Monthly Client Newsletters For Insurance Agents & Advisors

The only Insurance agents’ monthly client newsletter that comes in three formats for maximum benefit!

Monthly Client Newsletters For Insurance Agents & AdvisorsA personalized monthly Client Newsletter is a crucial step that every insurance agent and advisor should take to ensure their long-term success! Because ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is a deadly mistake for you! Your Client Newsletter (for insurance agents) is what will make you stand out from your competition! Because you are the one person that is always there for them!

Do you want your prospective clients, friends, and family to remember to call you when they have questions or need help? Or do you want them to call your competition? Do you want to get repeat sales and referrals from your current clients? Do you want your family and friends to do business with you? Then your personalized monthly Client Newsletter (for Agents) is one of the best tools for you to increase your bottom line.

Important Note: The canned insurance agent client newsletter you get from your company promotes them… NOT you! The best newsletter gives them advice on how you can help the client secure their financial future! 

Why are personalized insurance agent newsletters for clients so effective?

  • Give your prospective clients a warm introduction to how you can help them.
  • Help your prospective clients see you as the expert.
  • Extremely effective for Cross-selling and Referrals.
  • Keep your name in front of them, so when they are ready, they will call you instead of your competition.
  • Gives your clients another opportunity to share with their friends about you.
  • Increases client satisfaction by staying in touch with them and showing them that you care.
  • Finally, the best reason to use a monthly client newsletter is to get repeat sales and referrals!

What makes our insurance agent newsletters for clients so much better?

We have been training and coaching insurance agents and advisors for over 4 decades on how to help your clients! So you will significantly grow their sales. All of the client newsletter articles are written by us, experts in the insurance agent industry. They are written so that people will see you as the expert they need and want to talk to.  Our monthly insurance agent newsletters for clients are not product-specific. So they will be compliance-approved. They focus on the problems people face so that people want to meet with you.

PLUS, all of our insurance agents’ monthly client newsletters are the only newsletter that comes in three formats! So you can use them in many ways!

  • Format 1: Word/PDF File:  Traditional hard copy insurance agent newsletters for clients so you can print as many as you want. Then you can display them in your office, hand them out at events, and mail them to your clients.
  • Format 2: HTML Coded.  Our Insurance agent client newsletter is fully coded HTML, so you can put it into your preferred e-mail sender as the body of your e-mail. NO ATTACHMENTS! To have a sample e-mail sent to you fill out this form here.
  • Format 3: We host the digital version of the insurance agent client newsletter for you on our dedicated server. This allows you to post it on your favorite social media, blog, or website. Click here for a sample of one of these pages:

We do all the work for you! We write the articles and FULLY CUSTOMIZE the insurance client newsletter with your agent information, so it looks like you wrote it. (Of course, you are free to edit them to your liking)

We have two markets for you to choose from: ages 30-55 and 55+. (You are free to swap between them each month)

Sample Client Newsletters For Insurance Agents:

Senior Newsletter Sample

Pre-Retiree Newsletter Sample

What’s the bottom line?

No Set-up Fees! $79.95/month… No Commitment, Cancel anytime.

Order Monthly Client Newsletter

You will be locked in at $79.95 per month no matter what we charge in the future!

We also include a FREE E-book to help you get the most out of your monthly insurance agent client newsletter! Because most agents and advisors have the wrong impression of what insurance newsletters for clients are supposed to do and how to use them. So consequently most agents get very little value from them.

Important Message From Marketing Guru Dan Kenedy…

“Please Listen up: if you are not arriving at your clients’ and prospects’ desks or doorsteps by mail (not e-mail) with a client newsletter or similar piece… you have no fence around your herd; no foundation for asking for a response to specific offers. Recently a client showed me two virtually identical direct mail campaigns for two almost identical businesses, each to the same number of customers. One got a great response; the other got a nominal response.”

“The difference: The one that got a great response, mails a monthly client newsletter to those customers; the one who got disappointing results does not. So one who shows up regularly to say “hi, how ya doing?” as a foundation. Thus he is more welcome when occasionally dropping by to say “Hey, buy this”. The other one only shows up when he wants to sell you something.”

Testimonials from Top Insurance Agents who use our client newsletters! Each of these agents makes over $250K Per Year!

Nick Royer, RFC & Jerry Royer, RFC - About Our Monthly Client Newsletters For Insurance Agents & Advisors“If you want to brand yourself as the financial advisor of choice in your area, then you definitely need to be sending out monthly client newsletters to all your clients and prospects. It gives you credibility and professionalism, while keeping you and your company fresh in their minds. People may not be ready to do business with you when you want them to. But when they are ready they will look to you, because you kept in touch. The newsletters that the Insurance Pro Shop offers are top notch and will help add loads of money to your bottom-line. We personally get business every month from sending these newsletters.” Nick Royer, RFC & Jerry Royer, RFC (5 years in the business)

Tony Fillipone - About Our Monthly Client Newsletters For Insurance Agents & AdvisorsBy the way Lew I just made $3,000 from one existing client and another $3,000 with a referral who we also have plans to move additional money for next month when I will make another $4,000. I am telling you this because I honestly feel that I would not have made these sales without your client newsletters. The best part is both of these clients called me!” Antonio Filippone, RFC – IL (15 years in the business)

Phil Caladra - About Our Monthly Client Newsletters For Insurance Agents & Advisors“After only six months I was getting new clients from referrals. Two cases I thought I had lost, called me back to follow through on my recommendations. And, many of the people I knew, that I didn’t feel comfortable approaching initially (friends, family and church members), were calling me to find out more about what I was doing.” Phil Calandra, RFC – GA (2 years in the business)

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