Do You Struggle To Sell Life Insurance! Then Ask Your Prospects Better Questions!

IPS Success Tips... Are You Struggling Selling Life Insurance! Ask Your Prospects More Questions!

One of the main reasons why so many agents and advisors struggle to sell life insurance today… Is because they Push their life insurance products. Instead of focusing on asking their prospects better questions to help them to identify and solve their problems.

If all you do is push your products, then your prospects will tend to see your products as a commodity! And then the price will be their primary focus… and you will struggle to sell life insurance.

For Example… If all your prospect wants is a life insurance policy to protect their family, then in their mind… Why should they buy anything but the cheapest term insurance?

Do You Struggle To Sell Life Insurance Because You Compete Based On Products And Prices?

If you compete based on products and prices, then you will live or die based on products and prices. So you will always struggle to sell life insurance! Because there is always someone out there who claims to have a better product and a lower price than you.

Don’t push your products. Instead, ask better questions to help your prospect see that the products you offer are the best ones for their situation. The beauty is when the prospects believe this, then price becomes far less of an issue.

Ask better questions to get the prospect to reveal the needs they have… and the outcomes they want. When you ask better questions, you allow your prospect to drive the discussion. Or so they think. Then they will be far more likely to convince themselves they need your products.

Once the prospect has convinced themselves, then there is no stopping them. And they will be adamant about buying your products to satisfy their needs.

Stop Struggling To Sell Life Insurance!

Take a look at your sales process. Do you tell your prospect what they need… and then push your products? How much of your sales presentation is geared toward pushing products? The easiest thing you can do to begin to move away from pushing products… is for you to ask your prospects more questions about their situation. You want to get them to tell you what they really want and why. Make it your objective to add 5 more sales questions to each sales presentation you make. You will be amazed at what will happen!

The end result will not only be more sell more life insurance sales, but they will also be larger sales. While you make much higher profits!

Plus, when you ask your prospect questions they will feel much better about you and your services! They will see you as a true advisor who is there to help people. And, they will talk about how you have helped them with their friends and family.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

You Don’t Have To Struggle To Sell Life Insurance!

It’s time for you to break the cycle and make the change! Learn to ask your prospect better questions starting right now to sell more life insurance!

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Nothing Will Change Until You Make it Change. So It Is Up To You To Ask Your Prospects Better Sales Questions To Sell More Life Insurance To Make It Change!

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