Annuity Sales Mistakes Most Agents Make! Best Solutions For Your Clients!

Annuity Sales Mistakes Most Agents Make! Are You Offering The Best Solutions For Your Annuity Clients!

Annuity Sales Mistakes Most Agents Make! Best Solutions For Your Clients! 01/30/2020… Dear Friends, Are you doing what is in the best interests of your annuity clients to help them? Are you offering your annuity clients the best solutions for their situation? Or are you making one or more of these annuity sales mistakes that 9 out of 10 agents and advisors make!

Let me give you a simple example… Most agents out there will put all of a client’s non-qualified money into just one annuity… So that it is safe and will grow tax-deferred! However, is using just one annuity for all of that money… the best solution for the client? Or is it an annuity sales mistake?

Let’s suppose that you put $100,000 into an annuity that earns 5% per year. And two years later your annuity client needs to withdraw $10,000 from that account. Then isn’t all of the money that they withdraw interest? So, isn’t all of that $10,000 subject to taxes. And, if they are in a 20% tax bracket, then they will pay $2,000 in taxes.

Better Solution To Help Your Annuity Clients!

What if instead, you put their $100,000 into 5 separate annuity policies… $20,000 each… earning the same 5% per year? Now, if they need to withdraw $10,000 in two years… then only $2,050 is the interest. So now they only pay $410.00 in taxes. How much better off are they? How much have you helped your annuity clients?

Remember, with an annuity, there are no policy fees taken out of the client’s money! All of their money goes to work for them. So it doesn’t matter to the client if you use one policy… or five policies!

Also, your commission is the same on the $100,000… whether you use one policy or five policies! You just have a little more paperwork to complete. Is that a better solution to help your annuity client’s situation?

Another Annuity Sales Mistake! 

Another annuity sales mistake that most agents make out there! When you sell an annuity you do NOT want to put more than $100,000 into one annuity policy… that you are using for long-term growth! Because the state guarantee fund limits, for most states, are between $250,000 – $300,000 per annuity.

What else do you need to consider to make sure you offer the best solutions to help your annuity client?

Better Solutions To Help Your Annuity Clients!

When should or shouldn’t you use an ‘income’ annuity? What are the best ways for you to provide a GUARANTEED income that your retirees can’t outlive? Are there more ways for you to help your annuity clients to reduce the taxes on their income? How can you give them more money to spend? When should your client use all of their qualified money, before they use their non-qualified money? Can they reduce the taxes on their social security income? When does it make sense for you to use a single premium life policy… Instead of a deferred annuity? …And More!

These are just a few of the ways and solutions you can use to really help your annuity clients, that you are not being taught.

How We Will Help You Find The Best Solution For Your Annuity Clients!

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