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Learn To Ask Insurance Prospects Short Questions – To Sell A Lot More Life Insurance!

5/6/2019… Do you want to sell more life insurance in the next 30 days? Then you must learn to talk less… and listen more! Do you want to learn more about what your prospects really want? Then you will need to ask short questions that truly engage your insurance prospects. However, this does not mean you need to develop a complex or formal set of insurance questions.

The best sales idea is for you to just ask insurance prospects short questions. Because long questions tend to result in short answers. Usually a YES or a NO. While short questions will generally result in long answers from your insurance prospects.

An example of a great short question to ask insurance prospects is… “Why?” or “How?” There is no better follow-up question that you can ask after the prospect has shared some information with you.

Consider how your insurance prospects would respond to other short questions examples, like… “How do you feel about that?” or “Could you explain it to me?” These shorter questions tend to get a more detailed response from insurance prospects. And that is what you want… if you want to sell more life insurance?

On the other hand, asking a long complex question often tends to confuse insurance prospects. Because they are not sure what you are looking for… or how you want them to respond.

It is a proven fact that we humans generally remember only a little of what we are told (10-25% according to various studies); more of what we say (40-70%); even more of what we discuss (60-80%); and the most of what we do (as much as 90%).

Well, there is not a lot of “do” in a conversation. But, when your prospects ‘do’ most of the talking, then they will remember what was covered. Do you want your prospects to remember your conversations so you sell more life insurance in 30 days? Then ask your insurance prospects short questions. So they will ‘do’ most of the talking.

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