Lew Nason: “Life Insurance Sales Success Is Not Accomplished By You Alone!”

Lew Nason Interview… About The Insurance Pro Shop® And Life Insurance Sales Success!
By Ed Morrow, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CEP, RFC Retired…
Former CEO, of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC)

Ed Morrow: How did the Insurance Pro Shop® begin?

Lew Nason: My sons… Jeremy, Will, and I started the Insurance Pro Shop® in 1999, because of the great need for training in our industry. Agents and advisors tell us they need honest and effective help. They need real marketing, prospecting, and sales training. And, they ‘do Not’ need more education about sales ideas or products. They are tired of being left out in the cold and then forced to go it alone.

We help agents and advisors to get the basic marketing and sales training they need to be a success with life insurance sales. We want each agent and advisor to feel like they are a valued member of a winning life insurance sales success team. Consider… You can push a huge stone up a steep hill. But, it is much easier to make it to the top… When you have a strong team pushing you.

Some of today’s brightest minds and sales leaders in this industry have worked with our Insurance Pro Shop® (IPS) since 2000. They joined us to gain major increases in their life insurance sales success results. Because they were fed up with the lack of good sales improvement options and support out there today.

Morrow: Had any of those agents and advisors worked with other marketing and sales trainers?

Lew Nason: Many of those agents and advisors told us they had spent too much money… with people who over-promised and under-delivered! Others stated that they had wasted their money on a sales success coach who did not really understand how to be a success in life insurance sales.

They were all frustrated with the promises from companies, broker-dealers, recruiters, and agencies that told them they would “help”! But, the help never happened. So, now they are looking for real marketing, prospecting, and sales help from a real support team – not a production unit.

After discussing their concerns with us, many of those people found the courage to invest in themselves again. They found the courage to act in their own best interest! Instead of accepting their problems as permanent, they took corrective action!

They soon found out that IPS was a lot different! Because we guide you to greater life insurance sales success! By offering you insider knowledge, with real marketing, prospecting, and sales training. We are dedicated to helping you to expand your sales skills. So you can quickly improve your sales performance. By working together, we can help you to create a passion for helping people. This in turn will give you greater confidence in your abilities… and a desire to learn more and more… as you increase your life insurance sales success results.

We look at this as a real partnership! Our part is to help you to do your job better. Then your part is to commit to learning and practicing your new life insurance sales success habits.

We recognize that the best approach for one person may differ from the best approach for another person. We respect this fact and aim to help them to develop long-lasting core values. As agents or advisors, we do not have the time or money to achieve life insurance sales success by trial and error. It takes far too many years to achieve high levels of life insurance sales success without help. So, we are the catalyst you need to turn your effort and integrity… into a career of rewards and prominence.

Not everyone will achieve their life insurance sakes success goals. Some simply will not work hard enough. They will not continue their studies. So they will never learn how to provide superior service to their clients. Or, learn how to set themselves apart from all of their competition.

However, some people have made a substantial investment in their self-development. They are committed to learning how to be really of service to their clients! They are ‘involved’ and are long-time members of the Insurance Pro Shop®. So, now many of these people earn $250,000, $500,000, or a million dollars or more each year.

At the Insurance Pro Shop®, nothing makes us happier than to help agents and advisors to enter the ranks of million-dollar producers. All of these people are committed to helping their clients to achieve their goals and objectives. Every one of these winners knows that they could not have achieved this life insurance sales success alone. Just as you may understand that your success in life insurance sales is not a one-person activity. You do not win by yourself alone. Look at all the major achievers in any discipline… and they have a team to help and guide them.

Morrow: Tell us about how the Insurance Pro Shop® teaches.

Lew Nason: We pass on the knowledge that is proven to work in the good times… and in the bad times! We believe in keeping it simple. So we are well prepared, to explain clearly, and make difficult topics easy to understand. Plus we set clear objectives right from the start.

We compare the various life insurance sales success theories. We strive to give agents and advisors a strong belief in their job of helping others. So they will understand their past, present, and especially their future. We discuss viewpoints other than our own. Our objective is to help build their self-confidence.

In every session, the pace may differ slightly. So we remain sensitive to the agents’ reactions.

I frequently ask “Are you getting what you need?” Or, “Are you getting what you came for?”

None of us is an all-knowing expert. But as a team, we share the action habits that will lead to life insurance sales success.

What is important today is to know how to gain and keep your client’s trust. And then how to remain worthy of their respect.

The more you understand your prospect’s unique situation, needs, and feelings. Then the closer your relationships will become. And the more help you can provide!

Many of those who attend our workshops have never been exposed to advanced selling techniques that have been around for years. Always remember your life insurance sales success is not a solo effort. Your objective is to live a life of constant self-improvement. As Leonardo DaVinci said, “The learning process never stops in your life if you keep advancing.”

Morrow: How is it possible to close nine-out-of-ten sales?

Lew Nason: By doing everything right long before you get to the close. By working with the right prospects from the start. Then take the time and care to qualify your prospects when you set the sales appointment. The focus is on the prospect’s expressed needs and desires! Then do a full fact-find to be certain about what is really best for their circumstances. Often it was necessary to gently help them to understand the problems they face now and in the future.

Then it is about finding the easiest way to make them a client. I have found that when you try to solve all their problems at once it is too overwhelming and tends to confuse them. So they will hesitate to take action.

Then it is helping people to find the money to take immediate action.

Always I place my mind parallel to that of the prospect. So that I would not approach them from that of a salesman. But from their point of view. I wanted to be worthy of forming long-term relationships with them.

Once they were satisfied clients and felt secure, appreciative, and comfortable they would provide me with leads from among their personal contacts.

Morrow: What is the salesperson’s biggest problem?

Lew Nason: In 1936 Dale Carnegie said, “Dealing with people is the biggest problem you face as a salesperson.” This is still true today. And it is about delivering a unique message… to the right people… at the right time… using the right media. You need to always have your unique message in front of your best prospect. So you become the expert they want to see. You want people to think of you when they need help. You will not solve this by simply being wise in the use of social media. Today, your prospects are more resistant, more reluctant, and even more suspicious.

Today is a great time because you can gain the tools and techniques to become an expert in your market area. So you actually outperform your competition. Because you deliver greater value to your clients! Your prospects need your help now more than ever before.

Our mission at the Insurance Pro Shop® is to help Middle-Income families to find the money to spend, save, invest, insure, and plan wisely for the future! So that they can Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy!“  And it is not hard for you to help families to find $3,000 – $10,000 per year to put into savings. Once you help them to see and understand the problems they face now and will face in the future.

Middle-Income families need and want your help to save money to secure their family’s future! If you do not help them, then who will? It is time for all of us to step up to help middle-income families Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy!“ It is how we can help our country to stay great and protect future generations!

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