Use Free Publicity To Double Your Life Insurance Sales Leads… Build Your Credibility To Attract the Right Leads!

Use Free Publicity To Double Your Life Insurance Sales Leads... Build Your Credibility To Attract the Right Leads!

Double Your Life Insurance Sales Leads With Free Publicity! Getting started in the insurance business and succeeding is extremely difficult. Because building your credibility, to attract the right life insurance sales leads is certainly one of the hardest parts of the business. Using direct mail, buying leads, offering seminars and running ads are all effective ways to attract the right life insurance sales leads. But they are very expensive and they do not help build your credibility… or build your life insurance sales the right way.

However, what if there was a way to quickly build your credibility for little or no cost? So you make attracting and finding the right life insurance sales leads, setting appointments, and closing sales much easier and much more cost-effective?

How much more effective will your mailing, invitations, and ads be to attract the right life insurance leads… when you are the recognized expert in your community?

Then, how much easier would it be to get people to call you and set an appointment with you? If the people in your already know about you and they understood the value of the services?

Then how much easier would it be to close those life insurance sales leads? if you were the respected, trusted advisor in your community?

That is the incredible power of using ‘Free Publicity’ to attract and find the right life insurance sales leads!

Double Your Life Insurance Sales Leads With Free Publicity!

Getting free publicly to build your credibility will take a little work on your part! But getting the attention of a local reporter is not that difficult. Because every day reporters need new stories to fill magazines, newspapers, radio, and television airtime. They need newsworthy material that will draw a viewer’s attention and keep it. So, if you have a story with a spin that hasn’t been heard before, you can get free publicity.

Here’s a ‘step-by-step‘ procedure on how to get the attention of a reporter. So you can get free publicity to build the credibility of your life insurance and financial services business. To help you attract the right high-quality life insurance sales leads.

Step 1… Find the Right Media Outlet.  Identify your niche, your ideal prospect. Then find out what media form those prospects watch, read or listen to. Then start watching, reading, and listening to those media outlets. Don’t send a news article to a men’s sporting magazine, if you’re dealing with widowed and single women. Get to know your audience and think of the kinds of stories they would like to hear or read.

Don’t stop your search at your local paper, TV, or radio station. Look for the free newspapers in your area and the college newspapers or radio stations. Then consider national magazines, newspapers, or TV stations. Go online to discover the different media forms that specialize, like horse lovers, gun buyers, young parents, and golf addicts. Find the ones that pertain to your best life insurance sales leads… prospects!

Write A Story To Get Free Publicity To Double Your Life Insurance Sales Leads!  

Step 2… Write an Interesting Story. Think in terms of stories, not your product. News media will not promote your product, service, or company for free. They are interested in entertaining or informing their audience, not selling for you. Give them an interesting story. Reporters need an ongoing supply of “news” and if you make it easy for them, then they will bite. While your product or business doesn’t change weekly… you can offer a different angle on a topic that has been covered before. Remember, they are more likely to be interested, than if you do not spit out the same PR information as everyone else.

Step 3… Use Current Events To Draw Attention. Use current events to bring freshness to a dull topic. If you sell annuities, you could write about how seniors were affected by the downturn in the stock market. If you sell health insurance then write a story about how the new health insurance laws may affect the small businesses or families in your town. You don’t want to sell products or services. Getting your name in the news and a link to your website is more important. So pick one item or service from your business. Then write a good story with a human element! Make sure that it has an intriguing beginning, a solid middle, and a satisfying end.

If you just write about your product, that is boring. But, if you write a story about how you or your product help someone in their home or business using your product… that is a story! Think in terms of headlines. Find the story angle that you could put in a headline. Would it draw attention? If not, keep thinking.

Write Articles To Get Free Publicity To Double Your Life Insurance Sales Leads! 

Step 4… Be Concise In Your Article. Make a strong compelling case for your “news.” Reporters wade through a lot of information. They have deadlines and aren’t interested in reading through reams of information to find a kernel of good news. Use bullet points, bold fonts, photos, and highlighting to pinpoint the most important parts of your pitch. Watch the evening news and listen to the lead-in to news stories. See how they grab the attention of their audience. “Coming up next, the secret to…” “Stay tuned for the dangers lurking in your home that you need to know.” “The truth about …” Use these same techniques to summarize your story idea and make it appealing.

Step 5… Identify The Reporters.  Once you have identified the media outlets that your best prospects tune into. And you have thought of a good story to pitch to them. Then take note of reporters who specialize in writing stories relating to your business. You’re wasting your time and theirs if you send your publicity pitch to the social reporter of your local newspaper when your business relates to business buy-sell agreements. Don’t expect your story to be sent to the right person. Find out the name of the correct reporter before you send your story.

Get Free Publicity To Attract The Right Leads To Make Your Life A Lot Easier!

Step 6… Get A Correct Contact Address.  To get the address of the newspaper, TV, or radio station that you’ve identified as being a good marketing outlet for your business, go online. Use a search engine to find their website and click on CONTACT US. Search for your reporter’s name. If it’s not there, then use the company phone number to call and confirm that “John Smith” is the sports reporter or whatever reporter it is that you are looking for. Confirm the address as long as you already have them on the phone.

Step 7… Follow up With An E-mail or Phone Call.  Reporters get busy and are often distracted. They might put your story on the stack and forget about it. Or maybe they thought your story wasn’t relevant or newsworthy when you sent it. But then something happens that brings the topic front and center. Call, email, or write a letter to the reporter and remind them of your story. Convince them why it would be a good idea to cover it now. Be polite and to the point, but if they say no, accept it and thank them for their time. You want to remain on good terms for the next news idea you may have.

Whether you realize it or not, you face competition every day. Do you want to make your life insurance sales career a whole lot easier? Then you must stand out in the crowd. You must brand your service, and your image, and build your credibility… if you want to double or triple your life insurance leads, appointments, and sales. And we have done it all for you!

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Check out our Trusted Advisor Success Program! Because you will get 90 days of personal insurance agent training, coaching, and mentoring… with back-office sales support! All from a team that has been training agents and advisors for over 40 years to specialize in helping middle-income families... So you will attract the right leads and earn $250k or more per year selling life insurance!

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Inside our Trusted Advisor Success Program, you will find all the best marketing plans, strategies, and ideas laid out for you! You will learn the best ways for you to use Joint Ventures; Educational Workshops and Seminars; Booklets and Free Reports; Referred Leads; Social Media; Client Newsletters; Annual Reviews;  and more – with all the tools, scripts, and more. Now you can find and attract your best life insurance prospects (leads) and set your best sales appointments! Because your ‘specialized marketing message’ to everyone will be all about how you help middle-income families to find the money to Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy!

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