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Do Most Seniors Need Life Insurance When They Retire?

10/19/2021… Do most seniors need life insurance when they retire? Can you sell life insurance to seniors? Many people believe, that as they get older they will not need life insurance. Because their kids will be gone! So, all they will need is term insurance while their children are living at home. Or while their children are in college!

But, most seniors do need at least some life insurance when they retire. While our relative need for life insurance may decrease as we get older! Our real need for life insurance may increase due to the effects of inflation. A person who earned $10,000 in the 1960s might have carried a $100,000 life insurance policy 10 times their annual salary. But that same person might retire today on $50,000 a year. Now that $100,000 policy is only twice their annual salary.

However, if no one depends on you for their support! And all of your expenses are covered when you die! Such as your funeral expenses. Or to pay on your mortgage until the house is sold! Then you may not need life insurance. However, there are many other reasons why seniors need life insurance!

Why Seniors Do Need Permanent Life Insurance

One of the main reasons why most seniors need life insurance is to maintain their lifestyle. Most seniors would like to maintain their lifestyle if their spouse dies. Accordingly, you will want to replace the loss of the spouse’s earned income or pension. And, when you will also need to replace the lost income from Social Security.

Then what about the money you may need for Final Expenses, Adjustment Costs, Pension Maximization, Paying Off Debts, Income Taxes, Estate Taxes, and more?

Remember, that a lot of seniors now live beyond age 80 when most term insurance stops. And there are now a lot of people living to age 100 and beyond!

The need for life insurance never goes away for most seniors. So, a lot of seniors do need permanent life insurance when they retire!

Do you want to sell life insurance to seniors? Then today many seniors, before and after retirement, will still have a mortgage on their homes. So calling seniors about helping them to get the insurance they need to pay off their mortgage… without them spending any additional money is something they will want to talk about. Especially if you can show them how to pay off their mortgage 10-15 years early.

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