Client Newsletters For Insurance Agents… Your Silent Salesperson!

Client Newsletters For Insurance Agents... Your Silent Salesperson!

The Absolute Power of Client Newsletters

No one is more important to your business than your current insurance clients and prospects! So, if you are smart, and want to grow your insurance business. Then you will consistently communicate just how important these people are to you! Using personalized client newsletters shows your insurance prospects and clients that you want to build a bond with them! And it makes it more real to them in ways the spoken word can’t. Your monthly client newsletter is the simplest and most affordable way for you to show your insurance prospects and clients just how much you value them and how much you care about them.

Client Newsletters For Insurance Agents – Caring that is always visible to them and welcome!

Your newsletters will show your concern for them and their family when you cannot be there in person. Even when you cannot see them regularly, your newsletters will help to answer their basic wants and needs. Then when you show how much you care about them – your clients will help you with referrals. And give you loyalty that your competitors can not buy.

 Client Newsletter – Educate and Reinforce Your Insurance Services!

Your client newsletters will help you to teach your readers about the key problems they face and need to understand. And then your newsletter will consistently reinforce why they need your services to help them to solve those problems.

 Client Newsletter – Will Help You Become Their “Personal Expert!”

Your newsletters will give you the ability to combine messages from the same source. This will give your written voice a tone of authority. Then your readers will rely on this. This will make you their personal expert and a trusted friend.

Client Newsletter – Cuts Through The Clutter!

Your newsletters will let you address many of their concerns at once. And there are no other messages from other sources that may confuse them. It will also give you the time and space to show how your services will work to help them to solve their problems.

Perpetual qualification!

Your newsletters will help your clients to qualify themselves, long before they call or visit your office. By reading in-depth coverage of the problems they face, they can determine if the information applies to them… on their own time… in their own homes. They will appreciate your respect. And you will help reduce the time and expense of qualifying them.

Narrow or wide: you get to decide!

Your client newsletters will let you send a focused message to as small or large a group as you want. Because you choose who gets it… Not the radio or TV station, newspaper, or magazine. “One-to-one marketing” is an important method of reaching prospects and keeping your clients. Because you are communicating directly to them, with information you know concerns them. So now you have created a direct bond that is difficult to achieve through other mass marketing methods.

Partner with a marketing pro!

The power you get from using client newsletters does not come automatically. You have to know the secrets that will make your newsletters work! While you avoid the pitfalls that make other newsletters fail.


The Insurance Pro Shop has over 2 decades of experience showing agents how to create successful insurance marketing programs… that set and meet clear objectives. And that will match your other communication efforts to show your clients and clients how much you care about them. Our commitment to your satisfaction assures you that our client newsletter program will please everyone in your decision-making process.

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Personalized Client Newsletters For Agents & Advisors - Client Newsletters For Insurance Agents... Your Silent Salesperson!

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Nothing Will Change Until You Make it Change. So It Is Up To You To Get Insurance Client Newsletters… Your Silent Salesperson! To Make It Change!

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