Insurance Pro Shop Endorsement On The Insurance Forum

Insurance Pro Shop Endorsement From The Insurance Forum

What follows is a Post/thread from the Insurance Forum – for agents Getting Started Selling Insurance. This post is from DHK which spends a lot of time on the Insurance Forum trying to help new and experienced insurance agents. He does a great job of putting insurance agent sales systems, training, and coaching into perspective. Note… DHK is also a long-time member of the Insurance Pro Shop and as he puts it… He is a huge advocate of our insurance agent training, coaching, sales support, and our Trusted Advisor Success Program! Thank you DHK for your review of the Insurance Pro Shop.

Here is DHK’s Insurance Pro Shop review and what he says about our insurance agent training, coaching, and tools!

In short, if you’re having trouble getting the results you want…

1 Converting your calls (cold or referrals) into appointments…
2 Converting appointments into open cases…
3 Converting open cases into closed sales…
4 Converting new clients into referral advocates…

…then you need to re-examine your processes and communication skills.

I often sound like a broken record with my continual review and endorsement of the Insurance Pro Shop… but I have to tell you… they have MASTERED the simple sale. I am thoroughly convinced that you cannot have a simpler communication method.

Insurance Pro Shop Review… How to get started with the Insurance Pro Shop:

1. Start with the members-only site for $25/month. (Now $29.95 per month) Watch the online training videos and learn how to give mini-concept presentations. You’ll also have access to download a CFNA fact-finding form.

IPS Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center

2. If you want the software (excel templates) for designing your cases, you’ll want one of their selling systems. Just call Lew and Jeremy and tell them about your situation. 877-297-4608 They’ll guide you accordingly. They’ll also give you 3 months of one-on-one (insurance agent) coaching for buying their system.

3. If you want to learn and master client referrals… you can’t get better or cheaper than Sandy Schussel’s Mastering Client Referrals. (The Insurance Pro Shop also sells this, but you can download it from Sandy’s site cheaper and immediately for $37.)

Now, here’s the kicker: Lew’s (insurance agent) training materials are FAR CHEAPER and they are BETTER! With other “selling systems”, you rent them. You pay up to $2,500/year to use them. They’re overly complex… which means you have to reserve your use to only the “highest qualified”… who also happen to have others competing for their business too. They also have a STEEP learning curve, so they advocate using joint work (splitting commissions) or a mentoring program to help you get up to speed.

IPS (insurance agent) training methods aren’t nearly so complex… and with simplicity, and a quicker “turnaround” time on your cases, you can work with nearly ANYONE and have a profitable sale and career.

I promise I’m not affiliated with IPS… just a huge advocate for them because they teach the simple way of reaching your success goals.

Trusted Advisor Success Program – Insurance Pro Shop Review


Oh, and all these articles that say that advisors aren’t connecting with women clients with their needs? That’s because advisors keep talking “in code” trying to sound smart and trusted because they know all this “stuff”.

Learn how to keep everything simple… And you will just laugh at these articles. Because you will KNOW they are not talking about you.


Now I recommend the Insurance Pro Shop for life insurance and annuity sales, helping families, and retirees.

DHK, Apr 9, 2015

Insurance Pro Shop Review Summary…

So now it is up to you… You can continue to believe all the hype and keep looking for a magic cure. And you can struggle year after year to make a mediocre income! Or, in the next 90 days, you can get insurance agent training and coaching you need to learn what the best producers are doing! So you will earn a net income of $100,000, $200,000, or much more every year!

Check Out The Insurance Pro Shop’s Exclusive Members-Only Website! Because as a member, you will gain immediate access (24/7) to the Greatest Collection of insurance marketing and sales strategies and training ever gathered in one place for agents and advisors. This includes all of the proven insurance agent marketing and sales tools… sales letters, prospecting scripts, sales presentations, questions, and so much more! (monthly fee… less than $1 a day)

When Will You Review A Membership To The Insurance Pro Shop?


Insurance Agent Marketing And Sales Secrets, Tips, Tools, & Courses – With Live Weekly Insurance Agent Training!

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Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center™
Only $29.95 per month for the life of your membership – immediate access! 

Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center™ Only $29.95 per month for the life of your membership - immediate access!  Life Insurance Marketing and Sales Systems, Tools, And Training For Agents and Advisors To Help Families!Are you a seasoned advisor, a new agent, or a P&C agent? Then you need to learn these critical and fundamental insurance marketing and prospecting strategies right now! They are not an option if you want to be ultra-successful in insurance sales. It is how you will get your message out about how you help middle-income families to have a secure future! This will make it much easier for you to find and then attract your best insurance leads! So, you will set your best Insurance appointments! So, you will close more and larger sales! This is just the start of the insurance marketing strategies, programs, tips, and tools you will get… When you become an elite member of our IPS private insurance marketing website.

You will also receive 2 Live Hour Coaching Webinars each month – Live Group Coaching – Case Design Classes – with Insurance Marketing and Prospecting Strategies Training! You will also have immediate access to all of our Past Insurance Coaching Webinars and Agent Training Programs! Finally, you will learn how to attract your best insurance sales leads, and set your best sales appointments. And then how you can really help middle-income families. So that you will close more and larger insurance sales right now!

Become An IPS Member To Day - Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center™ Best insurance marketing and prospecting strategies, training programs, tips, and tools

Do you want an easy way to check out our insurance agent training, coaching, and support to help middle-income families – Then read Improve Your Insurance Leads And Sales – For Just $1.00!!!

Do you want to get off to a fast start? So you have a long-term successful career selling life insurance, annuities, and/or your financial services? Then you must stop doing what everyone else is doing. Take a look at the Insurance Pro Shop so you can take control of your business and your future.

When Will You Review The Insurance Pro Shop’s Insurance Agent Sales Systems, Training, Coaching, and Support?


Trusted Advisor Success Program™

Trusted Advisor Success ProgramOur Trusted Advisor Success Program is about you learning to specialize in helping middle-income families find the money to Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy! It is about helping middle-income families to get all the cash-value life insurance they need to protect their families. While you help them to save for a tax-free retirement, save for college, create a family bank, etc. (Using cash value life insurance and annuities!)

Check out our Trusted Advisor Success Program! Because you will get 90 days of personal insurance agent training, coaching, and mentoring… with back-office sales support! All from a team that has been training agents and advisors for over 40 years to specialize in helping middle-income families So you will earn $250k or more per year selling life insurance!

We will show you how to find and attract your best life insurance and annuity leads/prospects. So you will set great sales appointments. Then we will show you how to help middle-income families see and want to solve their immediate money problems. We will also show you how you can help middle-income families find the money so that they can take action right now! Then we will show you the best ways for you to present your solutions to your clients and prospects to close 9 out of 10 insurance sales. So that you will earn $250K, or more this year selling life insurance and annuities like the legends.

It is the best-specialized life insurance marketing and sales system and training for insurance agents and advisors to learn how to help middle-income families!

When Will You Get The Best Advanced Marketing Tips, Tools, Training, and Coaching You Need Specialize… To Find and Attract Your Best Insurance Prospects?

Inside our Trusted Advisor Success Program, you will find all the best marketing plans, strategies, and ideas laid out for you! You will learn the best ways for you to use Joint Ventures; Educational Workshops and Seminars; Booklets and Free Reports; Referred Leads; Social Media; Client Newsletters; Annual Reviews;  and more – with all the tools, scripts, and more. Now you can find and attract your best insurance prospects and set your best sales appointments! Because your ‘specialized marketing message’ to everyone will be all about how you help middle-income families to find the money to Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy!

You will also get the best insurance marketing, sales training, and support you need to use all the HOT Sales Concepts… Wealth In Motion, Infinite Banking. Missed Fortune, Circle Of Wealth, Wealth Beyond Wall Street, Tax-Free Retirement, and more… Because they are part of our Trusted Advisor Success Program. Now you can help middle-income families – not just the wealthy!

Includes Our Found Money Management™ Tool Kit (Life insurance marketing and sales system),
With Our How To Close 9 Out Of 10 Insurance Sales – Sales Training System And Videos,
With Membership to Our Private Site at $29.95 per month after the first month,
And 90 Days of Personal Agent Training, Coaching, Mentoring, and Back-end Sales Support Worth $2,097!

When Will You Read Our Full-Length Book? So You Learn How To Really Help Families!

Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy from The Insurance Pro Shop

Middle American Family’s Guide To: Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy!

We urge you to take the time to read our 20 Chapter book… ‘Middle American Family’s Guide To Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy!” Because we give you complete strategies, on how you can help middle-income families to find the money to spend, save, invest, insure, and plan wisely for a secure future! So that you can help them to “Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy!” As a result, you will understand our philosophies, concepts, and techniques by the end of the book. And finally, you will know how you can make a real difference by helping your family, friends, clients, and neighbors get rid of their debt. So they can save for retirement. So that they will have a secure financial future! Book Outline – Get A Digital Copy of Our 20 Chapter Book! Only $18.97, Immediate Download, ORDER Now!

Nothing Will Change Until You Make it Change. Insurance Pro Shop Review… Get The Best Insurance Agent Training and Coaching To Make It Change!

Free Consult - Best Training For Helping 9 Out Of 10 Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors To Double And Triple Their Sales And Income In 60 Day Or Less!

Recommended By The Members Of The IARFC - How to get your family and friends to help you... Grow Your Insurance Sales!

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