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How Agents Sell Annuities… The Missing Ingredient To Setting Annuity Appointments And Closing Sales!

Annuity Agent Sales Training - Annuity Marketing, Prospecting, Appointment Setting & Selling SystemDear friends, During the past 20+ years, we have talked to thousands of agents and advisors who wanted to learn how to sell annuities to seniors. The vast majority of these agents and advisors are really struggling to sell annuities. Whether they buy annuity leads, use a lead generation program, or offer sales seminars, for every 10 annuity leads they may get… They set annuity sales appointments with only 1 or 2 of those leads. Even when they are lucky enough to set an annuity sales appointment… Agents and advisors are only selling an annuity with only 1 or 2 out of 10 of those sales appointments.

These agents and advisors tell me they have great annuity products. They feel they do a good fact-finding interview with each prospect. They have a great annuity sales presentation! And they are good at closing annuity sales! The only thing they have a problem with is the poor quality of their annuity sales leads to set appointments. They will explain that most of the annuity sales leads they get… are with seniors who don’t have any money. Or they already have an advisor. They don’t have a problem they need help with. Or they just came to the annuity sales seminar for a free meal.

The Advisors Problem…

A while ago we had a veteran investment advisor (agent) come to us who wanted to sell annuities to seniors. In the previous two months, he had held two annuity sales seminars. For his first sales seminar, he spent $16,000 and he made $22,000 in agent commissions selling annuities. For his second sales seminar, he spent $6,000 and he made $1,300 in agent commissions selling annuities. So, as you can imagine he was not very happy with the annuity seminar and sales results.

During the next two weeks, we reviewed everything he was doing. He had great products and he knew how to explain them. Plus, he had a decent annuity seminar sales presentation from one of the self-proclaimed annuity sales gurus. And, he conducted what he felt was a good thorough fact-find with every annuity prospect. In addition, as a 20-year veteran in financial services (as a commodity broker), he knew how to close annuity sales. So, he believed that his poor sales results were probably due to the poor quality of the annuity seminar attendees. Accordingly, we discussed the quality of his annuity seminar sales leads. He was in a good area and was sending annuity sales seminar invitations to the right people. The quality of the annuity sales seminar attendees/leads did not appear to be the problem.

The Advisor’s Success Story

I told him that I believed he was only missing one ingredient. Then, I made some suggestions and helped him prepare for his next annuity sales seminar. As a result, for his next annuity sales seminar, he only spent $2,800 and he made over $72,000 in agent commissions selling annuities. He was very happy.

Ever since then this veteran investment advisor has been averaging over $50,000 in agent commissions selling annuities from each series of annuity sales seminars.

The above case is not unique. We have helped hundreds of struggling agents and advisors dramatically improve their sale results selling annuities to seniors. (with or without annuity sales seminars) Most of them experienced a dramatic improvement in their annuity appointments and closing sales in only a few weeks. And, the majority of those agents and advisors are now making $25,000 to $60,000 per month selling annuities and investment products.

The question is, are you ready to listen… so that you can quickly improve your sales results selling annuities to seniors – close more annuity sales like the top agents?

Are you ready to learn about the missing ingredient, the above advisor found for his sales success with selling annuities?

Then please read this next part very carefully!

The Missing Ingredient To Agents Success Selling Annuities!

The problem most agents and advisors have selling annuities is… You are not asking ‘enough’ of the right sales questions to get your prospects actively and emotionally involved during the annuity seminar to set appointments! Or asking ‘enough’ of the right sales questions in the fact-finding process to sell more annuities.

Yes, I know we have said this many times. But, are you still taking the wrong action? When will you take the right action to ask ‘enough’ of the right sales questions to get your prospects actively and emotionally involved to set appointments and sell more annuities to seniors?

Whether you are an agent trying to sell a senior on setting a sales appointment, or you are trying to close an annuity sale! You must get the senior actively and emotionally involved in the annuity selling process.

You must ask enough of the right annuity sales questions to help seniors agree that they have a problem. And then get them to agree that they want your help to correct the problem. If they don’t believe they have a problem and that you can help them with a solution… Then why should they waste their precious time setting a sales appointment to meet with you?

Consider for a moment…

How many lead sources, lead generation systems, preset annuity sales appoitment, or annuity sales seminar systems have you tried? Please think carefully! Has your annuity appointment setting or sales closing ratio dramatically improved using these new leads and systems? I’m not talking about a slight improvement in selling annuities. Have you seen an improvement of 50% or more in setting appointments and closing annuity sales using these new leads, appointments, or systems? My, educated guess, based on experience, tells me you have not.

Then would you agree, that if you want to sell more annuities, (or any product) then as an agent or advisor you need to work on a different approach to the problem?

It’s time for you to start asking more questions in every phase of the annuity sales process. Whether it’s the initial contact, during your annuity seminar, or the annuity sales presentation. You need to be asking more questions to help your prospect identify the real problem. Stop trying to persuade your prospect to take action. Start asking questions to learn about the prospect’s true needs and what they really want.

Asking questions is simple, but it is not easy to master. It takes practice, lots of it, to break the old way most agents and advisors were taught to sell annuities. Which is telling rather than asking.

Here Is A Questioning Example for Agents and Advisors Selling Annuities:

Most agents ask: How much money do you have in CDs? What are you getting for an interest rate? And then they jump right in trying to convince the prospect that they should consider using an annuity.

If you want to set more annuity appointments and close more annuity sales, then you should be asking:  How do you feel about that? Why is that a problem? What would you like to see happen? Is there any particular reason you have your money in CDs? Why is that a concern? Are you using that money for income? If you could get a better rate of return with the same safety and guarantees, is that something worth exploring? Does it make sense to sacrifice a higher return for more liquidity? When you’re gone, where do you want the money to go? Etc.

Remember, good questioning is a learned skill that takes years to master. But you will see immediate results selling annuities!

Here are some new habits agents and advisors must form to sell more annuities and insurance:

  • Stop Talking – Ask questions and then really listen to what your prospect is saying.
  • Then Stop Telling The Prospect – Ask questions that will get the prospect to tell themselves what their problem is.
  • Finally, Stop Jumping In With Solutions – Ask questions to explore and make sure both parties understand the real problem (s) before you offer a solution.

Over the years, we’ve seen agents and advisors try new annuity lead sources, new lead generation systems, new seminars, new sales ideas and presentations, and new closing techniques for selling annuities. None of them has produced the dramatic results you will experience by learning how to ask more questions… So you get your annuity prospects actively and emotionally involved.

Are you an agent or advisor who wants to sell more annuities and make a great income? Then start asking more questions on your next annuity sales appointment. If you ask enough of the right questions, then your prospect will tell you the agent exactly what you need to do to sell annuities to them!

When will you get the agent training, and support you need to learn how to ask the right questions to sell annuities the right way?

Two of the many agent and advisor success stories about our annuity seminar sales system and training to sell annuities to seniors

“For my third seminar I spent $2800, and so far I’ve made $55,000”
Peter Orange Highly Recommends Our Life Insurance and Annuity Agent Training Programs, Our Sales Skills and Advanced Fact-finding Training and Our specialized Insurance Marketing and Sales Systems“Following the advice of your competitors, for my first seminar I spent $16,000 and made $22,000. Then for second seminar I spent $6,000 and made $1,300. Then a few weeks ago I found you. For my third seminar I spent $2800, and so far I’ve made $55,000. (in commissions) I’ll give you credit for 90% of the success I’ve had with this seminar. I just followed the advice in your Annuity Sales Excellence system, for my seminar, the initial interview and closing appointment. And I’m making serious money. In just one month I’ve made over half of what I made in previous years! So, I’m certainly glad I found you. Thanks,” Peter Orange – WA (10 years in annuity sales)

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