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Asking For Insurance Client Referrals: Why You Need And Want Them!

5/8/2019… Dear friends; Many of you complain that you do not have enough insurance prospects, so you do not have the sales you need. Yet, you ignore the best way for you to find your best insurance prospects… asking For Client Referrals! 

I just read an article about a recent survey of business owners. (You are a business owner) The article showed that 41.4% of businesses count on client referrals… For Over 80% Of Their Sales!

While most people tend to believe the 80% number is too high. I do believe it, because of my own personal experience and the experience of the people we coach… that number is perfect!

Whether you agree with the number or not? Does it mean that when you do your job the right way, and you ask for client referrals… that you could get a lot more insurance referrals (Prospects)? And with very little cost to you! Doesn’t that mean you will save a lot of your time and money? Because you will not have to spend as much money buying insurance leads, or on a lead program? And you will not have to spend as much time calling your insurance leads!

There Are Even More Benefits For You When You Ask For Insurance Referrals!

Saving you time and money… This is just the start of the benefits you will get when you are asking your client for insurance referrals!

1. Client Referrals come to you already warmed up by their friends or family. Most people do not want to be sold. But when you are talking to an insurance referral, you are talking to someone that is seeking the kinds of services you offer. But also has had someone they trust tell them that you are a good source for what they are looking for.

  • So it is much easier for you to set an insurance appointment.
  • And makes it much easier for you to close insurance sales.

2. Client Referrals will be some of your best insurance prospects and clients. Because they were referred to you. So they already have some trust in you!

  • Most of your referrals will be loyal, long-term insurance clients… that will buy many more policies from you!
  • In addition, most of your referrals will be the type of clients that will give you the most insurance referrals!

3. When your client gives you a referral, they will be a better insurance client!

  • By referring a friend or family member to you for your services… The client will be even more committed to you and your agency.
  • By reaching out to them and telling them that their help mattered to you and your business. You will deepen the relationship and remind them that they are ‘not just a customer.

Client Referrals will help you to boost your revenues and your profits. It is a surefire way to make your business much more profitable!

Now, if client referrals offer such a great benefit… Then why do 58.6% of business owners and agents fail to use them? The answer is… They have not set up a system to ask for client referrals!

When will you set up your referred lead system… So you are asking your client for insurance referrals?

‘Dynamite’ Referred Lead System™

Inside our Dynamite Referred Lead System™, you will find a step-by-step referred lead strategy for you to follow. So you will get endless client referrals. It all starts with how to set yourself apart from everyone else. So that your clients will want to refer you to everyone they know! Then how to ask for client referrals with your insurance clients… without you sounding pushy or needy. (With a foolproof referral script)

You will also find how to properly set up Joint Ventures… So you cash in on one of the absolute best strategies for getting referred leads!

Dynamite Referred Lead System... Asking For Client Referrals

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