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4 Critical Mistakes Life Insurance Agents Make Selling Insurance!

12/31/2019… Dear Friends; Here are 4 of the critical mistakes life insurance agents make selling insurance! And it is costing them a lot of new life insurance sales, repeat sales, and referrals! Are you making these same mistakes selling life insurance? When will you do something about it?

First Mistake Life Insurance Agents Make Selling Insurance… Not Really Listening To The Client!

Studies consistently show that our clients believe that we talk too much. But, how can we make more life insurance sales if we talk less?

One of the reasons we talk too much is we don’t want to miss a feature or benefit about our products, that our client might find important. So, we overload them with information. And when we do, we tend to confuse them. And, if they are confused at all, then they will give us a response like… “I need to think about it.”

Do you want to close more life insurance sales? Then you need to let your client do most of the talking.

You ask the who, what, where, when, and how questions, so your clients will tell you everything you need to know about their problems. And how you can help them to solve them. Then, when it is your time to talk, you can focus on what you know is important to your client. Instead of you telling them what you think they should know.

Second Mistake Life Insurance Agents Make Selling Insurance… Not Being Your True Self!

Understand that your prospect will only become your client and purchase or invest with you because he or she wants to do business with you. This means you must be a person of integrity, honor, and intelligence. You must be a person that they can be truly comfortable with, by being friendly and caring. However, this does not mean you must be like them. So, you do not want to try to become folksy or formal, super-fast or slower, or whatever. Because you will come across as a phony. You want to be your true self! 

Third Mistake Life Insurance Agents Make Selling Insurance… Not Planting Triggers!

Planting Triggers means that every time you interact with your client or a prospect. You must provide them with good reasons why they should do business with you… now and in the future. So you must show them that you are there to help them. And you do that by asking questions and doing a great fact-find about them and what they want. Prove to them that you are not there just to make a life insurance sale.

Fourth Mistake Life Insurance Agents Make Selling Insurance… Not Leaving Footprints!

Leaving Footprints in the way a prospect or client can find you again. when and if you are needed. Your Footprints will include your biz-card, company brochure, monthly newsletter, article reprints, etc. The objective is to make it easier for your prospects and clients to remember you and find you. So they will contact you, when they need your help or have a question.

How To Avoid These Mistakes Selling Life Insurance!

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