Critical Secret Of How To Conduct A True Problem-Solving Insurance Fact-Find!

Weekly Marketing and Sales Tips - How To Conduct A True Problem-Solving Insurance Fact-Find!

3/20/2023… I know it is tough out there with inflation and everything else that is happening today. Do you want to make it easier for you to close a sale with almost everyone you talk to? Then you need to do a lot more than just find out what people have. It is about you helping families to see and understand the problems they face right now. It is about you learning to conduct a true problem-solving insurance fact-find.

How quickly would your insurance sales and income increase, if you could:

  • Immediately gain the trust and respect of each prospect you meet with!
  • Help your family, friends, and prospects identify and solve their complex financial issues!
  • Apply your product and insurance industry knowledge ethically and responsibly!
  • Guide ‘9 out of 10’ of your insurance prospects to a satisfactory sales solution!
  • Earn the right to receive tons of referrals, from every friend, client, and prospect!
  • Work with fewer prospects and consistently close larger insurance sales!

…Then, it’s time for you to learn and practice doing true problem-solving insurance fact-find.

True Problem-Solving Insurance Fact-Finding Is Not Taught Today

Unfortunately, doing true problem-solving insurance fact-finding is not being taught today. And, it’s one of the main reasons why so many agents, advisers, and planners struggle in this crazy economy. And why their insurance sales and incomes rapidly declining.

People (including all your family friends and neighbors) are tired of insurance salespeople. They are looking for and want real help with their finances! People want to believe they can take back control of their money. They want to know they can have a secure financial future for their family!

If you want to see your insurance practice grow and increase your income, then help families to identify their problems. And then help them to find solutions that solve those problems. It’s what people are really looking for today, especially in this struggling economy! It’s what people want and expect from their Trusted Adviser!

Help Families Feel The Pain Of Their Situation

True problem-solving insurance fact-finding is not really about selling. It is about your ability to conduct a good, question-based, emotional insurance fact-finding interview. It is going far beyond asking a few simple questions to identify the prospect’s pertinent facts and concerns so that you can make a quick sale. It’s asking the tough emotional questions to guide your prospect to self-discovery of their financial concerns and problems. It’s helping your prospects to get emotionally involved in the entire sales process. And it’s helping them feel the real pain of their current situation, so they want to do something about it, ‘right now,’ to alleviate that pain.

Consider, people (including all your family friends, and neighbors) don’t always do or buy what they need. Logically, we may know we need to lose weight, quit smoking, save for retirement, or pay off our credit cards. But, do we do it? NO! We put it off until we have no other choice because it’s causing us unbearable pain. Only when the pain becomes too great to live with, will we decide we want to do something about it.

However, true problem-solving insurance fact-finding goes far beyond asking questions to guide people to self-discovery of their financial concerns. There’s an even deeper reason. It is being genuinely engaged in asking – and listening beyond a sales motive – to take the conversation, and the relationship, to another place. You become their partner in solving their financial problems because you cared enough to ask questions beyond the obvious. You cared enough to ask and did not assume that financial security means the same for everyone. And you cared enough to ask what’s important to them. Rather than do what everybody does – push product. True problem-solving insurance fact-finding helps you build rapport and trust, which enables you to close more sales, close larger sales, generate repeat sales and gather referrals.

“Long-term sales success is no longer about communicating the value of a product or service! (Features and Benefits) It’s about your ability to provide value-added service for your clients!”

True problem-solving insurance fact-finding starts with the first ‘face-to-face’ meeting. And, it doesn’t matter how or why you got the appointment. It could be for something as simple as discussing mortgage insurance, Medicare supplements, or final expense policies. Or, maybe they agreed to meet with you after they’ve attended one of your workshops. No matter why they agreed to see you…You must conduct a good, questions-based, emotional insurance fact-finding interview if you want to close ‘9 out of 10’ people you meet with and earn the income you want and deserve!

Summary Of True Problem-Solving Insurance Fact-Finding 

True problem-solving insurance fact-finding, the ability to conduct a good, thorough, questions-based, emotional fact-finding interview, is what enables the Top Producers to consistently earn $250,000, $500,000, or more each year, even in this struggling economy. And despite all the bad publicity. It’s why they are still able to consistently… Close ‘9 Out Of 10 Prospects’ they meet with. It’s why they can consistently close larger sales and get more repeat business. It’s why they get more referrals and spend less time and money prospecting! And, it’s why they can work with fewer prospects and earn a much higher income.

Is true problem-solving insurance fact-finding easy? No!

Is problem-solving insurance fact-finding more work? Yes!

Can you learn how to conduct a good, thorough, questions-based, emotional insurance fact-finding interview? Yes!

True problem-solving insurance fact-finding is why new agents such as Franklin Allakpo and many others can consistently earn $25,000 – $90,000 per month, within a few months of working with us. And how they qualify for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)

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