The Road To Financial Security Starts Here… What Is Your Financial Plan?

Achieving Financial Freedom Is About Setting Your Priorities... The Road To Financial Security Starts Here...

Do you want to have financial security for yourself and your family now and when you retire? Well, it will not just happen. You have to decide that you want financial security. And that will depend on the decisions you make about what you spend, save, invest, and insure. You need to make financial security a priority. You need a financial plan to get you there.

The problem we all have is we tend to go through life and spend our money to satisfy our wants, without ever deciding if we really need it.

Obstacle To Financial Security – We Spend Money In The Wrong Places!

In the 1960s the average family size was 3.29 people. The average size of new homes built was just over 1200 square feet. Today, the average-sized family is only around 2.58 people. However, the average size new home built today is over 2,349 square feet. That is almost double the home size of the ’60s! If our families are smaller today, then why do we buy these huge homes? Do we really need a bigger home? Or is it that we ‘want’ a bigger home? Does a bigger home cost us a lot more? Do we need more furniture for our bigger home? Will we have to spend more of our hard-earned money on property taxes, utilities, and other household expenses? Is all of this added expense really necessary?

Who are we trying to impress, when we end up house poor?

Then for many of us, because both spouses work, there is no question that today we need two cars. But, do we really need two new cars… with two large car payments? And, do we need that luxury car?

How many TVs do we have in our home? How about VCRs, computers, radios, entertainment centers, etc.? Are they all really necessary? Is it any wonder why many of us do not have any money left at the end of the month to put into our savings?

The Biggest Obstacle To Financial Security!

Procrastination… Have you ever said; “We can’t afford to put any money away right now. As soon as we____, then we will start saving” The problem is that we always seem to have somewhere else to put our money.

There is never an ideal time to start saving money! You can always find a reason to put it off!

Procrastination is the primary cause of financial failure. And it will do more harm than if you receive the worst investment advice. Or you pick the worst investment vehicle. If you want to be on the road to financial security for you and your family, then you need to start right now to PAY YOURSELF FIRST. You need to set your financial priorities and have a plan.

The Actual Costs Of Procrastination!

Consider, if at age 20 you decide that you want to have $1,000,000 by age 65, then you need to save $113. 44 per week @ 5%. However, if you wait to age 50, then you would need to save $860 per week.

In case you think, I can do better in mutual funds. Even with a 10% return, at age 50 you would need to save $576 per week to have $1,000,000 at age 65.

But, some of you may think… I’m plenty young! I will just wait until next year. I will make more money then, so it will be easier for me to start. After all, what difference can one year make? It makes a big difference. Use the above example… if you wait until age 21 to begin to save, then you would have only $945,584 at age 65. The cost of procrastination is $54,436 less at age 65.

Benjamin Franklin said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

When you understand that a portion of all you earn is yours to keep… But Not To Spend… Then financial Security will not be far behind!

Does this sound too familiar?

Every month, we all sit down and pay our bills. We deposit our paychecks into our checking accounts, and then we pay the monthly bills. We pay the mortgage first. Then the car payments and other loans. Followed by the phone bill and utilities. We save the credit cards for last, and depending on how much we have left in the checking account will determine how much we will pay to each credit card company. By the time we are done, our checkbook balance is at or near zero.

We promised ourselves that we would save some money this month! But as usual, there is nothing left. In fact, we barely had enough to pay our bills.

There is a remedy to this all too common problem! You Must Pay Yourself First!

Before you pay any other bills, write a check to yourself for $50 or $100 or more… Before your checkbook runs out of money!

If you are concerned that you will run out of money, then consider don’t you always run out of money anyway? This way, you will run out of money after you have paid yourself. And isn’t that the point?

Summary – Set your priorities to plan to be financially secure!

We have a very serious problem in the United States that will affect all of us. In 1970, as a nation, we were among the best savers in the world… We saved over 13% of our incomes, annually. Today, as a nation, we are now considered to be among the poorest savers in the world. For the past few years, we have been saving about 7.5% of our income annually. What is going to happen when it comes time for this generation of poor savers to retire?

Who is going to foot the bills for them to survive? Will social security be there? How will this all affect our standard of living? And our ability to save for our retirement? What about the future of our children and grandchildren… And their retirement?

Learn how to set your financial priorities and plan to Pay Yourself First! Plan to have financial security for you and your family now and when you retire?

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