wanted to say THANK YOU. I am just at the tip of the iceberg of potential and have a lot of bad habits to 'wash out' and work on new good habits everyday. I have been following IPS for years and have bought a few of your systems over that time. Things really didn't click, or I ignored your wisdom, most likely the latter, but as financial professionals we owe it to our clients and ourselves to become that - professionals. I believe EVERYONE should buy your fact finding DVD's at a minimum. This is the foundation for working with a potential client, asking questions in order to get them to realize they have problems (some that they may not know about previously), understand those problems simply and how you can help their problems with simple solutions without discussing product. I now know when I exit my initial meeting if I did a good job of asking questions and getting the potential client to buy into concepts. If I didn't do a good job, I know what I need to work on as well. Just by getting down to the fundamentals, I have added two clients in the past two weeks with over $25k in annual life premium + $100k-200k rollover funds. This is not even discussing the other appointments I have set in the next two weeks. I have been recommending you to other agents I know who are having similar issues. Thanks Lew and Jeremy! You guys are great!
Mike Spence
, President of Wealth Building Methods, LLC
- MN (8 years in the business)

Tony Filippone, RFC - IL,"I have bought just about every system under the sun, I consider myself a system junkie. You may think I am foolish but I have learned valuable lessons from each system I bought, although they seldom work as well as they say. I bought, Dean Cipriano's, I bought Brian Kay's College Planning, Larry Klein's Annuity System, Annual Review Millions, and I am sure a few more. But the one that actually helped me double my income twice was the Found Money Management System from Lew Nason of the Insurance Pro Shop. The reason I feel this system worked so well is that it comes with coaching from Lew himself. He has been a wonderful mentor in this business. Lew, I meant every word. I am still prospering from all that I learned from you and so are my clients. Thank You!!!
Antonio Filippone, RFC, FMM - IL (19 years in the business)

"I have been working with the Insurance Pro Shop since 2006 and have used each and every one of their products since then. (For my agents and myself) If you want a chance to increase your income and become the successful agent that you want to be, then you have to be learning from the best. I truly believe Lew Nason and Jeremy Nason and their team have the tools and resources to help mold successful agents. If you aren’t learning from Lew, you aren’t learning from the best!"
Dennis Postema, RFC - Postema Marketing Group, LLC, OH (10 yrs in the business)

"Lew, I have been in the insurance and securities industry since 1965. I was a stock/broker and Life Insurance and Annuity Coordinator for E. F. Hutton for the state of North Carolina in1978. In 1981, I was president of FSC Agency (a large broker dealer in Atlanta). From 1982 to 1987, I was president and founder of Pilot Financial Services, a FINRA broker dealer. I have attended sales training for dozens of large insurance companies. You offer the best client presentation, and marketing and lead generation strategies I have ever seen. Sincerely, Your friend Steve Patterson."
Steve Patterson, RVP at Cherry Financial Partners, Ltd., NC,  (47 years in the business)

"With your systems (Mortgage Insurance Toolkit) I have written almost $10,000 premium in past 2 weeks. Great website and marketing tools." Brian Santaniello, MA (36 year in the businesss)

"Lew, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for recommending the mortgage tool kit. It has definitely helped me increase my average case size from $600 annual premium to well over $2,000 annual premium per case. Also, prior to purchasing the tool kit, I was spending over $2,000 per month on leads. I am proud to say that I have not purchased a single lead in over two months and my production is still climbing. What a life changer. I cannot thank you enough. You're truly making a difference."  David Trusler, MBA, IL, Trusler Financial Group (6 years)

"Regarding the Insurance Pro Shop, Lew and the boys are a great way that I've found to build my business. I'm better at what I do, because I'm more comfortable with people since I've become more competent in working with people. Knowing how to ask folks the right questions has opened many doors to making more sales because I can help more people. IPS is a great company to work with, and you'll like working with them as well. Bottom line... they want you to succeed and be better at what you do. No commission cuts, no contracts with insurance companies and no strings attached."
Brad Stewart, CA, Family 1st Financial Solutions  (12+ years in the business)

Charles Fish

"Lew and Jeremy, again, I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude for your dedicated passion to assist the many agents, like myself that want to help middle income America get back on track; Living Debt Free and Truly Wealthy.  I took home many new gold nuggets of information and I am excited, motivated and very focused on who, what and where I want to market." 
Charles Fish - FL
(4 years in the business)

C.C. Koo, Marketing Director, World Financial Group,"It was nice meeting with you again, after so long. The training we got was excellent. (Trusted Advisor Success Training) Everyone of my people liked it and henceforth, we are going to make sure to bring every new person that gets licensed with us. They should be taught to do the right thing from the very beginning of their career in the insurance business. As for me, I will try to come at least once a year even if I don't have a new agent. These concepts and philosophy will reinforce what I already believe, and it is the right thing to do for our clients and ourselves - it's a win-win for all."
C.C. Koo, Marketing Director, World Financial Group, Canada (10 years in the business)

"Lew, I wanted to take a moment to share with you how much you have helped me. One of the biggest difference makers in my practice is something that I learned from you, and believe it or not I had forgotten who it was that taught me. If you recall, in 2003 you and I spent time on the phone repeatedly, with you helping me to learn how to ask questions. Not rhetorical questions, but questions that enabled me to separate myself from others. This is something that is now second nature to me and it is one of the things that I am sure to teach those that I coach."

"Frankly Lew, the spirit in which you conduct your business is as important, or more important, than the tools you provided me with. I wanted you to know that in helping me you have in turn helped all the reps that I coach. Since we last spoke I have been interviewed three times by the Wall Street Journal, Registered Rep Magazine, local newspapers and I am in CPA Ed Slott's newsletter this month as his expert advisor. My practice and those that I coach have a consistent supply of ideal prospects and once in front of them I teach advisors how to eliminate the competition. You Lew are a big part of my success and those that I coach. Please accept my sincerest thanks!"
John C Neyland, CSA - LA - President, JCN Financial & Tax Advisory Group, LLC and the Founder of The Collective Momentum Program... (10 years in the business)

"In Feb of 2012 I received a call from a gentleman who watched Rodney Ballance on an interview with Lindsey Williams... he went on to research Rodney and found and then found that I was the ambassador in Minnesota for the Financial Leadership Academy. We met and I had the privilege of fixing a horrible mistake he was about to make regarding financing of his daughters college education and losing access to his money. We reorganized his savings, found options for funding his daughters education while he still gets to pay for her, found more money and reallocated to get rid of his debt and all while not having to add any more money to the pot on a monthly basis. He has control of it all.  The process took about 4 months (he travels a lot for work). This was a great experience because I have a new client due to my relationship with Rodney Ballance and I found the money using Lew Nason's (Insurance Pro Shop) presentations and asking questions training, out of the Found Money Management™ system. Every dollar spent on both these programs was bought and paid for (and more) with one case. (which I am not done with yet) Thank you for the great experience and I look forward to the great things to come."
H. Ray Alkalai,
MN (4+ years in the business)

"Dear Lew, A few days ago I attended a retirement party for some teachers I worked with during my teaching career. Since my retirement, almost eight years ago, several teachers at the school have become clients of mine. I was asked by most of them was I still in the insurance business. I bet you know how I responded to that question. My response was, "I am no longer an insurance salesman. I am now an financial adviser. Now when I meet with families, I help them to see problems that prevent them from saving for their retirement. Then I try to help them get what they want." That's about all I said, and most of the people I told that to asked me to call them to arrange a time when we could meet to discuss their situation. Lew, I went to the party to see some friends and have some fun, not to talk about my business. However, the brief time I was there proved a point you make. People want help with managing their money, but they have to feel that they can trust the person advising them. Lew, I'll be forever thankful to you for your guidance. Yours truly,"
John V. Dandridge,
(8+ years in the business)

"With over a dozen years in the financial services industry, I learned from Lew things that were never taught by any of the insurance company trainers that I’ve worked with in the past.  This hands-on “Trusted Adviser Success Training” in Branson, MO, was absolutely the BEST!  I have previously used several of the other training programs available from the Insurance Pro Shop, but the live interaction with Lew and the other attendees at this training made for a great learning experience.  Any agents or reps looking for the most exceptional training available anywhere in the financial services arena need to call Insurance Pro Shop! Again, thanks for all your efforts as well as the great time and training.  I didn't want the training sessions to end in April and now I can't wait till I'm able to join you all again for another live training.  I look forward to talking to you sometime soon."
Brad Stewart, CFLA, - CA, Family 1st Financial Solutions, (12+ years)

"Thanks Lew for making your information available. Every Financial Advisor should learn what you teach in your Trusted Advisor Success Training workshops. There are so many things I will be able to put into practice right away. I only wish I would have known all of these things years ago when I was just starting." Lane Schollenbarger, CPA - OK (20 years in the business)

"I have followed Lew Nason for 3 years, investing in almost every system and video they offer. I don't know if I would have succeeded in this business except for the systems, training and coaching offered by the Insurance Pro Shop. If I could go back 3 years, I would have attended their 'Trusted Advisor' workshop right from the beginning. What a learning experience!"
Alex Onulak, IN (4 years in the business)

"Lew, having the opportunity to come to Branson for the Trusted Advisor Success Training ranks as one of the best decisions I have ever made - in my life! The knowledge I've gained in three days is more than I learned in over eight years in the insurance business. Lew, your approach to teaching allowed me to relax and be myself. Again, thanks."
John V. Dandridge, IL (8+ years in the business)

"I had gone through your Trusted Advisor Success Training DVDs and learned a lot. But attending the live course really helped me clarify and cement the information for me. Not only that, but learning from the other attendees outside of the class, who are already using your systems, was extremely beneficial. Thanks, for taking the time to make sure we really understood the information."
Sam Bryson, CA (2 years in the business)

"The three days I spent with Lew Nason in Branson, Mo. was the most important training I have ever received. I learned more in those three days, then in any other period in my 16 year career. If I had paid twice as much, I still would have paid less than the true value of the course. I wish I would have found his course 16 years ago. The information and format of the overall Trusted Advisor Success Training was invaluable. Thanks Lew!" Michael Hill, SD (16 years in the business)

"Dear Lew, Thank You! My friend and partner Alex shared your Found Money Management™ program with me three years ago. It has definitely helped us. However, after attending your Trusted Advisor Success Training course, my ability to help families with their financial concerns has more then doubled." Wm. Lee Dillon, IN (23 years in the business)

"Hi Will, Thank You and Lew for taking the time out to speak with me and give me good advice. There are not many organizations out there today that would counsel a prospective customer to NOT purchase something.  But both you and Lew did just that in separate conversations with me (you, telling me not to buy both newsletters & 2 systems at once, and Lew also saying the same thing regarding the purchase of one of your systems, since it came with 1 on 1 coaching).  Most organizations are just looking to pad the bottom line, but you have proven that your clients come first.  A GREAT Example for ALL of us Advisors to follow.  I am looking forward to learning a lot from you all at the Insurance Pro Shop.  I can tell from the very beginning that your knowledge is vast.  From someone looking to advance  their knowledge in the insurance industry, I can tell you that your approach and company are a ‘Breath-Of-Fresh-Air’." Bob Johnson, FL

"Dear Lew, This is just a few lines to say thanks. First, you've given me tools I need to serve people as a honest and respectful professional working in the financial services industry. The Found Money Management™ kit and the Advanced Fact Fact Finding Training System will be a part of my training as long as I am in the business of helping people attain financial success. Lew, the inspiration you've given me has revived my career. Your coaching has me believing that there is no limit to what I can accomplish as a "trusted advisor", rather than as a "insurance salesman." Lastly, I'm learning that it's not about products. As you've said to me many times during your coaching, "it's about having a conversation with people to help them see their problems, and then helping them to get what THEY want to get back control of their financial freedom." Again, thanks."
John C. Dandridge, IL (8+ years in the business)

Tony Filippone, RFC - IL,"Hey Guys, Just wanted to say thank you for continuing to update me with useful information that I can share with my clients. The video you posted on "Roy's Story" (from the Financial Leadership Academy) is truly amazing. For the last 8 years I have been trying to warn my clients and prospective clients about the dangers of tying up their assets in their homes, while trying to pay off their mortgage early. I know just how dangerous this can be for people, but sometimes it is hard to really drive that point home in a way that resonates with them. Lately, I have been sharing the "Roy's Story" video with them and letting the video explain the concept for me. This has been working wonders and has led to most people getting the point quickly and appreciating the advice. The video really helps you get on the same side of the conversation, and positions you as someone who is really there to help. Not to mention, this one strategy is often the biggest idea that helps people free up the money they need to get more of the things they want and need, like emergency funds, retirement accounts and the proper amount of insurance for their families. Please keep up the good work sending me more useful tools like this one. Your information not only helps us advisors but it is saving Middle America from making some vital mistakes with their money. Thank you so much."
Antonio Filippone
, RFC, FMM - IL (18 years in the business)

"As a former agent myself (for almost 20 years) and someone who regularly talks with hundreds of agents nationwide, I think Jeremy, Will and Lew Nason's training systems and personal coaching are the absolute best investment any financial advisor can make in his or her own business - period.  Because I am certain that anyone who follows their instruction will become financially successful in this business. And if I was managing an agency today, I would insist that ALL my agents use the methods and systems offered by Insurance Pro Shop." Dan Viñal, President

"I always appreciate your coaching and a wonderful business relationship with Insurance Pro Shop. You guys are truly the best and you always are working to make my business better.  With others that I know in our business, I try to take every opportunity I have to let them know about IPS and all the great benefits that you offer.  Thanks again for all you do. Regards,"
Brad Stewart, CA, Family 1st Financial Solutions, (12+ years in the business)

"Thank You. I greatly appreciate your efforts and all you do to promote the well being of America and Americans. You are a hero that many look up to. I just received the 'Dynamite Referred Lead System' I ordered (for 20 for my best agents) online at It is truly something every agent, broker, and financial pro should have; including every sales person whatever their sales agenda be. In my next article "The Secret to making New Years Resolutions come true - Yours & Others," I will recommend all sales people add to their New Years Resolution list - Get a copy of The 'Dynamite Referred Lead System' - it will help your New Years Resolutions come true. "
Paul Cross,
IL, Founder of the Annuity National Brokerage Corp. (30+ years in the business)

"Hi Jeremy, I spoke to you last week and ordered the Found Money Management™ system. The program arrived this past Saturday and I haven't been able to put it down. I will be calling you next week for the coaching call but in the meantime THANK YOU. I feel for the first time in a long time my business is on the right path. You have given me hope again. With your program I can truly help our clients. Best Regards,"
Edward Blazo Jr
., MI (12 years in the business)

"Hi Lew, I had never seen any coaching and training system like you have. You deliver much more than what you promise. The best part is your follow-up and one-on-one coaching with you - Lew (which is so encouraging and is priceless). We will be referring our agents to you for coaching. I hope more people will make use of the unique coaching system you offer. Keep up the good work. Regards,"
Bir I. S. Grewall
- CA, Financial Advisors of America Inc. (33 years in the business)

Ted Nation, CFP"Lew Nason and his Sons are great people to work with. They take the time and ask questions to find the areas you need help. They offer advice that is tried and true. My favorite part of working with Lew and the Insurance Pro Shop is knowing you have people behind you who want you to be successful and that you are not out there alone." Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Ted Nation, CFP - FL (12 years in business)

Denise McManus Lew is truly one of the most sincere and dedicated professionals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is a true coach. Beyond his many successful years of selling, he has taught, led and coached many to greatness. Although his approach may seem simplistic in nature, it is to be taken seriously in the world of sales. It is not enough to be great in today's competitive business world. To be truly successful one must create an environment of excellence and that is exactly what Lew has achieved and what he wants for each and every one of his students to strive for. Lew gives you the tools to make it happen.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Denise McManus
PA (10 years in financial services)

Tim Porter, RFC - FLLew Nason and team are second to none. Lew teaches basics not taught elsewhere. Lew was the first person to share with me the true concepts behind financial services and how they serve my clients.” Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Tim Porter
RFC - FL (20 years in business)

"Lew, it was a pleasure speaking with you this morning. I initially thought this was a scam. I have only been in the business for less than 3 months. No one has been this helpful and willing to share their production secrets. It was refreshing to work with someone who genuinely wants to help you. I am so happy I found you at the beginning of my career!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to our next coaching session. By the way, if anyone has any doubts about your service tell them to call me."
Pamela Thompson
- TX

Tony Filippone, RFC - IL,Jeremy is an honest guy and always gives great direction and help. I always go to Jeremy when I want the correct answer to my clients problems as well as to my own marketing issues. His advise is always right on and can be counted on.”
Antonio Filippone
, RFC, FMM - IL (18 years in the business)

Lew is a great coach and mentor and really knows how to motivate and educate. His ideas are priceless and I have never spent time with Lew and not come away with a new great idea and focused direction. He can help you grow your business in a way that is good for both you and your clients.”
Antonio Filippone
RFC, FMM - IL (17 years in the business)

Mark Kanakaris, BA- GA,“I have been looking for a “magic” system for selling insurance and leads.  It doesn’t exist!  However, within about 30 days the Insurance Pro Shop’s Mortgage Protection Sales System and training has changed my practice!  This is a complete system that if applied can turn anyone’s practice around in 30 days. The simple facts are... from Jan 1/2011 – Mar 31/2011, I sold $30k in life premium.  From April 1 – 18th I sold $14K in life premium and 2 annuities for $57k.  I also had a client call me and we are working on a $300k annuity which will be the largest I have ever moved.  I have looked everywhere for a system that works, and bought a lot systems. This is the only one that really works. There are some simple truths to this  business and you cannot work around them.  The key to the selling Mortgage Protection is in showing people how to pay for the coverage the want.  I think this is a must have for any agent. It changed my life. 
Mark Kanakaris,
BA - GA, (4 Years in business)

Jeff Cody, TN, “Dear Jeremy, I'd like for you and your dad to know that the last two days were terrific and two of the best days I've had since beginning in this business simply because I'm finally starting to ‘get it’. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. The information and the coaching you've provided me has saved my career and my family's financial future. Success used to seem impossible, but after attending your boot camps, (Trusted Advisor Success Training) I now realize that I'm within an inch of becoming outrageously successful. Sincerely,”
Jeff Cody,
, (7 Years in business)

Joe Casey, TN, “Being is this business for 2 1/2 years now I know one thing is true.  There is allot - allot of BS out there!  The quest to find the right info has been hard and difficult.  Being new in the insurance business I have been on this journey to find the right fit for insurance companies, products, lines of insurance, selling, marketing, and a system to follow.  Not really knowing what’s good, bad and ugly in this business - I have been sided lined, ran over, ripped off, had success, feast or famine, tried this and that, wined and dinned by the best, etc,.  One thing I have found out on this journey.  You guys at Insurance Pro Shop tell the truth and tell both sides of the story. I just wish I would have realized that sooner. Thank You.” Joe Casey, RFC, FMM - KY (2.5 years in the business)

Jeff Cody, TN, “Dear Lew and Jeremy: I just wanted to know how much I appreciate you and how much I’ve gotten out of your systems (Found Money Management™) and boot camp (Trusted Advisor Success Training) last month. Before finding you, I was nearly out of business. I’ve been in business for seven years, and I’ve had no mentoring, coaching or guidance. I’ve just been out there trying to figure things out on my own. The week before coming to your workshop, I was on my last two prospects with no idea of what I was going to do next if I didn’t sell something soon. I was sure that I had lost them the week before coming to your workshop. I had nearly analyzed myself out of the business trying to figure out how to prospect and market myself. After attending the boot camp and applying just a few things that I learned, I took your advice and went back to those two prospects I thought I had lost. I started over with them using your fact finding techniques and at the second meeting, I closed the biggest case of my career - $42,000 plus in commissions. The clients are extremely happy, and you can imagine how my confidence is. The message I would like to send is this: Hire Lew and Jeremy as your coach!”
Jeff Cody,
, (7 Years in business)

Denise McManus, YGG Wealth Builders “Lew and Jeremy, your training is awesome! It arrived yesterday and I am through Disc 1. (Found Money Management™) I feel as if I am blessed and lucky to have landed in the right place with your team and your coaching.  I am looking forward to not just being a top producer and top income earner but to helping many families and retirees create wealth and secure their financial future.”
Denise McManus
, YGG Wealth Builders (10 years in financial services)

“I know I am not the first person to say or think this, but I wish I would have met Lew and Jeremy Nason when I started in the business 4 yrs ago. ‘Where have you guys been?’ The Mortgage Protection Toolkit is absolutely one of the most amazing, ‘for real’ products I have ever used. And, just when I thought it I couldn’t be blown away anymore, I picked up the Fact Finding DVDs.
Holy @&*/?* Batman? Unbelievable!

Interestingly enough, I started by implementing the system with my existing clients on annual reviews. However, instead of doing the talking, I started doing the listening and questioning. I noticed I didn’t have to deal with objections like price and affordability. It is amazing how these techniques work in such a simple fashion and it allows me to help the client get what they want by helping them find the money they need to do it. Now, that I have passed the ‘Wow, this really works!’ phase – the future seems brighter than ever. Again, I can’t thank you guys enough.”
Paul Leonard,
(4 Years in business)

Harmon Pye III, RFC“Dear Lew and Jeremy, I want you to know that you are right on track with your advice and training methods. No one else even comes close. The techniques you’ve taught, when applied in the field, have produced great results for me in my business. I look forward to attending many more sessions with you. Respectfully,” Harmon Pye III, RFC - GA (23 years in business)


“Lew and Jeremy Nason are the consummate PROs.” Terry Craft, CO (New advisor)

Mike Carolus, NE,

"Lew’s and Jeremy’s
ability to bring clarity and fundamental principles to the table is phenomenal. The two page presentation exemplifies the insight into this industry."
Mike Carolus,
(32 years in this business)

 Kevin Davis, NY“Many ‘experts’ claim to have the answers on how to grow your insurance business. It is nice to actually meet someone who really has the tools and strategies needed to succeed. Lew Nason is the person who truly delivers. I attended his boot camps in 2005 (Trusted Advisor Success Training) and purchased his training kits (Found Money Management™) and it was the best investment I could have made in my practice!" Kevin Davis, NY (18 years w/Northwestern Mutual)

C.C. Koo, Marketing Director, World Financial Group,“Thank you very much for the eye-opening and the best training boot camp I have attended so far. (Trusted Advisor Success Training) And also thank you very much for your hospitality. The boot camp is worth more than what we paid for and the information we got out of it is life changing. After attending, I now have no doubts about you and your system. You guys are the most honest and truthful people I have met. I wish I had attended the boot camp when I first bought your system about a year ago. (Found Money Management™) From now on I will discard all the other so-called "systems" out there and just follow your system and ingrain it into me so that it becomes a part of who I am and what I represent..."helping people to live debt free and truly wealthy". Thank you very much and hope to see you soon. Yours sincerely,” C.C. Koo, Marketing Director, World Financial Group, Canada (7 years in the business)

Tony Filippone, RFC - IL,“I truly wish every new agent out there could just spend a few months training with you and Jeremy so they would not have to go through what I went through in my early years. I can only imagine the desperate calls you must receive from struggling agents who never really learned how to perfect their marketing, especially now with all that is going on in this economy. I am so glad I not only found you, but I was humble enough to be taught by you and smart enough to stick with you even when things did not happen for me over night.  In my case it took me more than a few days to get on the right track, but the long-term benefits have been well worth it. (I know my learning curve could have been much, much shorter if I only applied your advice sooner, instead of questioning everything you told me. But it is hard not to be a skeptic when there is so much bad advice out there.) Keep on doing what you are doing Lew, and let your readers know that there are agents like me, who are loving this bad economy and are prospering. Don't get me wrong, I hate what it is doing to the good people that are being hurt by it. But I love that it is giving people a wakeup call and forcing them to look outside the box for safer alternatives that I can help them with. What a great time to be a good financial advisor, with all of the problems people are facing we have the opportunity to really help people weather this storm and we can literally pick and choose who we want to serve. What a business!”
Antonio Filippone
, RFC, FMM - IL (16 years in the business)

John Stewart - GA (P&C Agency Owner),Lew, it worked again! Friday, I had a lady call for a term policy… just enough to bury her, pay off the house and send her girls to college. She also informed me that she would only need it for ten years since the daughters will be out of the house in less than 8 years. I began to go through the fact find with her and immediately her interest began to grow. Long story short… she is coming in this evening to my office to learn about tax-free retirement. She hadn’t believed that she could have a tax-free retirement since she makes too much to qualify for a Roth! Thanks again! It’s working.”
John Stewart, FMM - GA (Allstate Agency Owner) (16 years in the business)

Bryan Schurter, RFC, CA, Lew and Jeremy, thanks again for all your help with the three retiring couples that we have been working on over the past two months.  It’s great to know that I can always count on you to find creative, helpful solutions to assist my clients.  Jeremy, you must have saved me at least a week’s worth of work over the past two months with all your help.  You guys are the best, and although I’ve told you many times before, THANK YOU!!” These three retiring couples were from the free educational workshops he has been doing for teachers, and total over $2,000,000 in annuity premiums.
Bryan Schurter
, RFC, FMM - CA (4 years in business)

Beau Henderson, RFC - GA,Lew, we have put together our 2 most successful months in a row! I took your advice and focused solely on the things that would bring revenue into my business and cut all of the things that were distracting me from that core focus. For me, that effort is primarily speaking to groups of people. We have put together back to back 30k months (commissions) and are speaking to 2-4 audiences per month. The beautiful thing is the more people we help, the more referrals and momentum we build. I’m on track to finish the year two months ahead of my personal goals.”
Beau Henderson,
RFC, FMM - GA (9 years in business)

Tony Filippone, RFC - IL,“Last year between October and December things were looking pretty bleak. I was running a little scared due to the horrible economic news. It seemed as though people were not doing anything and my business was feeling it. I even decided to scale back my operation. However, thanks to Lew’s and Jeremy’s coaching and support I was able to hang-in-there, and this year seems like it will be one of my best ever. Even during this economic downturn, I never stopped sending out my newsletters, or doing my workshops. In fact, I’ve even uncovered several free speaking engagements and I am starting to profit from those. I have stopped doing expensive dinner seminars and now I am doing much cheaper workshops at the local Library. The last one I did, I literally had to turn people away because I had more people sign up than I could fit in the room.  Not only that, but many of the people who were too scared to do anything last year called me back this year and told me they were ready. In the ten years I spent in this business before I started working with you, I can't remember anyone ever calling me back and telling me they were ready to move forward. Now, it happens all the time.” Antonio Filippone, RFC, FMM - IL (16 years in the business)

“It's been some time now since I have talked w/you, hope all is going well.  After thinking how to respond to your request, I began to realize what a permanent impact you have had on my business.  The tips and techniques that I have learned from you have become a standard in how I now work w/people.  I continue to use what I have learned from you because it works, plain and simple.”

Short Comment to Agents From Kevin… “Time tested strategies that get guaranteed results when working with Middle America, that’s what I have learned from Lew and Jeremy Nason over the years.  What has this done for me personally?  Ultimately it has recession proofed my business. Now instead of "spray and pray" for any prospect, I hand pick who I want to work with, tailoring a true financial plan that suits their exact needs. At the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for the prospect and agent.  By using Lew’s and Jeremy’s questioning, and presentations, I am able to get right to the problem, and bring the prospect to the solution. (Fact Finding DVDs) I know this seems elementary, but it is not.  When talking with a business owner that has no time for sales pitches, you better have your game face on, and know what to say that will trigger the appointment fast.  Just think of it this way…  business owners are having to do more with less.  If you can show them a plan that suits their needs, with no money out of pocket, what do you think your odds are now of closing the sale?”
Kevin Murray
, FMM - FL

Carol P. - CA “The training courses (Found Money Management™) by Insurance Pro Shop are the best I have found, because of the focus on basics that will eventually make you successful in this business. Lew and Jeremy Nason are very committed to helping agents succeed by providing real ideas and methods that are proven to work. You will walk away with more than you expected!”
Carol P.
- CA (1 year in the business)

John Stewart - GA "A while back I found the Insurance Pro Shop and signed up for their (FREE) weekly newsletters and started applying some of their techniques, and they worked. So, nine months ago, I decided to visit with them to meet Lew and Jeremy. After meeting them, I decided to purchase their Found Money Management™ System and their Fact Finding DVDs. However, with the holidays and running my P&C business, I didn't get to begin to earnestly study their materials until a few months ago, and then I attended their Found Money Management Boot Camp. In the past three months, I've sold more life insurance premiums, than I did in the previous 8 years. I've placed 12 policies with annual premiums ranging from $800 - $30,000. Their systems and training work. And, now I'm here at their Advanced Fact-Finding Techniques Sales Skills Boot Camp to learn as much as I can from them. Lew Nason has the marvelous ability to make the complicated, simple. He gives small practical helps that can only help to make your agency grow. What a mentor!” John Stewart, FMM - GA (Allstate Agency Owner) (16 years in the business)

Tim Sommers, CSA, LTCP - NJ “The Fact Finding Boot Camp was excellent. After spending just 2 days with Lew and Jeremy Nason, I now feel more comfortable than ever about interviews and fact finding with clients. I am sure that my production will increase tremendously from the wisdom Lew and Jeremy have shared.”
Tim Sommers,
CSA, LTCP - NJ (2 years in the business)

Alvin Reyes - CA, Managing Director of WFLife,"After extensive research and working for almost a year to gather all of the information and tools we needed to create our own life insurance marketing, prospecting and sales system, we stumbled upon the Insurance Pro Shop. They already have exactly what we were trying to create. It doesn't make much sense for us to spend our time and money and wait another year trying to re-invent the wheel, when they have already it done it all, and we can implement it immediately to help our 4,000 agents."
Alvin Reyes, FMM - CA, Managing Director of WFLife

Arsy Grindulo Jr. - CA, CEO of WFLife, "Most of the IMOs, agencies and agents across the country are struggling with their life insurance marketing, prospecting and sales programs in this troubled economy, especially here in hard hit California. Many of the agents and managers we work with have purchased sales systems, attended training courses with other groups and have been very dissatisfied with the overall sales results. Our primary objective is to enhance our agents' business opportunities and professional development by providing them with the intensive marketing, prospecting and sales training they need, and then giving them the very best in broker support. That is why we've associated ourselves with Lew and Jeremy Nason, of the Insurance Pro Shop. They have put together a comprehensive life insurance marketing and sales system and training program that if studied and followed has already proven to produce consistent positive results. It gets back to the real basics and keeps it simple, so that no matter what the agents experience level, they will succeed."
Arsy Grindulo Jr., FMM - CA, CEO of WFLife

Beau Henderson, RFC - GA “Lew has the unique ability, as a teacher and a coach, to break down selling concepts into easy to understand and implement steps. He gives his students skills that can have an immediate impact on their businesses. The biggest reason I recommend Lew is because he truly cares about his students, and will go the extra mile to help them become more successful advisors/agents.”
Beau Henderson,
RFC - GA (9 years in business)

Bryan Schurter, RFC, CA, “Lew & Jeremy, It’s been a little over a year now since I first found you on the Internet and ordered the Found Money Management™ Advanced Life Insurance Tool Kit, and 10 months since I attended my first Boot Camp... (Trusted Advisor Success Training) and WOW has my life and business transformed. You two make a fantastic team, and it is directly because of the two of you that my business has boomed... YES, even in “this economy” we so often hear. I am now able to help more clients than ever before. I am now doing for clients what I hoped I would do when I first got into this business... and that is make a positive difference. Without a doubt in my mind, after taking my recommendations (that I learned through you), my clients leave my office better off financially than they were before. It is through your ongoing support and training that I attribute 90% of what I now know in this business. You have been such a great support team to me that I could never thank you enough. I still can’t believe how amazingly helpful and concerned you are about my success. The time you have taken to train, educate, and teach me has been invaluable. It would have taken a decade of training on my own to get the knowledge and expertise I have learned from you in just ONE year. You two are the “real deal.” You truly care and you truly want to help make us better informed so that we can better serve our clients and prospects. Thank you so much for all you do for me and my business. With as much as I talk about the two of you at home, I sometimes think my wife gets sick of me saying, “you know what Jeremy and Lew told me today………….” If any agent is seeking REAL help and training, they won’t find a better team of caring, supportive, and knowledgeable people than they will through the two of you. MAKE IT A GREAT DAY GUYS!!!”
Bryan Schurter
, FMM, RFC - CA (5 years in this business)

Tony Brazeal, RFC, RFP, MDRT - TXI am finishing my finest personal production year ever, and that is directly attributable to the change in marketing efforts I have instituted since meeting Lew and Jeremy. (7/2008) After 25-years in this business I guess I have proven that you can teach new tricks to an "old dog."
Tony Brazeal
, RFC, RFP, FMM, MDRT - TX (25 years in business) President, Pathfinder Group, LLC a national brokerage agency

Lew and Jeremy, Again....thank you for everything.... I feel so much better informed, educated, and knowledgeable than ever before. I am also excited about reaching my goal of submitting a minimum of $30,000/mo. each month in 2009! Thanks to you guys, I know it's going to happen. Have a great day!”
Bryan Schurter, RFC, CA (4 years in business)

Bryan Schurter, RFC, CA, "Lew and Jeremy, Thank you so much for everything. I don’t know where or how to begin to thank you for all you have done for me. As you know, I have been in this business for 4 years. I was working with another advisor in his office, and have had an average amount of success in helping people. Last year, when I began to work on my own, I knew I needed additional training, knowledge, and support in order to help more people, and to become an excellent advisor. Finding the two of you, and working with the two of you, was the best thing that could have ever happened to me and my clients. I have learned more from the two of you in 3 months than I did in 3 years working with the other advisor in his office (and you are all the way across the country)."

"After doing my first workshop at the end of September, and after getting back in touch with my current clients (through your newsletters) I have submitted over $30,000 of life business…. IN JUST ONE MONTH! Although the additional income is nice, without a doubt, the best part of your whole system is the simplicity in helping clients. I finally feel that I am offering clients more than just retirement planning. I know that my clients will be better off after meeting with me than they were before. Your system (Found Money Management™) is so easy to understand, to explain to clients, and to implement, that it’s almost ridiculous. I am so glad I found you when I did, so early in my career. I look forward to many years of working with the two of you! Thanks Again!"
Bryan Schurter
, RFC, CA (4 years in business)

“Dear Lew, I wanted to personally write to thank you for your emails and advice. I work in the UK and have been in protection sales for 20 years. We need exactly the sort of messages you are giving on a weekly basis over here. The UK is going through very similar pressures as the US, but just some 12-18 months behind. On the back of much of the info you have sent me I have put together a Back to Business Seminar which has attracted many advisers. I really feel that the UK has lost its sales focus, and many advisers are now just order takers. Part of my message is that those who reengineer their business's and focus on existing client banks will win. The UK is on the drug of indemnity commission and I believe it needs to be weaned off it. The trouble is when all you earning are made up front, what is the incentive to keep in touch with your client. Very little. If earnings on the policy sold keep dripping in over the full term you have much more incentive to review and continue to help your client. Anyway - I do appreciate your constant stream of excellent messages. With thanks.”
Andy Walton, National Account Manager (Protection) Aegon Company, UK

Dick Dorrough, CO, “This class (Advanced Fact Finding Techniques) has met all of my expectations. The material was concise. The delivery by Lew was relaxed. The help from Jeremy completed the experience. Even though I have not known Lew very long, I can see that he can help me in ways that I can’t even see now. I have a starting point to turn my business around. He pointed out the obvious, (I have a large client base to go to). I do have many good practices and some bad ones. I can now see which ones that I want to foster and which ones I don’t want to continue. I’m sure, like they say in the movies, “I’ll be back!” Dick Dorrough, CO (13 years in the business)

“You guys are a real pleasure to do business with. You are always beyond courteous and helpful; and, as this email shows, prompt to fix any small mishaps. No matter the situation, I always feel like I am talking to friends when I call you, and this is rare enough in any business that it deserves to be noticed and appreciated. Thank you for your help,” Jean-Marc Bouche, CA

Lew Nason’s Fact Finding approach to selling life insurance, eliminating debt, and accumulating wealth is exactly what I’ve been looking for to help my clients. Whether you have been in the life insurance business for five (5) days, or fifty (50) years, I would strongly suggest everyone spend some time with Lew and Jeremy Nason to advance their talents, increase their earnings, and provide a better lifestyle.” Terry Bialek, Canada (30 years in the business)

“I would recommend this class (Advanced Fact Finding Techniques) to any and all agents. I think it creates great value in serving the clients needs. I think the Nason’s dedication will create wealthy agents and be a silent partner in creating wealthy families for years to come.”
Joe Casey
RFC, FMM - KY (1 years in the business)


“You are a blessing to all agents, new and/or seasoned. Thank you for showing the way.”
Curtis T.
Fort Worth, TX

“The Advanced Fact Finding Techniques from the Insurance Pro Shop is an ‘Eye Opener’ and should be a mandatory qualification coarse for all Planners. Clients deserve only the best. You’ll save 5 or more years of trial and error. It’s a very thorough, simple effective approach. For those that are truly serious about becoming the best and willing to listen, this course is a must. If you want to become the best, you have to learn from the best.”
John Doyle, VA (New to the business)

“I found you recent newsletter (Make Your Life Insurance Sales Career… ‘Recession Proof’) to be a very powerful reminder of what our true mission is. Serve the working middle class, through good and not so good times. A lot of the other insurance programs have great marketing hooks and state of the art software, however they can leave you stranded in a bad patch when the market is less than to be desired. At the end of the day what would an advisor want, a process that works great some of the time or a tried and true program that works day in day out through thick and thin, all the time. I will take ‘recession proof’ every time.” Kevin Murray, FL (Found Money Manager since April 2006)

Rusty Carlson, Life Sales Consultant, x
“We work with agents and I do recommend resources to them. I purchased the Found Money Management™ system from you guys about 2 years ago and love it.”
Rusty Carlson
Life Sales Consultant, American Financial Marketing, LLC., MN

Antonio Filippone, RFC - IL
“My recent case for my college planning client made me realize the importance of something Lew has been teaching me for years. Clients don't want to understand, they want to be understood.’ As I sat and listened to this client he told me why he wants to do business with me. The one thing that stood out in his mind was the first page of the three page plan you taught me to use, where I simply repeated back his and his wife’s concerns. He was so impressed that I actually listened. And, because his ideas were important enough for me to write down, he knew that I heard him loud and clear. And, he knew that I would take into consideration all of his concerns, when making my recommendations. Using Lew’s wonderful process I was able to build trust that caused this client to take massive action in a short amount of time. In fact this client had to go home and think about it all, but he called me back to move forward. What a difference in the way I now transact business thanks to all of you at the Insurance Pro Shop.” “One last thing, Jeremy thank you for setting a fine example of how to treat a client. I really appreciate the way you prepare spreadsheets for me. I know how much work that takes. And, the most amazing part, that sets you apart from all of the rest, is that you guys never seem all that concerned weather I put the business with you or not. I know you would like my business, but you put my needs first and help me regardless of where this one case might land. You have truly earned my complete trust. I have told my wife if anything every happens to me that she should call you to know what to do with the money, so she can continue taking care of my family without me. I wouldn't trust any other advisors or GA's to do that. Thank you guys, (All of you) for helping me hang in this sometimes tough business. I really appreciate you all. Thank you.”
Antonio Filippone
, RFC, FMM - IL (15 years in the business)

“Since I started reading and keeping your articles in my journal, although I am in the Philippines and most of your examples are based in the US, I have really learned lots of things and I would like to thank you for that! I have been in the life industry for the past three years, though it has been a struggling experience since I didn’t really have a focus on this career. With the recent articles you have sent, I was really blessed and the information you have shared really improved my way of dealing with prospects. Yet I have to admit that I have to learn and practice more...” “Please continue to give articles that can help the many other starting agents like me to boost our confidence to go on with this noble career.”  Arnold Acebuche, Davao City, Philippines

“Agents today have no real training, no mentors, and by offering this type of service you are doing them a real favor. Anyone who does not take advantage of your information is silly if they are to remain in this business.”
Roger Craig
LUTCF, Licensed Agent since 1965 (43 years in the business)

Robert Dupuis, Allstate Agency Owner, TX Lew, I recently purchased your Advanced Fact Finding Video... I have been on two interviews so far and used the methods you described. It was surprising how the folks opened-up. Not only were their defenses totally down, but they actually stated that they liked the low-pressure approach and questioning process to find out what their needs/concerns were before they were asked to buy anything. In both cases the customer actually told me what they were going to buy... By the way, I am going to recommend that you contact Allstate's Financial Specialist Manger, so you can help them with their sales efforts. They have spent a ton of money on similar programs, but in my humble opinion, what you offer is much better. Feel free to drop my name.”
Robert Dupuis
Allstate Agency Owner, TX

"Dear Mr. Cato, I met you at Lew Nason's home recently during his (Found Money Management™) training program. Somehow I missed finding out how to stay in touch with you and discovered just now how available you are. It was a joy to be among some of the best that this industry produces - men of character and conviction. You are among the reasons I joined this business almost 11 years ago, and had forgotten, to be truthful, that such men and women still roam the earth. I needed Lew's shot in the arm and I deeply needed to know that character still matters and can be found. On my return from the trip I have met with my business partners- a mortgage broker and a realtor- and have decided to jointly build a venture that will alter our lives as well as those of many, many others. You might recall a line from The Gladiator in which Maximus instructs a subordinate to "unleash Hell." Our plan is to ‘unleash certainty.’ Thank you for your kindness and your approachability last week. You are an amazing man and it is my delight to have met you."
Tom Dodd
FMM, Venice FL

John Guntkowski, RFC, CSA - FL,“I must say that as a Financial Consultant with a securities license, I admit I was a bit apprehensive in getting your material. But I did purchase the Advanced Fact Finding Techniques Video, which in turn convinced me to get involved with your personal coaching and the members only site. For the amount of money I spent, for the amount of such useful information, it is just incredible. I have logged hours, upon hours, of reading of such priceless, quality and helpful material on just about every aspect of the business imaginable. I have done Annuity Seminars for about a year now with marginal results. After applying what I have learned from you in just a few short weeks, I not only improved the quality of my existing seminar, but the appointments I have made from the seminars have become much stronger. Potential clients come into my office, ready for me to help them. Gone was the skeptical attitude of, OK, what can you do for me? Replaced by, do you think you could help me too? Plus, they brought in all their statements, 1040 forms, old annuities, life insurance policies and long term care policies as well. Also, after just a few of your coaching sessions, which I highly recommend, have helped me put all of this together very quickly. Your smooth and simple, yet thorough approach to your Advanced Questioning Techniques, have not only helped me improve my questioning, but makes interviews exciting as well as rewarding. Thank You.”
John Guntkowski, RFC, CSA - FL (20 years in business)

Rhona C. Porter, RFC, MSM - CA,“By far the most beneficial part of the Found Money Management™ Boot Camp was exposure to ‘Lew Live’ which probably never can be reduced to ink on paper in a manual. Hearing the spontaneous flow of question asking - - the progressive sequencing of one question right after another - guiding the client to discover/identify their own pain, to have them state it, not me, is invaluable!” Rhona C. Porter, RFC, MSM - CA (3 years in the business)

“Lew is one of the most genuinely kind and interested person in truly helping people I have ever met. He is making a real difference in the lives of his clients and associates in the industry by teaching them to get down to the basics of human communications and needs selling.” “The fact finding, 5-minute presentations and 2-page presentations are all invaluable! I really appreciate your helpfulness, philosophy and ethical, non-greedy approach.”
Kevin McKinney
, CA

Jennifer Lowery, Senior Marketing Consultant, FL,“I have been a part of the ‘Found Money Management’ boot camps since the very beginning and I can’t begin to tell you what a big believer I am in the program. I have seen advisors change their entire practices (and their income brackets) using the tools they learn from Lew and his team. Found Money Management™ is the best system out there for reaching Middle America and is a priceless resource for advisors looking to move away from the senior market.”
Jennifer Lowery
, Senior Marketing Consultant, FL - Response Mail Express

“The Found Money Management™ Boot Camp provides Powerful Techniques, Advice and Information for financial advisors, but more importantly for clients. The Simplistic nature of the program is the best part! Lew and the gang are a true credit to the industry!”
Ryan Miller

Brian Gibbs, FMM, RFC (Missed Fortune TEAM Member), CA,“Lew is one of the most genuinely kind and interested person in truly helping people I have met. He is making a real difference in the lives of his clients and associates in the industry by teaching them to get down to the basics of human communications and needs selling.”
Brian Gibbs, FMM, RFC (Missed Fortune TEAM Member), CA (27 years in the business)


Rhona C. Porter, RFC, MSM - CA,“Sometimes the change we seek is right under our nose. Where it’s hardest to see. Hidden from view because our success can fool us into thinking we “already know”. Like how to listen. R-e-a-l-l-y listen. Not to be confused with the absence of talking! That and Lew’s mastery of the art of question asking are an indispensable part of unearthing a client’s real needs and wants. Go there! Get connected to the INSURANCE PRO SHOP and revitalize your business and yourself.”
Rhona C. Porter
RFC, MSM - CA (3 years in the business)

Tony Filippone, RFC - IL,“Personally, I have been in the financial services industry for about 13 years and I have only been receiving coaching from Lew in the last 3... Some of Lew's coaching may at times come across as, “oh I knew that”, or “yeah, yeah I could do that, but that’s not what I want to do.” Do not dismiss what this man has to say. He knows from years of experience what he is talking about. He can lead you to the easiest and least expensive way to literally explode your production. Listen, Listen, Listen and shorten your learning curve. If Lew tells you to do something, at least try it. If you don't get the results you were expecting call him, tweak it and try it some more. You will not be disappointed.”
Tony Filippone
RFC - IL (13 years in the business)

Mark Davis, ChFC, RFC - FL,“Thank you for the dynamic, simple principles you shared with me and others at the Found Money Management Boot Camp two weeks ago. Yesterday I made my first calls to share the FMM principles with an existing client, a referral, and a friend at a property and casualty agency I refer business to here in town. And, I’m batting three for three because I used the questioning techniques you taught me.” Mark Davis, ChFC, RFC - FL

“I started with Lew roughly two years ago. He has helped me tremendously with his phone coaching. I was able to give him information about my prospects and clients, so that he would give me the CORRECT questions to ask them, to lead them to the sale… my business has grown significantly because of his help with the right questions as well as helping me put together some simple marketing techniques that go a long way. Lew truly helps you have that slight edge.”
Joseph F.,
RIA - NJ (with a National Bank)

“Thanks. Further to my interesting conversation with Lew I would like to say how great your site is. I purchased the mortgage insurance sales system which my sales guys have used and their production rose an average 40%. This is my 36th year in the Life Assurance Business and I've not come across better. With the help of your site, people can achieve goals. I look forward to receiving the Advanced Life Insurance Sales Kit.”
Silvano Deblasi
- United Kingdom
(36 years in the business)

Randy Delph, RFC, LUTCF - IN, “Thanks for everything. I’ve written over $270,000 of life premiums in the past two months since attending the boot camp in December. Freedom Equity Group has asked me to do a teleconference to explain how I’ve accomplished this dramatic increase in my business. I’ll be recommending your system and your boot camp to everyone on the call.”
Randy Delph, RFC, FMM, LUTCF - IN (35 years in the business)

 Jeff Taylor - MI,“I ordered the Found Money Management™ advanced life insurance sales tool kit and wow!!!… I wish I had this information years ago. I don’t know why the industry does not provide this type of material to someone immediately after getting their license? It’s not surprising seeing so many agents, good people fail in this business who just don’t have a system like yours that works.”
Jeff Taylor
- MI
(14 Years in the business)

Ron Fara, RFC, RIA - IL,
“Lew’s coaching and system has helped my practice immensely! Learning from Lew on how to ask questions the right way, helped me close $16,800 in commissions in 2 weeks! Thanks Lew!”
Ron Fara,
RFC, RIA - IL (19 years in the business)

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