2 Secrets To Close 9 Out of 10 Life Insurance Sales!

2 Secrets To Close 9 Out of 10 Life Insurance Sales! Unique Selling Proposition and Ask Better Fact-find Questions!

What if you knew the real secrets of closing 9 Out of 10 life insurance sales? What if you could close a life insurance sale with 9 out of 10 people that you meet with? Most of the agents we talk to think that closing 9 Out Of 10 Life Insurance Sales is impossible! However, the people we work with do close much larger life insurance sales. And they do it with almost everyone they meet with. That is what makes our sales training so unique and very special. Here are two inside secrets to help you close 9 Out Of 10 Life Insurance Sales – a Unique Selling Proposition and ask better fact-finding questions!

The First Secret To Closing 9 Out Of 10 Life Insurance Sales… Is About You Delivering A Special Message!

When people ask you, “What do you do?” How do you reply?

Do you answer with the title of your job description? Such as, I’m a financial advisor… Or do you say I sell life insurance and annuity products… Or I work with an insurance marketing company… I help people to save for retirement… or whatever you do. What does this mean to the person who asked you? Not much! It tells them very little about you!

When you answer that way, you will run the risk of immediately scaring off people.

The most magnetic way of attracting the best life insurance prospects to you is not by telling people what you do. But instead, let them know how what you do helps other people! And this is where your Unique Selling Proposition comes into play! It has a variety of uses. It can be used when you have a conversation with people, or in your ads, invitations, and sales letters.

Plus, you can use it when you speak to a group. Or when you are a guest on a local radio or television program.

Your Unique Selling Proposition

As an example, here is how you can reply to the question “What do you do?”

“You know how people nowadays are more and more concerned about their retirement, what with credit card debt, increasing income tax rates, the faltering social security, and the higher cost of living?”

“Well, what I do is, help them take charge of their finances to eliminate debt, and save for retirement, without them spending any additional money or changing their current lifestyle. So they can start taking care of themselves and their families once again.”

Do you see how your Unique Selling Proposition paints a picture of how what you do helps others? Your statement focuses on some of the challenges that are in the world today that most people are aware of and can easily identify with. It demonstrates your purpose. Which is to help other people solve their challenges. It is a focused reply. And it demands you understand what you do in the context of helping others.

Now, if a person identifies with this. And finds it harder to make ends meet and is concerned about their retirement. Then do you think they are likely to want to know more? Probably “Yes!”

So, by stating how what you do helps others, you will have already created a good impression. And then you will cement that if you turn the conversation over to them. Remember, you need to be in front of the right prospects if you want to close 9 Out of 10 life insurance sales.

You need to work on your Unique Selling Proposition right now! So you attract and are in front of your best prospects! It is the first step to you closing 9 Out of 10 life insurance sales!

The Second Secret Closing 9 Out Of 10 Life Insurance Sales… Is About You Asking Better Fact-Find Questions!

Once you have the appointment, then it is about you asking better fact-finding questions! Ask better fact-finding questions to help people see and understand the problems they face right now. So that they want to take immediate action to solve one or more of those problems.

Insurance fact-finding is much more than just finding out what they have and may need. It’s about really listening to what they say! Then ask clarifying questions. The more you get them to talk about their most immediate and important problems. Then the more emotionally involved they will be in the process. And the more they will want to proceed with your solution.

Another important thing I’ve learned is, if you solve small problems, you will make small money! If you solve big problems, then you will make big money!

Now think about that for a moment. Don’t attorneys and doctors make more money than store clerks and waiters? That is because the problems they solve are much more significant to people’s lives. Thus, people will pay more for the services of these skilled professionals.

Finally, don’t try to solve all their problems a once. Find the easiest way for you to make them a client. What do they want to solve first? And you’ll close a lot more life insurance sales!

You will find it is much easier to get them to solve all of their problems, once you make them a client!

Closing 9 out of 10 Life Insurance Sales is actually very easy! When you deliver a special message and use a Unique Selling Proposition to attract the ‘right’ life insurance prospects to you!

Then you do a thorough fact-find by asking better questions!

Do You Want To Start Closing 9 Out Of 10 Life Insurance Sales?

How To Close 9 Out Of 10 Insurance Sales - Asking Prospects The Right Questions! So You Set Better Appointments and Close Larger Sales!When will you learn the best consultative selling, insurance sales skills, probing questions, and fact-finding, with the tools, coaching, and back-end sales support you need to help middle-income families? So you can help middle-income families find the money to spend, save, invest, insure, and plan wisely for the future. So they can Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy?”

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Then we will show you the best ways for you to present your solutions to your families. So that you will close more and larger life insurance and annuity sales in the next 30 days! To be successful in closing 9 out of 10 life insurance sales like the legendary agents! To earn $250K or more per year!

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It Is Up To You To Use Your Unique Selling Proposition And Ask better Fact-find Questions To Close 9 out of 10 Life Insurance Sales!

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