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10 Simple Ways To Get Great Client Referrals Without Begging! For A Very Successful Insurance Sales Career!

4/24/2019… Would you agree that your insurance sales career would be a lot easier and more successful if you could get 5-10 great client referrals each month… without you asking for them? Then let’s start by considering who will give you a great client referral… and why.

You will get great client referrals will come from the people who know you and have done business with you – Your clients – The groups you belong to – And the business with whom you form an alliance. However, these people are not interested in helping you to grow your business. They will only refer people to you because they want you to help their friends and customers to solve a problem for them. Your objective, if you want great client referrals, is to show the referrers that your insurance sales business is there to help the people they refer to you… in their best interests!

So, instead of you trying to think up ways to get people to refer their friends, family, and customers to you… You must earn the right to receive great client referrals from them. And, that is about you working with people, so you help them get the results that they need and want! It is a big key to an easier and more successful insurance sales career!

Here are the 10 best tips for you to get great client referrals.

1. Offer a service that will solve a specific and immediate problem for the people with whom you want to work with! Work to become well known as the specialist and expert for the people in your community… who has those problems! Get your message across in everything that you do! Which should include your tagline… Your unique selling proposition… Your elevator speech… And even your business name.

2. Help the people you want as referrers to understand what you do. So they will be aware of the specific problems that you solve for people. Then even your insurance prospects who decide not to buy will refer those who have needs that fit what you offer.

3. Work to build a relationship with those businesses and groups who have contact with your best insurance prospects… and will make sales referrals to them. Remember, when you are networking for referrals, it is not just about you getting great client referrals. Your goal is not just to get referrals. It is also to build relationships. So that others will want to give you names and the contact information of the people who could use your products or services. So make referrals a two-way street. When you receive great client referrals from other people, you need to give back in return. So that the referrals keep coming. By helping others get what they need and want, you will be helping yourself in the long run.

4. You will want to be easy to find and contact. Have your business cards handy for your prospects. Build a website that is ‘search engine friendly!’ … and be engaged in social media. List all your contact information prominently. So you make it simple and fast for your clients to get in touch with you.

5. Stay in contact with all of the people you know. Let all of your clients know what to expect from you. And then you will want to meet and exceed all of those expectations. Then make sure your employee displays the same traits in their communications with your clients.

6. Pay attention to each of your clients and meet their needs… And their wants. While you need to make sure that you provide them with the best products and superior service… But what is even more important is that you properly assess their needs… and their wants! So you give them your best advice. And then provide them with the right product or service.

7. You will want people to see you as the expert that they can call when they need help or advice. So stay on top of industry trends. But spend just as much effort talking with people. So you are learning about their needs, and gaining new insights from others! Your knowledge will grow. And you will refine and expand your business to match the demand, even in changing conditions.

8. Find centers of influence… the people who are well known and respected in your community. Spend time with each person so you learn more about them. You will want to make them the center of your conversation, rather than you focusing on just what you want.

9. Now you will want the prospect that is referred to you… to be so impressed with the treatment you give them, that they cannot wait to tell their referrer about it. The better you can make the experience for the referred prospect, then the more likely that person will thank the referrer for referring them to you. And, because people love to be appreciated, the more likely the referrer will give you even more great client referrals.

10. Thank everyone who makes a client referral! (not just the ones that turn into a sale for you!) Let them all know how much their referral means to the success of your business. When you show them your sincere gratitude it will get them to keep spreading the word about you… to everyone they know.

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Jeremy & Lew Nason
‘The 9 Out Of 10 Guys’
Marketing and Sales Coaches

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