Advice For More Insurance Sales Success… 5 Traits Insurance Sales Legends – Like Mehdi Fakharzadeh And Ben Feldman

Insurance Sales Success... 5 Traits Insurance Sales Legends Mehdi Fakharzadeh And Ben Feldman

Over the past 40 years, we have seen a lot of insurance agents decide to leave the industry. And there are very few companies that bring in new agents to replace those that leave. At first, this would seem to be good news for many of us! Because less competition should mean more insurance sales success for each of us. But, that is only if you are a true insurance sales professional! And learn from the insurance sales legends like Ben Feldman and Mehdi Fakharzadeh.

The problem is the reduction in the insurance sales force is not over yet. Our companies still have a lot of trouble competing with banks, investment houses, and the internet. Profits are down and our companies are forced to cut expenses. One of the easiest ways for them to cut expenses is to get rid of the low-producing agents. So they only work with the most profitable agents.

Where Will You Be In 5 Years?

So, the big question is whether or not you will still be here 5 years from now. 

Do you want to be a survivor and enjoy long-term insurance sales success? Then you will have to make some major changes. You can no longer afford to be just an agent that sells insurance. Or an advisor that sells investments. You must be a true insurance sales professional.

To be a true insurance sales professional means you make your client’s needs primary.

You cannot help people if you can not get in front of them and then get them to take action. So you must have a step-by-step system you follow!

Most of the agents and advisors that entered this business did so because of the opportunity to make a great income. However, the most successful advisors soon discovered that if they wanted to be a success in insurance sales, then it was not about making money. But about the service, they provide! And Making A Difference In People’s Lives! 

Insurance Sales Success Messages From The Sales Legends

Insurance sales legends, such as Ben Feldman and Mehdi Fakharzadeh had a real passion for this business. They each had a sincere belief in insurance and how it helped peopleMaking A Difference In People’s Lives! So, what can we learn from them?

Ben Feldman pointed out that… “Most people buy not because they believe, but because the salesman believes.”

Mehdi Fakharzadeh says: “Your Success Depends On How Other People Respond To You. Others Hasten Your Rewards or They Can Also Block Your Progress. Cultivate Sensitivity Towards People. Place Yourself In Their Shoes. Remember The Golden Rule: “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You!”

Insurance Sales Success... 5 Traits Insurance Sales Legends Mehdi Fakharzadeh And Ben Feldman
Mehdi Fakharzadeh Shares His Wisdom At The IPS Trusted Advisor Success Training!

Here are five insurance sales success traits that all of the sales legends have. The 5 insurance sales success traits are what enabled sales legends Ben Feldman and Mehdi Fakharzadeh to build successful lifetime careers selling life insurance.

Stepping-Stones To Insurance Sales Success!

View each of these traits as a stepping-stone to your insurance sales success. If you build your sales career based on each of these traits, then your success in insurance sales will last a lifetime.

Insurance Sales Success Trait #1 – Belief In What You Sell
To sell, you must believe in your product or service – and believe in yourself. Sounds simple, but does it apply to you? Are you enthusiastic, dedicated, and willing to put forth the effort to learn how to truly help people? Are you truly interested in your sales career… And excited to be an insurance sales professional? You have decided to develop, practice, and apply all the information available… So that you will have long-term success? Then you are true sales professional!

Insurance Sales Success Trait #2 – Positive Attitude
A common trait of insurance sales legends, both past, and present, is the right attitude. Every motivational speaker I have ever listened to will tell you that you can change your life when you change your attitude. Perhaps this is one reason why Mehdi Fakharzadeh, and Van Mueller (and the late insurance sales legend Ben Feldman), personally sell more insurance each year than hundreds of insurance companies. These are men who truly understand that they are in this business to help people… and they embrace their insurance sales careers.

The top sales professionals have the attitude that expects and creates insurance sales success. They opt for choices that produce positive results. How is your attitude? Do you look for ways to improve negative situations rather than running from them?

Remember that there are only two kinds of people in the world: those who think they can and those who think they can’t. They are both right.

Insurance Sales Success Trait #3 – Extra Effort 
Do you put forth the Extra Effort to increase your ability to succeed… So you improve a little bit every day! Without it, you are a ship without a rudder, and you will go in circles, to get nowhere.

Do you view insurance sales as “just a job?” Then failure is right behind you. Why? Because selling insurance is not easy! This business brings a lot of rejection. So anyone who sells insurance must truly believe in his or her product and service. Consider, if it were easy, it would not pay as well! And if it did not pay as well, people would not do it. That is why it is so important to work to improve your marketing and sales skills a little bit each day… if you want to have long-term insurance sales success.

Insurance Sales Success Trait #4 – Step-By-Step System
Salespeople are not born, they are taught. You must have a precise, step-by-step procedure that covers all the points in the sales process. You must not leave anything to chance.

Mehdi Fakharzadeh‘s Message About Insurance Sales Success!

Over the years, insurance sales legend Mehdi Fakharzadeh has shared his secrets to success with the thousands of agents and advisers we work with. Mehdi is a famous and beloved MetLife Insurance Company super-achiever and MDRT role model. Mehdi, a life and qualifying member of Million Dollar Round Table, has qualified for Chair Council 34 times, President’s Conference 41 times, and Leader’s Conference 44 times. He is a recipient of many national golden awards and trophies.

What Mehdi and many others have observed is most agents and advisers struggle year after year because they do not have a good, reliable sales system they follow. They have too many random efforts. They will talk to anyone who will meet with them. And, they do not have a way to attract the right people to them. So they have very little chance of success selling insurance.

Mehdi stated; “Most financial advisers use a system that actually works against them. Why would you actually support a system that works against you? Failure is certain if you use no system at all. Limited sales results are assured by using a sales system that is wrong for you. Using the wrong sales system, (a sales system that does not work well for you), makes your life and your sales far more difficult.”

Having abundant interest, a positive attitude and energy are great. But without the right system, you will not find insurance sales success. It is much like a million-dollar computer without the right software.

The top performers know that school is never out for the true insurance sales professional.

Insurance Sales Success Trait #5 – Success Mindset
You must believe that you cannot fail! There is self-satisfaction when you accomplish something important to you. Form the habit of doing what is necessary. Although you might not like it… But it is what separates winners from losers.

Insurance sales are the greatest and noblest profession in the world! And, insurance is the greatest product in the world to sell.

Insurance sales professionals know that the old hard sell has been replaced by sales professionalism. To become a top insurance producer you must focus to build relationships and trust. You must also provide superior service, set goals, and develop methods to reach them – To Make A True Difference In Their Lives!

There is no question that the world would be better off with more agents, especially those who proudly call themselves insurance sales professionals.

Mehdi Fakharzadeh‘s Insurance Sales Success!

This story was first recounted in the July 1991 issue of Success Magazine entitled, “The Superachiever’s Secret”:

“One day, Mehdi Fakharzadeh, Metropolitan Life’s top agent, went to see a policyholder who suffered from heart disease and was filing a claim. There was no prospect of selling him more insurance. Most agents would have just handed the man a form and left. Not Mehdi, who had “surrendered to the process” of helping people. Mehdi filled out the form for him. When he found out the man also had policies with other insurers, he got forms from them, filled them out, and made sure the refunds came through.

The man pressed payment on Mehdi, which Mehdi politely declined. But a few days later, Mehdi received in the mail a list of 21 of the man’s friends and relatives: names, dates of birth, number of children – with a personal introduction to each. Mehdi sold millions of dollars of insurance to them.”

Do you want to be a survivor and enjoy long-term insurance sales career success? Then you will need to make some major changes. You will want to follow the advice of the insurance sales legends!

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Nothing Will Change Until You Make it Change. So It Is Up To Learn From Insurance Sales Legends Mehdi Fakharzadeh and Ben Feldman To Make It Change!

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