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When Do You Know If Your Insurance Marketing Campaigns Work?

5/20/2019… A few days ago I got a call from an agent, who had sent out invitations for his educational workshop… And he did not get a single response! He said he did the mailing just like he did a year ago. He sent his invitation to his 300 clients, friends and acquaintances… Plus 200 more prospects. But, this time not one person had responded. Accordingly, he was concerned that his educational workshop had stopped working. So he wanted to change the insurance marketing campaigns he was using. He thought he would stop sending out his monthly client newsletters. Instead, he would try to set up a new website to attract prospects.

Note: Over the past year, using educational workshops, this agent had seen his sales double and triple.

Was The Agent Overreacting?

As we discussed his situation, the agent told me that he had offered an educational workshop several times during the past year and had great success. But now they were not working at all. However, as we talked further I found out that he had changed the invitation to his educational workshop. While he sent out an invitation, he had not called any of his best clients and friends to personally invite them to his educational workshop, as he did previously. Plus, he was not doing any annual reviews with his clients. So he was not doing anything to get his clients to give him referrals. Furthermore, he was not doing anything to be known as the expert in his niche market. Plus, he had stopped doing many of the things he had done, when he first entered this business five years ago… Like being a guest speaker for associations.

Insurance Marketing Campaigns Do Not Always Work Great!

When your business is going well, it is easy to see that your insurance marketing campaigns work. You send out an invitation for your educational workshop and the phone rings. Or you send a client newsletter and guess what, the phone rings! Or maybe you are interviewed on the radio. And then everyone you meet for a week says they heard you. And they thought you were great.

But you can not expect everything to work great all of the time. Today, you could send an invitation for a seminar or educational workshop that was a proven winner and not get a single call. Does that mean the invitation is no longer effective? Do not jump to the conclusion that the answer is yes! And that you need to develop a new invitation or maybe even stop doing educational workshops altogether.

Times like these test our marketing faith. When you do not get amazing results, it takes faith to hang in there and continue doing what you know is the best thing for growing your sales. Believe me, it tests all of us. I have days when I wonder. The good news, for me, is that because of the amount of marketing I am involved in, I can see what is happening in a variety of areas. For example, I can get a call from an advisor who just did a mailer that failed miserably. And then a few moments later I will get a call from an agent who had the best response ever from their insurance marketing campaigns.

That is a luxury most of you do not have. So when you think you have done everything right… But you still do not get the response you wanted and expected… Then it is only natural to assume your insurance marketing campaign just does not work.

When Do You Know If Your Insurance Marketing Campaign Is Working?

When do you know if your marketing is working? Some of you will not like the answer to this question. You will know if it worked after all the marketing activity is over. The length of time it may take to get feedback varies. And these days it can be a long time.

For example, if you did your insurance marketing campaigns today, many people might not react because of the torrential rains that hit the east coast. Or they might not respond because of the increased threat of terrorism in our country. Or maybe it is just because of the recent bad news about the economy! These factors could all cause potential clients to hold back on immediately reacting to your message. But it does not mean that your message did not work! It may have worked very well. But factors out of your direct control are holding down the response.

Your perfect clients may have seen your message and been moved by it. And when the time is right for them, they will respond. The frustrating part of this is their timing, which may not be in sync with your timing.

People buy when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell.

My final thought is that most agents will pull the plug on effective insurance marketing campaigns… Because they did not see the results quickly enough. When I first started the Insurance Pro Shop in 2000, I was convinced that after one week of appearing in the top 10 search engines I would have a line of people wanting my services. Well, that did not happen. As a matter of fact, I was in the top 10 search engines for almost 40 out of 52 weeks. It was not until a year later that I started receiving a lot of orders. It would have been very easy to stop after one week, one month, or even six months.

Good things come from consistent, ongoing, never-wavering insurance marketing campaigns!

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