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Coaches Corner - Insurance Agent Marketing And Sales Tips For Success!

2/17/2023… Dear Friends, It is paying attention to the little things, little tips that will make and keep you a success in insurance sales. The following 5 insurance agent marketing and sales tips are important keys to your success in insurance sales.

Insurance Agent Marketing And Sales Success Tip… Stick With It

You’ve met with your insurance prospect and they liked what you had to say. But, they didn’t buy from you right then. Who says there is no insurance sale pending? All is not lost.

“People buy when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell.”

Our best insurance marketing and sales success tip for every agent is to… Follow-up! Follow-up! And then Follow-up again!

Send your insurance prospects a thank you card for meeting with you. And send them your monthly Client Newsletters. Send them an article you clipped from the newspaper, or found on the internet, with a personal note from you.

The insurance sale maybe next month or next year… or in 17 months! So follow up and stay with it.

Insurance Agent Marketing And Sales Success Tip… Be Dissatisfied

There are many insurance agents who are perfectly satisfied with the way they are living. They are satisfied with where they are in their insurance career. And they are in a rut.

If you have no driving urge to be a better insurance agent or to be a success in your sales career, then you are standing still.

And, as any successful insurance agent will tell you, this means the same thing as going backward.

When you are completely satisfied with your position you stop learning and stop growing.

But, worse than that you become complacent, and bored you start ignoring the little things that make agents a success in insurance sales.

Our insurance marketing and sales success tip for every agent is… Be Dissatisfied!

Insurance Agent Marketing And Sales Success Tip… Cross-Sell To Success

Here is one of the best marketing and sales success tips you will ever get as an insurance agent! One of the biggest mistakes the vast majority of agents make, (especially P&C agencies) is not taking advantage of opportunities to ‘Cross-Sell’ their clients. Back End or Repeat Sales, with your existing clients, is where the real money is made. It’s how you can easily increase your insurance sales and your profits.

One of the additional benefits of cross-selling is you’ll dramatically increase your retention rate. There have been numerous studies that have proven that the more pieces of business you have in a home, the more likely you are to keep that client long-term.

So, by cross-selling, you are not only getting additional commissions and renewals from new sales… You also have a better chance of retaining the initial piece of business… with its renewals.

Offer your existing clients a product that makes a logical connection with the product they already have.

Insurance Agent Marketing And Sales Success Tip… Establish Trust

Establishing trust is the most important agent tip to success in insurance marketing and sales. If you cannot be trusted, then nothing you offer has any real value. That is a powerful statement and an important realization.

If you cannot be trusted, then your promises cannot be believed. Your promises may be in the form of commitments, Booklets and Free Reports, brochures, presentations, Client Newsletters, and marketing materials. Therefore, it is critical for you to establish credibility and authenticity in your special marketing message as a basis for any and all of your insurance marketing materials.

What are you doing to establish trust with your prospects? What insurance marketing and sales tools and success tips are you using to prove your trust as an agent?

Insurance Agent Marketing And Sales Success Tip… Stop Complaining

Most people think there is no correlation between complaining and agent success in insurance sales. When in fact there is a huge connection. When you are spending time complaining about the obstacles you are facing, you are wasting too much time being negative. You are actually losing chances to move forward. Instead of thinking of challenges as problems, think of them as opportunities and tips for your agent’s success in insurance sales.

Have these 5 marketing and sales tips given you some ideas on how you can have more success as an insurance agent?

Pay Attention To The Little Things…

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