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10 Simple Life Insurance Sales Strategies To Close More Sales! 

3/4/2019… Dear Friends, Over the years there have been numerous surveys concerning the honesty and ethical conduct of business professionals. As you are probably well aware Insurance agents and car salespeople are consistently ranked at the bottom of the list in these surveys. However, you can change people’s perceptions of your world and your community! When you learn these 10 simple life insurance sales strategies – you will close more sales.

These are the simple life insurance sales strategies that will have your prospects thinking differently about you. And, then you will quickly become the trusted advisor people want to see! So you will consistently close more and much larger life insurance and annuity sales in the next 30 days. And you will also get more repeat sales and more referrals!

But, only if you’ll follow these 10 simple sales strategies to close more life insurance sales:

1. Resist the temptation to talk about yourself.
During the first few minutes, you are meeting with a prospect whether it’s in an elevator, at your workshop, or during the initial fact-finding meeting. Resist the temptation to talk about yourself, your insurance products, or services. No one cares how great you are until they understand how great you think they are! Ask questions to get them to talk about themselves and what they really need and want. Resist the temptation to throw out any “sales pitches” about your product or service. At this point, what could you possibly talk about? You have no idea how or if you can help them!

2. “Telling is not selling!” 
If you tell the prospect something, they may or may not believe you. Remember, in their eyes, you are just another insurance agent trying to make a sale! So, do you want to sell most of the people you meet with? Then you have to get your prospects to “tell themselves” what’s important to them and their family. To do this, you need to get fascinated with your prospect; you need to ask questions with no hidden agenda or ulterior motives.

Simple life insurance sales strategies – Make It All About Them!

3. Pretend you’re on a first date with your prospect. 
Get curious about your prospect. Ask about their dreams, concerns, and problems. The more you get them to talk about their dreams, concerns, and problems then the more important they become to them. And the more they will want to find a solution. Then ask, what insurance products and services are they already using? How did they happen to choose that product or service? Are they happy? Is it too expensive, not reliable enough? Find out what they really want. If not from you, then perhaps from someone you could recommend.

4. Listen… Pay close attention to what your prospect is and is not saying.
Most insurance agents are so concerned about what they are going to say next. That they forget that another human is being involved in the conversation.

Life insurance sales strategies – Keep It Simple! 

5. Speak to your prospects as you would speak to your family or friends.
This is not the time for you to switch into the “insurance sales mode” with heavy-handed persuasion techniques. Speak normally, like you do when you are around your friends and loved ones. Keep it simple. Do not try to impress people. And, do not use technical jargon.

“If you speak at sixth grade level, then even the college professors will understand you!” Zig Ziglar

6. If you’re asked a question, answer it briefly and then move on. 
This is not about you or your knowledge. It is about whether you are right for them. The more you tell them, then the more questions they will have. So, keep your answers simple!

7. Assess their needs and wants before you talk about what you are offering!
Only after you’ve correctly assessed the needs and wants of your prospect do you mention anything about what you’re offering. Again, keep it simple. Do not try to impress people. And, do not use technical jargon.

8. Refrain from delivering the three-hour product seminar. 
Do not ramble on and on about the features and benefits of your insurance product that have no bearing on anything your prospect has told you. Pick a handful of benefits you think could help with your prospect’s particular situation. And then tell him/her about them. And if possible, reiterate the benefits in their own words, not yours.

The Final Two Simple Life Insurance Sales Strategies to Close More Sales! 

9. Ask the prospect if there are any barriers to them taking the next logical step?
After having gone through the first eight ‘Simple Life Insurance Sales Strategies’, you should have a good understanding of your prospect’s needs and wants concerning your product or service. Knowing this, and having established a mutual feeling of trust and rapport you are now ready to bridge the gap between your prospect’s needs and wants and what you’re offering. You are now ready to…

10. Invite your prospect to take some kind of action.
When you learn and use the previous nine ‘Simple Life Insurance Sales Strategies’ you will obliterate the need for any of the “101 closing techniques” you have learned. Because the ball is now placed on the prospect’s court. Using a “closing technique” keeps the ball in your court and puts the focus on you, the insurance agent. You do not want the focus to be on you. And, you do not want the prospect to be reminded that he or she is dealing with a “salesperson.” You are NOT a “salesperson,” you are an advisor helping your prospects and clients to solve their problems by offering a particular product or service.

The Bottom Line… 

Do you want more people to buy from you? Do you want to make it easier to close more life insurance and annuity sales? Then you must get people emotionally involved! People buy for many reasons, but they all boil down to avoiding pain or gaining pleasure, which is an emotion! So, do you want to get people emotionally involved? Then you must ask open-ended questions! So, they will see and understand the dreams, concerns, and problems they have. The more emotionally involved people are in the sales process, then the more likely they are to take action.

When will you learn and follow these 10 simple life insurance sales strategies? So you can easily double and triple your life insurance and annuity sales in the next 30 days!

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