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The Best Tax-Free Retirement Plan To Help Your Clients!

09/29/2020… Today, with all the problems that we face, the more that you know about how you can help clients, then the more reasons they will have to meet with you. And the more they will want to do business with you! So you will want to help your client plan for a tax-free retirement income!

Helping your clients to have more money to spend in their retirement is something people care a lot about and want to hear about! Even with the problems, we face right now. This means you will want to learn how you can get the message out about how you help people to find the money to have a tax-free retirement income.

Help Your Clients To Plan For A Tax-Free Retirement income!

Like most people do you use an IRA, SEP, or 401k plan to save for your retirement? Is it mainly because you get a tax break on the money that you put into the plan?

On the surface, those retirement plans may seem to be the best way for you to save for your retirement. They are what most advisors and CPAs will recommend. Because you will save on your income taxes each year. Plus, your money will grow tax-deferred. So, you will not pay taxes on that money until you retire.

But There Is A Big Problem With Those Taxable Retirement Plans!

Let’s look at what will happen long-term when you use one of those taxable plans for your retirement. Let’s assume that you have 30 years until you retire. So you put $4,000 per year into your IRA for the next 30 years.

Assuming that you are in a 28% tax bracket, how much of a tax deduction will you get each year? (28% of $4,000 is $1,120) So, you will save $1,120 in income taxes, each year, for the next 30 years, for a total of $33,600 in tax savings.

Now, let’s assume that your IRA does well, and in 30 years you have ‘One Million Dollars’ in your IRA. So, now you retire and you withdraw 10% a year from your IRA. ($100,000 per year)

If you have an income of $100,000 per year along with social security, etc., then will you be in a lower or higher tax bracket when you retire? It will likely be higher!

But, let’s assume that you are in the same 28% tax bracket when you retire. That means that you will pay $28,000 of income tax on that $100,000.

Does this shock you? It should!

In just the first year of your retirement plan, you will pay $28,000 in taxes. And, you only saved $33,600 in taxes during the thirty years that you put your money into the IRA! So, in just one year you have spent almost as much as you saved.

Now consider, that you will probably be retired for at least 20 years. This means that you will pay over $560,000 in taxes (20 x $28,000). When you only saved $33,600 of income taxes.

Whether you use an IRA, SEP IRA, 401k, or some other plan, you are just deferring your income taxes until the day that you retire and take an income.

How much better off would you be… if you could get a tax-free income when you retire? Would that give you a lot more money to spend when you retire?

Your Tax-Free Retirement Income Plan Alternative

A Roth IRA would work better for your retirement plan. Because it will give you a ‘Tax-Free’ income. But the Roth IRA has a lot of restrictions and penalties. There is a limit as to how much you can put in a Roth IRA for higher-income earners. And there is a 10% early withdrawal penalty if you withdraw before age 59 ½.

What if you could get the same ‘Tax-Free’ benefits as the Roth IRA? But, you did not have the restrictions or early withdrawal penalties of the Roth IRA?

Then, what if you could get the same tax deductions in another way? Without you making your income taxable later on?

Now, how much better off would you be?

This is just one of the many ways that we can help you plan to have more tax-free income to spend in your retirement!

“If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the philosopher’s stone.” Benjamin Franklin

The more you learn about how to help your clients to have more income to spend in their retirement plan, then the more money you will earn. It is one of the reasons why so many of the people that we work with earn $250,000, $500.000 or more each year! And they are doing it even with the coronavirus.

Corey Greene, FIC, FICF, LUTCF, SC (17 year in financial services) The Best Tax-Free Retirement Plan To Help Clients!“Hey Jeremy, Hope you are having a great weekend. Just wanted to give you an update on what’s going on. I closed 3 whole life plans yesterday for a total of $3,045 Annual Premium. And still have a 78k rollover that I’m going to help her with. This is the second month that I bonus. Also I was number 13 on the company zapp leader board last month.”Corey Greene, FIC, FICF, LUTCF, SC (17 year in financial services)

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