The Secret To Earning A High Six-figure Income… Make Yourself Referable To Find High-Quality Prospects!

The Secret To Earning A Six-figure Income... Make Yourself Referable To Find High-Quality Prospects!

Help Families To Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy... Help People To Increase Their Savings! The Secret To Earning A High Six-figure Income... Make Yourself Referable!Do you want to earn a high six-figure income? The secret is to always be in front of high-quality prospects! Referrals from clients tend to be very high-quality if they come naturally without you asking for them. Do you want all of your clients to refer the people they know to you? Then make yourself referable! And you must focus on helping people!

In the early ’80s, I was active in the Boy Scouts with my two sons Jeremy and Will. Plus, I was on the board of trustees for the Methodist Church. I was also the moderator of the LUTC classes (NAIFA), which we had each week in our Met Life branch office. Plus, I attended every advanced sales training class offered by Met Life. However, even though I was working less than 20 hours per week on my sales. And I was taking most of the summer off each year, (Boy Scout Summer Camp)! I was still consistently earning a significant six-figure income in sales! And you can do the same! But only, if you learn how to make yourself referable!

One of the main ‘Secrets’ to my success in sales! Was that within just 18 months, I was getting the majority of my new sales from Client Referrals? And, I was not asking for them!

You Must Learn How To Make Yourself Referable!

There is the huge ‘Secret’ that most agents are missing!

The ability to get Client Referrals is why the best producers and past sales leaders, such as Ben Feldman, Norman G. Levine, and Mehdi Fakharzadeh – Were always with high-quality prospects and able to make $1,000,000 or more per year!

Do you want to succeed long-term in sales? So you always earn a high six-figure income or even a seven-figure income. While you work fewer hours and have more fun! Then you must find a way to Stop Prospecting. Isn’t prospecting the most time-consuming and frustrating part of your sales career? If all you had to do was to set an appointment, to meet with high-quality and motivated prospects? Then how many hours would you need to work each week?

Do You Want To Stop Prospecting? Then Make Yourself Referable!

Do you want to stop spending most of your time finding high-quality prospects? Then you must make yourself referable! You must focus on helping people so they will want to refer you to all of their friends and family – without you asking them for a referral! There are six parts to you making yourself referable… and they are very easy for you to implement! It is the key to earning a high six-figure income.

  • You must be able to solve a real and immediate problem your best prospects have!
    Do you want to make yourself referable? Then you must solve a specific problem for people. So you become known as the expert in your community. Consider, a salesman is a person who chases after us because they need to make a sale. Experts are the people that we actively seek out, with money in our hands. In my case, I was the expert that people wanted to see… Because I helped people to qualify for free college financial aid.

Help People To See And Understand Their Problems!

  • You must do a good, thorough fact-find with everyone you meet with!
    You will want to help people to see and understand the problems they need and will want to solve. The problem is that most people will only think about want they need and want to do right now. So they do not plan for their future. They do not really understand the problems they will need to solve. So no matter what you offer, it does not fit what they want! You must ask questions to get people emotionally involved. So they will want to identify and solve the problem they face. Asking questions is how you show people that you are more concerned about helping them to solve their problems… Then you are on your way to making the sale and making yourself referable!

Provide Outstanding Service!

  • You must under-promise and then over-deliver on your services!  
    Why do people buy from you? Would you agree one of the major reasons is they trust you? They believe what you say, is what you mean. So, if you want to make yourself referable, then you must exceed your customers’ expectations! You must give them more than what you promised! Little things like answering your emails every day, It is about you doing those little things… Like you answering your emails every day; having a live person answer the phone when it rings; showing up to meetings on time, and delivering when you say you will! All of the little things that you do will make your referability skyrocket. And, then you can show them how much you care! When you have regular annual reviews with your clients.

You Must Stay In Touch!

  • You must follow up on every part of your sales process!  
    Make it easy for your clients to do business with you. Every part of a sales process from the initial contact, to personally delivering the policy, is equally important. Following up with your clients shows them that you feel they are important to you. Following up shows that you do care. And following up will make you more referable! Then as many of the top agents will tell you…

“The Sale Begins – When the Customer Says… Yes!”

  • You must keep in touch with your clients!
    In order for you to increase your client loyalty; get repeat sales, and get referrals…  Your client needs to remember your name… And needs to know how to find you. The more you stay in touch with your clients. The stronger your bond with them will become. The stronger the bond, the more sales and referrals you can expect to get from them. So stay in touch, Always! Do you send your clients, family, friends, and prospects a newsletter? If not, you are making a Huge Mistake.  Click here

Be The ‘NAME’ In Your Community!  

  • You must work to be the most recognized ‘NAME’ in your community!  
    However, you do not have to be famous to be seen as an expert in your field. You just have to get the word out… So you become the person that people think of whenever your field is mentioned. If you want people to see you as the expert… Then you could offer them a free educational workshop on a problem they face. So you will want to get your workshop listed on your community calendar. And then get your name in everything from newspapers… to cable television!

    Call up your local news stations and offer yourself as the subject of an interview. Or call your newspaper to publish an article for you. One listing or call at a time. And soon you will begin to make a name for yourself. You will want to contribute your viewpoint to public discussions. You can write letters to the editors of newspapers and magazines, whenever they cover a story in your field. Or, you may want to offer an alternate viewpoint or simply compliment them on a well-written article. The more people see your name in connection with your subject, the more they will recognize you as an expert in your field.

Stop Dreaming And Make It Happen!

You can make yourself referable! You can Attract high-quality prospects! And you can earn the high six-figure income that you have been dreaming about! But you must stop putting your emphasis on making a sale! Instead, you will want to shift your focus to helping people! While you provide better service to your clients. Start building a strong bond with your clients. So that they become long-term repeat buyers.

When you focus on your service! Then you will soon be the most recognized name in your community. And you will make yourself referable. Because your clients will tell all of their friends and family about how much you have helped them. And you will have all the high-quality prospects you will ever need!

Choosing between what pays well and what is right for the client is not an option. Just believe in what you do! Be there for them! And you will be rewarded with a high six-figure income!

Trusted Advisor Success Program - Make Yourself Referable To Find High-Quality Prospects!Our Trusted Advisor Success Program is about you learning to specialize in helping middle-income families find the money to Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy! It is about helping middle-income families to get all the cash-value life insurance they need to protect their families. While you help them to save for a tax-free retirement, save for college, create a family bank, etc. (Using cash value life insurance and annuities!)

Check out our Trusted Advisor Success Program! Because you will get 90 days of personal insurance agent training, coaching, and mentoring… with back-office sales support! All from a team that has been training agents and advisors for over 40 years to specialize in helping middle-income families So you will earn $250k or more per year selling life insurance!

We will show you how to find and attract your high-quality life insurance and annuity leads/prospects. So you will set great sales appointments. Then we will show you how to help middle-income families see and want to solve their immediate money problems. We will also show you how you can help middle-income families find the money so that they can take action right now! Then we will show you the best ways for you to present your solutions to your clients and prospects to close 9 out of 10 insurance sales. So that you will earn $250K, or more this year selling life insurance and annuities like the legends.

It is the best-specialized life insurance marketing and sales system and training for agents and advisors to learn how to help middle-income families and make you referable! 

When Will You Get The Best Advanced Marketing Tips, Tools, Training, and Coaching You Need Specialize… To Find and Attract Your Best Insurance Prospects?

Inside our Trusted Advisor Success Program, you will find all the best marketing plans, strategies, and ideas laid out for you! You will learn the best ways for you to use Joint Ventures; Educational Workshops and Seminars; Booklets and Free Reports; Referred Leads; Social Media; Client Newsletters; Annual Reviews;  and more – with all the tools, scripts, and more. Now you can find and attract your best insurance prospects and set your best sales appointments! Because your ‘specialized marketing message’ to everyone will be all about how you help middle-income families to find the money to Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy!

You will also get the best insurance marketing, sales training, and support you need to use all the HOT Sales Concepts… Wealth In Motion, Infinite Banking. Missed Fortune, Circle Of Wealth, Wealth Beyond Wall Street, Tax-Free Retirement, and more… Because they are part of our Trusted Advisor Success Program. Now you can help middle-income families – not just the wealthy!

Includes Our Found Money Management™ Tool Kit (Life insurance marketing and sales system),
With Our How To Close 9 Out Of 10 Insurance Sales – Sales Training System And Videos,
With Membership to Our Private Site at $29.95 per month after the first month,
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When Will You Make Yourself Referrable To Attract High-Quality Prospects? And earn a high six-figure income?

When Will You Read Our Full-Length Book? So You Learn How To Really Help People!

Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy

Middle American Family’s Guide To: Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy!

We urge you to take the time to read our 20 Chapter book… ‘Middle American Family’s Guide To Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy!” Because we give you complete strategies, on how you can help middle-income families to find the money to spend, save, invest, insure, and plan wisely for a secure future! So that you can help them to “Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy!” As a result, you will understand our philosophies, concepts, and techniques by the end of the book. And finally, you will know how you can make a real difference by helping your family, friends, clients, and neighbors get rid of their debt. So they can save for retirement. So that they will have a secure financial future! Book Outline – Get A Digital Copy of Our 20 Chapter Book! Only $18.97, Immediate Download, ORDER Now!

Nothing Will Change Until You Make it Change. It Is Up To You To Make Yourself Referrable To Attract High-Quality Prospects To Earn A High Six-figure Income!

Why Do I Need A Marketing And Sales System For Selling Life insurance?

Why Playing It ‘Safe’ Is The True Risk Selling Insurance!

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