The Best Probing Questions You Should Ask Your Insurance Prospects!

Discover… The Best Probing Questions You Should Ask Your Insurance Prospects!

6/20/2019… Dear friends; Here is a response we got from an agent, after just one coaching session with him… About how and what probing questions he should ask his insurance prospects!

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“After my first telephone coaching session with you this morning, I met with a gentleman whose situation you and I had discussed. After answering his questions about an old whole-life policy, I asked him if he had anything else he wanted to discuss. And he opened up to tell me about his financial situation. I asked him the basic 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When, and Why) and how he felt about his current situation… The result is that we are meeting next week so we can discuss his IRA (held in cash currently) and money market investments, which he will consider moving into a Fixed Indexed Annuity.  He was utterly amazed when I described in general how these products work.

I also scheduled a meeting with a client to do a fact finder and review the Found Money Management concepts which he and I had briefly discussed before I attended Your TAST Boot Camp. He was anxious to get together. He and his wife are believers in cash-value life insurance and have debt and a desire to get rid of it.  They also want to put away more for retirement.

Then, I met with a P&C agent and went thru the IRA & Qualified money five-minute idea, which I copied from you and the response was funny. She said, “Why would anyone put money into an IRA or retirement plan,” just like you said it would happen, exactly. She asked me if I would meet with her and her husband, and could I help her daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law to get off on the right foot as they already have substantial debt.” by Mark Davis, ChFC, RFC

Overview of the Best Probing Questions to Ask Insurance Prospects!

Most agents are missing the real sale because they are jumping in too soon with their products. As Mark found out, the more probing questions you ask, then the more your insurance prospects will tell you what they want! Did you also notice that he did it all in just one day?

Ask Your Insurance Prospects The Best Probing Questions… “Is there anything else you would like to discuss? How do you feel about your current situation? Then what would happen?”

When you ask the best probing questions and you really listen to your Insurance prospects… Then you will make it much easier for your insurance prospect to buy!

“Successful people have fear, they have doubts, and they have worried! They just do not let these feelings stop them.”

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Now It Is Up To You To Ask Your Insurance Prospects The Best Probing Questions to Set The Best Appointments and Close More Insurance Sales!

Are You Asking Your Insurance Clients Enough Questions

The Power Of Asking Clients Disturbing Questions In The Insurance Fact-find!

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