Using Annuity Products To Really Help Your Clients!

Using Annuity Products To Really Help Your Clients!

There is a lot more to using your annuity products to help clients than just for tax deferral or reducing income taxes! How can you help your clients, if you do not understand how to use your annuity products to really help the client’s situation?

Last week, an agent I have been training called me to discuss the last meeting they had with their client. As part of the coaching that comes with the agent’s system, I helped them build the case. The agent was happy as the client liked the proposal and signed the applications. However, now the agent was worried they might lose the case. Because the client had a lot of questions, that the agent was not able to answer! As the agent started asking me the questions from the client it became quite clear the agent did not understand how annuities really helped the client’s situation.  As a trainer, this really upset me.

It is no wonder this industry and country are in so much trouble. No one is teaching agents how to actually help families with their finances! Most agents are just selling their products! This is your industry! It is your job to help, inform, and guide your clients into a brighter financial future! The Banks, stockbrokers, and government are not going to help your clients.  So, it is up to you! Too many agents are ignorant about how to properly use annuity products and help people with their finances.

Become The Expert On Using Annuity Products To Help Clients!

That is why you always hear us say you should be studying for an hour every day!  Because you are supposed to be the expert!  How can you help your clients with their financial priorities? If you don’t know the first thing about finances?  Then how can you do the right job for your clients? If you have no idea what tools are at your disposal. Finally, how can you choose what’s best for them? If you don’t even know what the differences are?  There are a lot of wonderful annuity products that can do great things for your clients. But if you don’t use the annuity products correctly you can seriously damage people’s situations!

For example, another agent we work with recently got a call from a client to help fix the last agent’s mistakes.  The old agent checked the wrong box on an annuity application and rolled over money from a Brokerage Account IRA into a non-qualified annuity.  It ended up costing the client almost $100,000 in taxes. Obviously, they were looking for help because the taxes ruined them financially. Unfortunately, the only thing we could recommend was to file a lawsuit against the old agent.

You don’t need to know the all intricacies, and complex details of how annuity products are built. But you should know what the annuity product does for your client. And then how to properly use the annuity product. So you can help their situation!

Do You Ever Have Doubts? About Selling A Fixed Annuity!

For Example: With Annuity Products…

  • You need to know the tax implications of using an annuity.
  • Then you need to know the basic tax laws. Qualified vs. Unqualified, contribution limits, early withdrawal penalties, etc…
  • Next, what is the annuity product designed for? What does it do? Does that fit this client’s needs?
  • You need to know the basic workings… bonuses, caps, roll-up rates, participation rates, guarantees, surrender period, etc…
  • What are the drawbacks of using this annuity product?
  • What is guaranteed, and what is not…
  • Lastly and most importantly, is this annuity product the best thing for the client?

Remember most prospects and clients are not going to understand the annuity products you are offering.  Accordingly, if you are not confident, they will sense that, and it will cause them to hesitate.  They are relying on you, and your expertise.  You are asking them to place their situation into your hands.  Be worthy of their trust.

I want to see this industry and country improve.  I want to help to make America financially sound.  But I can’t do it alone.  I need your help! And for you to help, you must be knowledgeable.  Learn more about this financial industry! And then learn about properly using your annuity products (and your life products too!)  Then meet with families and help them with their needs.

By helping one family at a time we can get this country back on track. Can I count on you?

Alex Villa, IPS Coach

PS. You do not have to be an expert on using annuities products when you work with us. Because we offer ongoing sales support. We will actually review cases with you to make sure you really help your clients. (using your annuity products)

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2 Comments on “Using Annuity Products To Really Help Your Clients!

  1. And it’s stuff like this that gives additional ‘rise’ to growing regulations, “fiduciary movement”, and “only see a CFP for proper advice”. We are our own worst enemy… and the marketplace responds in kind.

    What should we do? Get knowledge and sales training. The art and science of our profession… and promote the same to other agents to elevate our profession.

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for you comment. Unfortunately, most agents don’t realize how much more they could be helping their client… And when they are really helping their clients, how more they could be making!


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