True Cost Of A 401K Plan! Save For Retirement With The 401k Alternative!

True Cost Of A 401K Plan! Save For Retirement With The 401k Alternative!

Dear friends, We all know how important it is for us to save for retirement. And for most people, a 401k plan, offered by their company, would seem to be the easiest and best option. But, when you give a 401k plan a good, hard look, it isn’t nearly as good as it would appear. (Even if you do get any company match) There are too many fees! And there is a great 401k plan alternative you can use to save for retirement!

The high cost of 401K plans… administrative fees!

Surprisingly, minor administrative fees in the 401k plan can make a substantial difference. A Government Accountability Office study compared the difference between paying 1.5% annually in fees versus 0.5%. It started with an individual’s 401k plan balance of $20,000 and assumed it grew by 7% each year. Paying just 0.5% in fees would leave the person with $70,500 in 20 years. But, shelling out 1.5% in fees slashed the balance to $58,400 during the same period. That’s a 17% haircut to your retirement nest egg. 

However, the real concern is that most people are not even aware there are administrative fees for a 401K plan. A recent LIMRA study shows that 90% of 401K plan participants either didn’t think they paid any fees or didn’t know the fees they paid for their plans. The truth is everyone pays a fee to have a 401K… and workers — not employers — pay for most of the plan fees. The average 401K plan administrative fee is about 0.78% per year. This means you pay $780 annually for every $100,000 you have in your 401K.

Then There Are The Annual Investment and Management Fees for The 401k Plan!

In addition to the 401K plan administrative fees there are annual investment and management fees of 2-4% on each of the accounts that are inside of the 401k. As a result, these additional fees would significantly reduce the amount of money you will have for retirement. And then consider all of the income you take from a 401k is taxable. And you have to count it to determine how much of your Social Security income is taxable?

So when you add up all the annual fees and taxes and a 401k plan doesn’t work very well to save for retirement… even with a company match.

By the way, that same $20,000 earning 7% per year… without any annual fees… would be worth $80,775.

Yes, there are much better ways for you to save for retirement than a 401k plan; where you don’t pay any annual fees; all of your money immediately goes to work for you. And will a little planning you still may get a tax write-off in a different way!

Consider, you can use cash-value life insurance to provide a tax-free retirement income. Like a Roth IRA, you do not get a tax write-off, but the income you take in retirement is tax-free! So you can use life insurance as a Roth IRA alternative!

A Great 401k Alternative

If you need life insurance protection, then cash-value life insurance is a great 401k plan alternative to save for retirement.

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2 Comments on “True Cost Of A 401K Plan! Save For Retirement With The 401k Alternative!

  1. Regarding the 401K discussion
    So what is the best retirement plan where you can still get a tax write off ?
    (Cash value life insurance does not give you a tax write off of the premiums)

    • To maintain a tax deduction? Good question. Obviously, a qualified plan with an indexed annuity is one of the best options. However, you really need to weigh out the tax deduction vs not having a tax deduction. There are far better and safer options than a 401k.

      Understand that we are in a period of favorable taxes. So, let me ask you this… Do you think taxes will be the same, higher, or lower in the next 5, 10, 15 years? Personally, I think taxes will be higher than today. So, looking at taking a 20 or 25% savings now, and having to pay 25 to 30% or more later. Does that make sense?
      Working with my clients and agents, we run 100’s of cases a year where we help people to stop funding 401K’s and give up the upfront deduction for TAX-FREE income later. Like I said you have to weigh the tax deduction now, vs the taxes you will pay later.

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