6 Steps To Sell Life Insurance Online! 

Coaches Corner... How You Can Sell Life Insurance Online... Ask Questions!

Today with COVID-19 many of the agents that call us, want to know how they can sell life insurance online! The answer is quite simple! There is no magic to it. You sell life insurance online the same way that you sell when you can meet people in person! Selling life insurance online requires that you go through the same step-by-step sales process of asking questions that are always used by the top advisors!

Selling Life Insurance Online

Step 1… First, you need to attract the right prospects to you. You can send people a sales letter or use email. You can offer them a free booklet or a report on your website or Facebook page. Or you can run an ad for your free booklet or a report! And you can invite them to an online educational workshop and use Zoom video conferencing to sell your life insurance.

Note: Do you want to attract the right prospects to you? Then your message should be all about the problems that they face now and will face in the future! Selling life insurance online is NOT about your products or investment returns!!!!

Step 2… Then you will want to follow up with a phone call so that you can set up a life insurance sales appointment online to sell them. In the call, you want to ask them the right questions to help them to see that they have a problem and to get them to talk about the problem. So that they will want to take the time to meet with you online to fix the problem! If there is no problem, then why should they meet with you?

You need to ask questions like“If your family lost your income what would happen? What would they have to do? Is that what you want them to have to do? How do feel about that?”  Get them to talk about the problem. Then ask – “If I could show you how to get the insurance you need to protect your family without you spending any additional money would it be worth a few minutes to talk about it?” Set an appointment when you can talk to both the husband and wife.

Note: Do NOT try to do try to sell life insurance with them on that first online appointment call! Because you want them to give you all the time that you need to talk about their situation, to get them emotionally involved.

4 More Critical Steps To You Selling Life Insurance Online

Step 3… Now, when you meet with them online to sell life insurance, you will want to do a complete fact find. The idea is for you to ask questions to get them to tell you what is important to them and then why it is important. The sales appointment can be done on the phone. Or a better way is for you to use Zoom video conferencing to meet with them face-to-face to sell life insurance online.

Note: The more you get them to talk about what they want, the more important it will be for them to get what they want! So ask a lot of questions! Listen to them! And then ask more questions about what they told you.

Step 4… At the end of the fact-find, you will tell them that you want to review all of the information that they gave you. So that you can find the best solution for them. And then you will set up your next online sales appointment to present and sell your life insurance solution.

Note: When you try to sell life insurance on the first online appointment, you will be seen as just a salesperson. And you will end up with a smaller sale – “I need to think about it” or NO sale at all!

Step 5… Now take the time, to review their situation. So that you can find and tailor the best solution just for them.

Note: Take the time to see where you can find the money so that they can take action, without them spending more money! 

Step 6… Then you will want to put together a simple two-page sales presentation. The first page will review what you talked about with them. And the second page will be a simple summary that compares what they are doing now to what you recommend that they do.

Note: When you can logically and simply prove to people that they will be better off with what you recommend. Then you will close more and larger sales! Because they will see you as an expert advisor who can and will help them!

If you follow the same 6 steps that are used by the top advisors, and you ask a lot of questions, then you will find that selling life insurance online is not a problem for you.

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