How To Close More Insurance Sales – Help Your Prospects To Insurance Buy!

Close Insurance Sales - Get Your Prospects To Buy!

How good are you at closing your insurance sales? How many insurance prospects do you sit down with each week? Of those, how many insurance sales are you able to close…20%… 50%… 90%?  Do you know, the agents and advisors we work with close 80% to 95% of their insurance sales?  Does that seem impossible to you?  It is not!  Consider, there are only three reasons your insurance prospect will not buy from you. Do you want to know what they are? And how you can prevent them before they happen.  So you can help insurance prospects do nothing else except buy.

Those 3 reasons are… it is not what they are looking forthey cannot afford it… or they do not understand it.  You could simplify it by saying… there is no want…. no money… and/or no trust.  Every single prospect that you did not close insurance sales with is because of one of these three reasons. So if you want to close more insurance sales! Then you must overcome these 3 problems! You must help your insurance prospects to buy!

How To Close More Insurance Sales – Give Your Prospects What They Want!

The first step… Do you want to close insurance sales with 90% of your Insurance prospects? Then you must give them what they want.  Notice I said ‘want’ and not what they ‘need’.  People buy what they want regardless of whether it is something they need. One example of this is cell phones. Look at the cell phones people carry. Do you see everyone using a flip phone or the brand new ‘Smartphone’? Do they need the latest phone? No! But it is what they wanted!

Consider another example, let’s say I am overweight.  I know that it is unhealthy and realize that I need to lose some pounds.  Does that mean I am going to lose weight?  No, I won’t lose weight until I want to and put forth the effort to do so.  I like using this example because it not only shows the difference between a want and a need, but it shows the relationship between them.

The want is what we are looking to develop in our prospects! And the easiest way to generate a want is to ask the right questions. To have a discussion about what they need.  So how do you find the need? You find the need by asking the right questions to find a problem. Then by discussing the need you will get them to want to take action. Notice I said ‘discussion’ and not ‘explaining’You can’t tell them they have a need/problem you have to help them see it.  You have to ask the right questions to get them thinking and realize there is a problem. So you help your insurance prospect to want to buy. Needs (or problems) turn into wants… which will turn into you closing more insurance sales today.  

Help Your Prospects To Find The Money To Buy Insurance!

The second step… If you want to close insurance sales with 90% of your clients, then you must overcome the money objection.  We have all heard it before.  “I want to, but I just do not have the money,” “I can’t afford it,” or some other version of this phrase.  We are living in tough times.  Everyone has a whole list of different financial priorities they are working towards solving. However, they have a very limited budget to do it.  Because there usually isn’t anything left after paying credit card debt, college funding, retirement, and regular bills. So how do you fix this issue? Help your prospects find the money so they can afford your recommendations and will buy.  Help them pay off their debt, reduce interest rates, find the money they are spending unnecessarily, and put it best to work for them.

What is more amazing is that when you make your insurance prospect really want something – then they will help you to find the money to buy it! Which will make it easy to close a lot more insurance sales!

Build Your Insurance Prospect’s Trust, To Help Them Want To Buy!

The last step… If you want to close insurance sales with 90% of your clients… then it has to be something they understand. Your insurance prospects are afraid of doing the wrong thing. If your prospect becomes confused at all… they will not take action! The best way to close insurance sales is for you to build your prospect’s trust. Show them you are on their side and you want to help them to succeed. To build trust, you have to convey your points in a simple way and help them understand.  What does your presentation consist of?  Is it a complex set of numbers and illustrations?  Are you hard-selling your prospects?  Or is your sales presentation laid out in an easy-to-understand format? Build your insurance prospects’ trust to help them to buy!

When Will You Learn How To Help Your Prospects To Buy Insurance? 

So, let me ask you, are you struggling with any or all of these things?  Do you know how to ask the right questions to help your insurance prospects want to take action and buy? And then do you know how to help them find the money without sacrificing their lifestyle?  Do you have a simple 2-page presentation that is easy for your prospect to understand?

Finally, do you want to close insurance sales with 90% or more of the insurance prospects you talk to? Do you want to close more and larger insurance sales? How much better off would you be? All of these topics and more are covered in our How to Close 9 Out Of 10 Sales Training! Plus you will receive 3 months of coaching to properly implement the changes! And you have our 90-Day money-back guarantee that it will work!

Learn To Ask Your Prospects The Right Sales Questions To Close Insurance Sales Today!

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