Are You Choosing To Be Unhappy In Your Insurance Business and Life?

Are You Choosing To Be Unhappy?

As coaches and mentors, we get a lot of calls from agents and advisors who seem to choose to be unhappy with their insurance business and life. Because nothing seems to be going the way they want it to go. They work too hard for the money they make. Here are some words of wisdom about how you can have the insurance business and life your want from our coach and friend Sandy Schussel! Thanks, Sandy!

Are You Choosing To Be Unhappy?

Jerry owns an insurance agency (business) in the Midwest serving clients in three large closely situated suburban towns. 

Jerry loves the money his insurance business generates when it’s working. But he hates everything about how it operates. He tells anyone who will listen about his incompetent staff, lazy agents, useless IMO, and rude clients Instead of taking the necessary required actions to get things under control. He even shares his unhappiness with the business with insurance clients. And he has no doubt lost some clients because of it.

I asked Jerry to explore with me how his insurance business would look if it was fun and ran in a way that made him love it. He liked this game. And he painted a picture that included getting up late and focusing on strategies and business-building ideas instead of day-to-day disasters. In addition to taking lots of time off, and other “perks” of owning an agency. As he spoke his voice became animated and filled with the pleasure of the pictures he was creating.

“Why can’t you set it up, so that you start having most of these now?” I asked him. “Come in later starting this week, empower your staff, make the day-to-day decisions on a trial basis, and focus your efforts on sales and marketing.”

As Jerry gave me all the reasons why he couldn’t possibly do what I was asking, it became clear that he was choosing not to fix his situation. He was choosing to be unhappy instead.

So, I called him on it:

“I’m getting the impression that no matter what business you had, you wouldn’t run it in the way you described… in a way that would make you happy,” I pointed out.

“You’re right,” he admitted sheepishly after a long pause.

“Then it’s a choice you’ve made,” I told him, “You’ve chosen to be unhappy.”

But why would someone deliberately choose to be unhappy? In my book, The High Diving Board, I talk about the payoffs we receive from continuing behavior that actually hurts us. Jerry’s payoff is the constant attention he gets from his complaining: Hearing people say, “Poor Jerry,” and having endless discussions about why things aren’t improving and how to improve them, with no intention of actually implementing any of the ideas he is given.

Sure, the attention is negative, but the attention of any kind is a big payoff.

Jerry was embarrassed when I pointed this out to him. And he agreed to play another game this month. When he finds himself going into a “funk” over something in his insurance business, he has committed to making a better choice. Looking at the problem as a “systems” problem and concentrating on finding a “systems” solution. Instead of just complaining about it.

When you’re complaining about a problem in your practice, recognize that you’re choosing this reaction. And unless you crave the attention your tantrums and complaints get you, start working on the solution.

And always, KEEP REACHING . . .

Sandy Schussel

Our Summary – Are You Choosing To Be Unhappy In Your Insurance Business And Life?

You can have everything you want in your insurance business and life! You just have to decide what you want.  And then you must make the decision… that you are going to make it happen.

What could you do today, that can make your insurance business what you want it to be?

First, I would read Sandy’s book The High Diving Board! It is great!

Then you must decide what kind of insurance business you want. When do you want it? And what are you going to do to get it?

So, stop choosing to be unhappy- get an insurance coach!

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How can we help you to be happy in your insurance business and life… questions or comments?

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