Why You Should Use An Insurance Client Newsletter!

IPS Coaching Corner - Why Use A Client Newsletter!

While social media platforms have come and gone over the years, emailing client newsletters is still the best way to build your insurance business. And that’s because they work!

Whether you want to share your expertise, financial news, inspiring links, or personal stories… Emailing client newsletters is still the best way to connect with people and grow your insurance sales.

5 Reasons To Use An Insurance Client Newsletter

You build trust and credibility. A client newsletter is a great way to share what you’re all about, how you help people, and what you stand for. By sharing your thoughts, opinions, and expertise over time, your insurance clients will get to know and trust you.

You have control. When using social media you are at the mercy of their algorithms and feature changes. Insurance client newsletters give you more control. You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope your words will show up in someone’s feed. Instead, it goes straight to their inbox. You also have control of your email list. So you can easily back it up or move to a different email provider.

It’s personal. Away from the buzz of social media, client newsletters are intimate and direct. Just like getting a letter in the post, newsletters are a more effective way of communicating with your insurance clients.

It establishes your expertise. When you share content that provides genuine value… Your newsletter shows your insurance client that you know your stuff.

It’s a great sales tool. This doesn’t mean hammering clients with insurance sales emails all day long. It is using your client newsletter as a trusted friend… Reminding people each time you send a message who you are and how you operate. So when you have something to share, or an insurance client decides they need help with your expertise, you’ll be fresh in their mind.

What To Write About In Your Insurance Client Newsletter

Think of your client newsletter as a conversation. Picture a friend sitting across from you with a cup of tea, ready for a chat, one person to another. What would you like them to know?

Here are some ideas…

Share something useful. What do you know that could help your insurance clients? What do people ask you for advice about? Look through your emails, mail, and Facebook group interactions, and see if there’s a client newsletter idea.

Tell a story. Let your insurance client get to know the human behind the keyboard! Give a behind-the-scenes tour of your business. Share lessons you learned from a recent article or your opinion on a hot topic in your industry.

Start a conversation. Connecting with your insurance clients is arguably the best part of having a newsletter. It makes my day when one of my insurance clients takes the time to share a thought, ask a question, or call me to talk. I’ve made some great friends and clients from these interactions. Starting a conversation can be as simple as writing, “Hit reply and tell me what you think about this!”.

Do a link roundup. Curate a list of links you’ve found interesting, inspiring, or entertaining, such as financial news or events within your community. Add your commentary and say why it resonated with you – it all adds to the picture your reader is building about you and your values.

Talk about what you do. Don’t forget to remind people of how they can work with you! This can be a direct offer to help… or you can share a client case study!


Newsletters are still the best way to stay connected with your insurance clients for more business and referrals. But only if they are personal from you. Using a generic client newsletter that advertises the insurance company and the products they sell… It does little to increase your image, trust, and credibility in your services.

Remember, whether you are an independent or captive insurance agent… You should be promoting your business! Not the insurance company you represent! You want to show clients your expertise and build your client relationships.

Many agents have tried to produce their own client newsletter! But researching and writing newsletter articles of interest to clients is very time-consuming! For example, I have already spent 5 hours on this article to help you see the value of using the Right Client Newsletter!

How We Can Help You With Your Client Newsletter

Our client newsletter… we will write the articles for you and personalize the newsletter with your information and pictures. This will save you a lot of time and energy. Then we host them for you on a private server. So all you have to do is link to them on your website, Facebook page, and your emails to your clients and prospects.

When you use the right monthly newsletter, you can stand out from all the other insurance agents in your area. This will make it easier to set appointments to help your prospects and clients.

Sample of a simple email to send to an insurance client…

Dear Bill,

I hope that everything is going well for you in these crazy times.

I met with a family the other day that was struggling to pay their bills because of inflation. They called me to see if I could help them find the best ways to cut back on some of their monthly expenses, without dramatically changing their life. After reviewing their situation and working together we were able to save his family almost $800 per month.

With all that is happening with inflation are you using your credit cards more today? How do you feel about that?

Is there anything I can do to help you make it easier in these crazy times?

Here is a link to our Newsletter for this month!

Your Friend,
Jeremy Nason

P.S…. On August 20th we are have an educational workshop for our friends and family to help get through these troubling times. Give me a call if you want more information.

Why You Should Use An Insurance Client Newsletter!IPS Personalized Client Newsletters– Free Personalization

Do you want to have a stream of your ideal insurance clients? Do you want to make it easier for you to set appointments and close sales? Then make sure that your name and special insurance marketing message of how you are helping middle-income families is out there! So you are always in front of your ideal prospects.

Your client newsletter is critical to staying in touch with insurance prospects, friends, family, and clients. It is also a key to more repeat sales and referrals from your current insurance clients. So it is a big key to you being a successful insurance agent!

No Set-up Fees! $79.95/month… No Commitment, Cancel anytime.

Order Monthly Client Newsletter

You will be locked in at $79.95 per month no matter what we charge in the future!

We also include a FREE E-book to help you get the most out of your monthly insurance agent client newsletter! Because most agents and advisors have the wrong impression of what insurance newsletters for clients are supposed to do and how to use them. So consequently most insurance agents get very little value from them.

Here is what these agents say about our newsletter for insurance prospects and clients. 

Nick Royer, RFC & Jerry Royer, RFC - About Our Monthly Client Newsletters For Insurance Agents & Advisors“If you want to brand yourself as the financial advisor of choice in your area, then you definitely need to be sending out monthly client newsletters to all your clients and prospects. It gives you credibility and professionalism while keeping you and your company fresh in their minds. People may not be ready to do business with you when you want them to. But when they are ready they will look to you, because you kept in touch. The newsletters that the Insurance Pro Shop offers are top-notch and will help add loads of money to your bottom line. We personally get business every month from sending these newsletters.” Nick Royer, RFC & Jerry Royer, RFC (5 years in the business)

Tony Fillipone - About Our Monthly Client Newsletters For Insurance Agents & AdvisorsBy the way Lew I just made $3,000 from one existing client and another $3,000 with a referral who we also have plans to move additional money for next month when I will make another $4,000. I am telling you this because I honestly feel that I would not have made these sales without your client newsletters. The best part is both of these clients called me!” Antonio Filippone, RFC – IL (15 years in the business)

Phil Caladra - About Our Monthly Client Newsletters For Insurance Agents & Advisors“After only six months I was getting new clients from referrals. Two cases I thought I had lost, called me back to follow through on my recommendations. And, many of the people I knew, that I didn’t feel comfortable approaching initially (friends, family, and church members), were calling me to find out more about what I was doing.” Phil Calandra, RFC – GA (2 years in the business)

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